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Alias Spoilers

These are all old spoilers now since the show ended in 2006.

Episode 3.16: The Road Warrior
Airdate: March 9, 2006
02/17 - Sadie and Ryan go on a road trip to find one of Johnny’s relatives and although Ryan returns to his old "Chino" ways, the trip brings him and Sadie closer. Could this be the end of Ryan and Marissa’s relationship? Meanwhile, Marissa is implicated in Johnny’s death and Seth and Summer discover Julie and Neil’s secret. Guest Cast: Michael Nouri as Dr. Roberts, Jeff Hephner as Matt Ramsey, Morena Baccarin as Maya Griffin, Nikki Reed as Sadie, Cam Gigandet as Volchok, Autumn Reeser as Taylor Townsend, Rod Rowland as Jack Harper, and Marc Vann as Detective Warner. Source: FOX
02/06 - Ryan and Sadie take a road trip to find Johnny's dad. Source: FOX
01/11 - Summer asks Julie and Kirsten, via their matchmaking company, to find a woman for her father. The girl has a few requirements for the woman fit for her father as he doesn't want him to have to go through seperation again. After Summer leaves, Julie is not so sure she is the woman for Dr. Roberts anymore. As she talks it over with Kirsten, it's clear to them that Summer needs to be talked to as no woman will ever meet her expectations. Ryan helps Sadie find her uncle Jack, a man who seems to often have troubles with the law, because he owes money to someone and Sadie wants to collect. Marissa is yet again involved in another police investigation that may also involve two other characters. Sandy is by her side. Seth and Taylor appear in the episode. Source:

8/10/05-all below from

Episode 5.01: Prophet Five
Airdate: September 29, 2005

08/05 - Kevin Weisman (Marshall) at TCA: "The first episode's great. You do find out what the whole deal is with 'My name isn't Michael Vaughn.' You do find out a lot of different mysteries in that first episode. But it's not like when we came back season three, and it took a season to find out what happened in those two years." Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 5.02: ...1...
Airdate: October, 2005

07/30 - Source for the title is DeputyDirector at

General Season 5 Spoilers:

