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Top Ten Actors/Actresses I’d like to see Guest Star on Alias by Erin

(in no particular order)

  1. Uma Thurman-if only to show up that ex-husband of hers with a better guest star role, and she really kicked butt in Kill Bill.
  2. Darryll Hannah- To complete the Kill Bill Ensemble (Quentin, Vivica, UmaDaryll!) .
  3. Angela Bassett- I like her style, and what a great woman to have a little dancin' and romancin' with Dixon!
  4. Keri Russell- In the words of Shania Twain “She’s not just a pretty face, she’s got everything it takes”., I’d also like to see her shed her Felicity skin
  5. Catherine Zeta Jones-she was so great in Entrapment, I can see her as the gorgeous vixen .
  6. Sean Connery- I can really see him as a CIA director type, barking out orders in that accent!
  7. Josh Duhamel- I know he’s got his own show…yada yada yada, but have you seen the man! WOW ;)
  8. Brad Pitt-for selfish reasons, I admit it  ;)
  9. Al Pacino-Did you see Scarface? That man can really shoot a gun! Plus, he’s Al Pacino! HELLO!
  10. Johnny Depp-Picture this…a French hitman…(sigh)


Updated 6/8/04

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