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Alias Music GuideAlias Music Guide Season Three

Sources:, ABC and Alias

Episode 3.1 The Two

  1. Song: Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
    Artist: Limp Bizkit
    Scene: Sydney in the red Ferrari
  2. Song: I Feel Love
    Artist: Blue Man Group
    Scene: Sydney blows up a car.
  3. Song: On Saturday Afternoons in 1963
    Artist: Ricki Lee Jones
    Scene: Sydney confronts Vaughn about prematurely letting go of her after her “death”

Episode 3.2 Succession

  1. Song: Bad Day
    Artist: R.E.M.
    Scene: Sydney and Weiss move her into a new apartment

Episode 3.3 Reunion

  1. Song: She’s Got You
    Artist: Patsy Cline
    Scene: Sydney and Weiss get drunk together
  2. Song: Pati Pami
    Artist: Puya
    Scene: Sydney and Vaughn prepare to go the ball for their mission
  3. Song: Choked Up
    Artist: Whisky Town
    Scene: Sydney and Vaughn run to escape
  4. Song: Somethin Else
    Artist: Gary Jules
    Scene: Sydney receives her book

Episode 3.4 A Missing Link

  1. Song: Fumba Rumba
    Artist: Chucho Merchan
    Scene: Sydney meets Simon in the cluv
    Buy: Production music not available to purchase
  2. Song: Emotion Lotion
    Artist: Chucho Merchan
    Scene: Sydney covers by pretending to be Julia
  3. Song: Kool as a Rool
    Artist: Chucho Merchan
    Scene: Sydney tries to persuade Simon

Episode 3.5 Repercussions

  1. Song: Psycho Slam
    Artist: Beamish
    Scene: Sydney and Marshall arrive at the casino
    Buy: Production music not available to purchase
  2. Song: Kenny Rogers-Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate
    Artist: Wyclef Jean & Kenny Rogers
    Scene: Marshall gambles with blackjack
  3. Song: Ooh Child
    Artist: Lady Laistee featuring Sweetness
    Scene: Sydney visits Vaughn in the hospital after she stabs him
  4. Song: Ooh Child
    Artist: Beth Orton
    Scene: Sydney watches Lauren and Vaughn through the door to his hospital room

Episode 3.6 The Nemesis

  1. Song: Last Chance
    Artist: Jet
    Scene: Sydney runs
  2. Song: Rez.Cowgirl
    Artist: Underworld
    Scene: Sydney and Allison fight
  3. Song: A/Klimatize
    Artist: Helix
    Scene: In the club
    Buy: Production music not available to purchase
  4. Song: Nocturne Of The Sea
    Artist: Stephen James Edwards
    Scene: Last Club Song
    Buy: artist unknown

Episode 3.7 Prelude

  1. Song: Blue Danube
    Artist: Johann Strauss
    Scene: Sydney and Sloane dance at the ball

Episode 3.8 Breaking Point

  1. Song: What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You?
    Artist: Marva Whitney
    Scene: Vaughn and Jack mission
  2. Song: Funktion Dunktion
    Artist: Freddie Funk
    Scene: Jack plays chess with old friend
    Buy: Sorry not available

Episode 3.9 Conscious

  1. Song: The Chokin’ Kind
    Artist: Captain Luke and Cool John
    Scene: Sydney and Dixon’s mission at St. Aidan
    Buy: Sorry not available
  2. Song: Sonnet No. 3 (Like a Duck)
    Artist: MC Honky
    Scene: Syndey, Vaughn and Jack meet the doctor

Episode 3.10 Remnants

  1. Song: Fever
    Artist: Peggy Lee
    Scene: Sydney and Will drink vodka go at it
  2. Song: Take It Off
    Artist: The Donnas
    Scene: Sydney and Will break into the safety deposit box
  3. Song: My Goddess
    Artist: The Exies
    Scene: Sydney and Will check into their hotel room

Episode 3.11 Full Disclosure

  1. Song: It’s My Life
    Artist: No Doubt
    Scene: “Julia” sits at an outdoor café and drinks espresso

Episode 3.12 Crossings

  1. Song: Delicate
    Artist: Damien Rice
    Scene: Sydney and Vaughn escape the prison

Episode 3.13 After Six

  1. Song: Starting Over
    Artist: The Crystal Method
    Scene: Weiss and Sydney go to meet Toni Cummings
  2. Song: Give Me Up Again
    Artist: Jonny Lang
    Scene: Sydney microwaves a TV dinner
  3. Song: Panhandle Stomp (A)
    Artist: Johnny Lee Schell
    Scene: Weiss and Vaughn play pool
    Buy: Unknown

Episode 3.14 Blowback

  1. Song: Carnival Town
    Artist: Norah Jones
    Scene: Sydney works alone and Jack brings her dinner
  2. Song: Song 2
    Artist: Blur
    Scene: Repeat of Lauren and Sark being chased by Syd and Vaughn

Episode 3.15 Façade

  1. Song: All My Life
    Artist: Rosie Thomas
    Scene: Ending scene with Sydney and Vaughn
  2. Song: Whiskey in a Jar
    Artist: N/A
    Scene: Weiss meets Daniel Ryan at the bar
    Buy: Production music-Not Available

Episode 3.16 Taken

  1. Song: Stick ‘Em Up
    Artist: Quarashi
    Scene: Sydney drives a dune buggy in the desert to achieve the Rambaldi artifact

Episode 3.17 The Frame

  1. Song: Clarity
    Artist: John Mayer
    Scene: check back…
  2. Song: Closing Time
    Artist: Bobby Summerfield and Matt McGuire
    Scene: check back….
    Buy: Coming Soon!

Episode 3.18 Unveiled

  1. Song: Tanz Mit Laibach
    Artist: Laibach
    Scene: Sydney and Vaughn at the Berlin Club

3.19 Hourglass

  1. Song: Change (In the House of Flies)
    Artist: Deftones
    Scene: Sloane’s execution

3.20 Bloodties
No Music was used during this episode

3.21 Legacy

  1. Song: Curu Curu
    Artist: Osnel Odit Bavastro
    Scene: check back…
    Buy: Not Available

3.22 Resurrection
No Music was used during this episode


Updated 6/18/04

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