08/03 - Even more gripping and emotional events are in store for Sydney. After Sydney and Vaughn both survive the crash, she learns that the man she has known as Michael Vaughn is under investigation and suspected of being a double agent. She questions whether their business and personal relationship over the years had all been a lie. When Sydney discovers that she is pregnant with Vaughn's baby, she is determined to uncover the truth about him. Meanwhile, because of Jack's past betrayal by Irina, he begins to worry that his daughter may suffer the same fate as he did. He will also have to deal with the fact that he will soon become a grandfather – while still learning how to be a dad. Sloane will have to do some soulsearching of his own, as he makes an unholy alliance in his desperate fight to find a cure for Nadia – who is still in a coma. New agents will be introduced and a nefarious organization will come to light in Sydney’s life as she fights to protect her unborn child. Source: ABC
08/03 - Kevin Weisman told me that Marshall will be part of the action more next season and not confined to the walls of APO. Also Weisman's real life nephew plays his son on the show so he'll be updating the pictures on Marshall's desk regularly. Source: TVGal @ Zap2it
08/03 - French actress Élodie Bouchez, 32, is joining the cast as Renée Rienne (not Zoe, as previously announced), an international fugitive who has secretly been working with Vaughn over the years, unbeknownst to Sydney. Source: ABC
08/03 - ABC president Steve McPherson told me that it's 80 percent likely that this will be Alias' final season. He also said that despite her pregnancy, Jennifer Garner will appear in every episode this season — even if that means producing fewer episodes. Finally, McPherson expects her maternity leave will result in a longer-than-usual winter hiatus, with the show going off the air at the end of November and returning sometime in March or early April. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
08/03 - Greg Grunberg is indeed exiting the show — of his own accord. "It's just time for me to go. I'm weighing a couple great [TV] things right now" that would reunite him with his first love: comedy. As for how Alias producers plan to deal with Weiss' impending exit, Grunny promises that "it will be dramatic." Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
08/02 - David Anders (Sark) will do more than one episode in season 5. Jennifer (Sydney) will not be in every episode. The creators are trying to get Franka Potente (run, Lola, Run and both recent Bourne movies) on the show. Greg Grunberg (Weiss) is THISCLOSE to signing on to a show over at 20th Century Fox studios, and presumably his employment status at Alias may be affected by that, if it happens. Source: Kristin on E!Online
07/29 - Someone is leaving Alias. A main, integral character. It's happening early in the season. this Alias star is leaving of his/her own will. Source: Kristin on E!Online
07/26 - According to Alias writer Breen Frazier, Syd is pregnant with Vaughn's baby. Vaughn was investigating something with a rogue female agent. The female young trainee is going to be played by Rachel Nichols (The Inside), a male character is not cast yet. Greg Grunberg (Weiss) will leave. Mia Maestro (Nadia) and Lena Olin (Irina) will return for some episodes, but Melissa George won't. Source: Post Gazette
07/25 - I'm hearing Sloane will be evil again. And Rambaldi is out ... at least that's the plan (mandate?). I hear that Dixon might be a little, um, well, evil this season ... at least for a bit. Source: Kristin on E!Online
07/19 - Nothing on the rookie agents yet. A pregnancy storyline is written, and Kristin says [Highlight if you really want to know... it's not Vaughn's baby. Kristin insinuates Vaughn is Rambaldi (or Rambaldi-related), and that it's his baby.] Source: Kristin on E!Online Note: From the 07/25 spoilers, it seems that they decided against this Vaughn/Rambaldi thing after all.
07/19 - According to Variety, writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec renegotiated their contract with Touchstone TV, to remain co-exec producers for the next two seasons on Alias. Source: Variety
07/13 - Production on the show's fifth (and likely final) season is slated to begin on Monday, August 1. And as far as I know, ABC still plans to launch it this fall. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
07/12 - J.J. will be bringing in a couple of rookie agents and Sydney will serve as their mentor. I'm hearing that the roles haven't been cast yet, but they're looking for an actor and an actress in their early twenties as we speak. No news on Lena Olin signing on for the new season. It's very likely that Alias will end after this season. This is number 5, and all contracts would have to be renewed (all actors signed initial 5-year deals). Source: Kristin on E!Online
07/09 - Sydney Bristow will assume the roll of a handler to a few rookie agents next season. Here are the direct quotes from the magazine: Jennifer Garner: “I think it’s time for Sydney to grow up and be in a position of teaching someone younger. J.J. and I have talked about this a lot - because I don’t necessarily buy that she’s the wide-eyed innocent anymore at this point, so I’m interested to see her be almost the ‘handler’ for somebody new.” Jesse Alexander: “We’re going to be introducing some new characters that we are very excited about – some new young agents. Right now, we’re looking for a young woman and a young man around 23 years-old to kind of mix up it a little bit.” Source: Alias Yearbook (Thanks Alias Media for the tip.)
07/09 - Sydney next year will be playing the role of handler to two new young CIA agents. These agents will be about 23 years old. Also Rambaldi will be back next year along with other mysteries. Source: Alias Magazine #10
06/17 - According to JJ, the end of season 5 is already written. Source: Kristin on E!Online
06/14 - I'm hearing Melissa George (Lauren) won't be back next season and David Anders (Sark) won't be a regular next season. Source: Kristin on E!Online
06/07 - I hear Greg Grunberg (Weiss) will be back next season, since unfortunately, his pilot, The Catch, was not picked up. Source: Kristin on E!Online
06/07 - ABC will NOT let Vaughn die. Period. JJ Abrams will NOT let Vaughn die. Period. I have it from the highest authority -- three reliable sources who guarantee that Michael Vartan IS coming back for the next season of Alias. Source: Kristin on E!Online
06/07 - The fate of Alias after season 5 has not been decided yet. Source: Kristin on E!Online
06/03 - I have it on the highest authority that Michael Vartan will be back as a series regular when Alias returns for its fifth season. The concern is when we'll see Michael--or anyone on Alias, for that matter. I'm told ABC suits didn't know of Jennifer Garner's pregnancy when they decided to renew the show (given the surprising early pickup, she probably didn't even know herself), and now the higher-ups are in something of a pickle trying to figure out when the show can return. Sadly, according to a source close to the show, it's becoming unlikely that Alias will return in the fall as planned, instead coming back at a later date. Source: Kristin on E!Online
06/01 - The plan is to have Vartan and Vaughn back next season. And from what I'm hearing about the story, you're gonna love it. I'd even go so far as to say it's awesome. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
05/25 - From what I understand, everyone at the show is proceeding as if Season 5 will be the last. And that includes series creator J.J. Abrams. "We're sort of approaching this season as we do every season, like, 'This is it! So, let's just do the best job we can.' In that regard, I feel like it could be the last season, but there's been no indication [from ABC] like, "Wrap things up in 22!" And if such an edict were to come down from the network, J.J. assures me he'll be given enough time to script an appropriate farewell. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
05/23 - [They are trying to get Lena Olin to appear next year.] Source: Kristin on E!Online
05/16 - In an interview with "Access Hollywood's" Shaun Robinson, "Alias" creator J.J. Abrams says that Jennifer Garner's pregnancy "will affect" how the show's fifth season will be shot. "It will affect (shooting)," said Abrams. "But I think we have overcome a lot of other issues and things. I think the show will be a little bit different because of it, but Jennifer is so excited about everything right now..."In regards to Garner's physically demanding scenes, the producer says she will probably have to take it easy this season. "I'm sure kickboxing is probably out." Source: TheFutonCritic
05/05 - J.J. Abrams Teases Alias Season Five: "Alias is actually going to see another odd seismic shift, but it seems to be par for the course for this show. I'm optimistic. I think it's a pretty cool story." Hmm, maybe Melissa George will get her wish and Lauren Reed will come back. "Alias is a show in which death has a very unspecific definition, so I love Melissa. I think she’s very talented, so I would always consider having her back." [He also adds that he hopes Season 5 will start in January.] Source:
04/13 - J.J. Abrams on whether Michael Vartan will leave Alias: "The plan is to have him back." As always, interpret as you like. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

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