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Alias Episode Random Favorite Quotes

Agent Marshall Flinkman: He also happens to own the largest collection of pornographic art in all of Madrid. Which... I thought was an interesting fact. Sorry.

Vaughn: I'm going to say something, and it will either be obvious to you or seem presumptuous, either way I'm going to say it. This isn't working. I've been thinking about this for a while, I don't know what the hell to do.

Sydney: What?

Vaughn: I think you know what.

Sydney: I need you to tell me.

Vaughn: You need me to tell you what, that when you're on operations I can't sleep at night, that when we're in debrief I have to force myself to remember what the hell we're supposed to be reviewing when all I want to do is kiss you.

Sydney: Sometimes it is hard to remember what we're supposed to be talking about.

Vaughn: That's what I'm talking about, and the thing that drives me insane every day is that the people who would kill us if we were ever seen together-the Alliance, SD-6, Sloane, are the very forces that brought you into my life. What kind of a sick joke is that?

Sydney: So what are you thinking, that maybe we shouldn't be working together?

Vaughn: Yes, that was what I was thinking, but we're great together, and the more we work together the sooner the Alliance gets destroyed.

Sydney: So, what are you suggesting? [Agent Weiss interrupts]

Agent Marshall Flinkman: They're super-swank.

Agent Jack Bristow: If you tell anyone about this conversation, you will no longer be able to wear a hat.

Sydney: Well, go ahead and raid my closet.

Francie: Thanks...but I've got boobs.

Agent Marshall Flinkman: It's a digital camera. I have it at 42 exposures, but I wanna get it to 47's a prime number.

Sydney: I'm gonna shoot you with adrenaline - we have got to run!

Vaughn: No. Don't do that.

Vaughn: This watch belonged to my father. It's broken now, but it used to keep perfect time. And when he gave it to me, he said you could set your heart by this watch. It stopped October 1st. The day we met.

Sydney: Me too.

Sark: Good luck.

Sydney: I don't need luck from you, you son of a bitch.

Sark: Wonderful attitude.


Updated 6/4/04  

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