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"Prophet Five"

Original airdate: September 29th, 2005

Syd and the rest at the funeral

written by Danielle C.

Sydney wakes up after the car crash. Vaughn is being wheeled away in a stretcher. Sydney notices the paramedic that is going to treat her is wearing a gun. When he tries to stick her with a needle, she hits the guy and the needle gets stuck in his leg. Sydney runs away into a corn field. She takes out 2 “paramedics” with shotguns and sees Vaughn being taken away in a in a black helicopter.

Sydney gets away is gets checked out at the hospital. She meets Gordon Dean from the Office of Special Investigations, who wants to clarify the events that just took place. Dean explains to Sydney that although she and Vaughn are engaged she has an obligation to her country to tell him exactly what happened. Jack comes in and tells Dean that Sydney will cooperate, but she needs time to rest. Dean leaves. Jack then tells Sydney that Langley suspects Vaughn of being a double agent. He then tells her that the crash might not have been an accident, but an extraction for Vaughn.

Vaughn is put into a room with a man who says he has been waiting to me him and calls him “Mr. Michaux.”

Sydney is riding the subway to work and is drawing a picture of the man she saw piloting the helicopter. She gets to APO and sees Dean talking to her father.

Vaughn asks about Sydney and the man tells him she is better than him as he has a dislocated shoulder. The man gives Vaughn an envelope and tells him to open it. Vaughn pulls out a mini tape recorder and it plays a Mexican tune. Then man takes it from him and pulls out a batter that holds a piece of paper with a code on it. He asks Vaughn to tell him what it means. Vaughn just reads what he sees. The man says he knows what it is about but, wants to know where Lehman is. Vaughn asks who he is talking about. The man is annoyed and asks a goon to hurt Vaughn to jog his memory.

Back at APO, Sydney ask Weiss why Vaughn was assigned to be her handler. Weiss asks Sydney if she really believes Vaughn could be disloyal.

Vaughn continues to be hurt by the goon and the man says he is tired of playing games and Vaughn calls him a “Quitter.” The man then threatens to hurt Sydney by cutting off her ring finger and Vaughn asks to leave her out of it. He will decrypt the code, all he needs is a pencil.

Back at APO, Dean is making Marshall access Vaughn’s personal files. Sydney puts her picture of the man into a facial recognition program and is waiting for results. Sydney asks Dixon “What if I was wrong about him?” Dixon then tells her about the time when he thought she was a double agent and turned her in. He says that if he had to do it over again, he would have given her the benefit of doubt.

Vaughn can’t write because of his dislocated shoulder and asks for it to be set. When the man sets it he punches him out and hurts the goon and asks where Sydney is. The goon tells him that Sydney escaped and he escapes through an air vent in the ceiling. He immediately calls Sydney and asks her to trust him and to get his fathers watch and meet him at a dead drop. She isn’t sure and says she needs to think about it. Dean catches her after she gets off the phone. Dean asks where Vaughn is and Sydney says she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Jack asks Sydney to cooperate so they can bring Vaughn in safely. Sydney says he is in Mexico City.

Vaughn goes to the dead drop to get his father’s watch, meanwhile, Dean and his agents are getting ready to raid the place where Sydney said Vaughn would be. Vaughn opens the locker and finds his father’s watch is not there. The door explodes open and Vaughn looks surprised. Sydney gave Dean the wrong information and in fact goes to see Vaughn and wants an explanation.

Vaughn tells Sydney his real name is Andre Michaux. He explains that a woman(Rene Rienne) contacted him 7 years ago and said that Vaughn’s father and her father worked on a project called Profit 5. A project that many people went to great lengths to cover up. Vaughn’s father was a mathematician named Michaux before he joined the CIA. Vaughn explains to Sydney that the day she walked into the real CIA, she detailed information that spoke of Profit 5’s authenticity. He then started to find out what Profit 5 was about and why his father ran away and changed their names. They are on their way to meat Lehman who worked with Vaughn’s father.

Back at APO, Dean says that he thinks Jack and Sydney know where Vaughn is and classifies her and Vaughn as fugitives. Jack tells him to check Mexico City. Marshall tells Jack that he encrypted Vaughn’s files and that Dean won’t be able to decipher it. Jack asks for the originals and Marshall gets them for Jack.

Lehman explains he was a cryptologist for the Pentagon and a private foundation recruited him and “the best and the brightest” for Prophet Five. They were asked to break the code of a 500 year-old document and after many years they broke the code. The page was written about advanced genetics, something written way beyond its time. Vaughn’s father contacted Lehman and said that the members of the project were being killed off, supposedly by accidents. Vaughn’s father told Lehman to disappear and he did. He has contacted Vaughn because he has a lead as to where the book is. He explains that these people will stop at nothing to keep the book and its information safe. Vaughn tells Lehman he will contact him when he gets the book.

Sydney and Vaughn go to Cape Town, South Africa as a French couple to try and get the book. They go to a party where the book is being held in the hosts vault. They dance and Vaughn tells her he has been practicing the Waltz for their wedding. A diversion happens and Vaughn goes to the room with the vault and the host’s daughter shows up. The daughter flirts with him while Sydney calls Dixon to help them out to break into the vault. Vaughn is rude to the daughter and she leaves and then comes back to find Vaughn in the vault and she turns on the Alarm. They both run to the extraction point and Sydney’s doctor calls and tell her she is pregnant. They get ready to jump off a cliff and Sydney blurts out that she is pregnant. They jump off the cliff.

Sloane is visited by Jack in prison. Jack explains that he is trying to get him released. Sloan is upset about Nadia’s condition. He has been combing through medical journals to find a cure for her and says it isn’t enough and he needs to get out. Jack asks Sloan if he knew about Vaughn’s trips to various countries. Sloan tells Jack that the “Raven” aka Renee Rienne has been to the same places that Vaughn has been traveling to. She is an assassin and has killed CIA agents. Meanwhile, Dean has another agent decipher Marshall’s encryption of Vaughn’s files and she gives Dean a location as to where Vaughn is.

Sydney and Vaughn wait in a car for Lehman so they can give him the book. They talk about her pregnancy. Vaughn at first tells Sydney that their lives are too messy to bring a child into the world that he thought they would wait until it was safer to have a child. BUT, then he says he can’t wait to be a father and to see what their kid is going to be like. He can’t wait to meet this “new, little person.” Sydney is very happy. Vaughn tells Sydney that she will be an awesome mom. She says they will have to call Marshall for advice. Sydney sees Lehman and tells Vaughn to go and give him the book. He tells her to start thinking of names. Vaughn gives Lehman the book and asks him if he can decode it. Lehman says it will take a while and will contact him and to not initiate contact with him. Another car approaches, Dean gets out, and then another car crosses railroad tracks just before a train crosses. Lehman attempts to run. Dean shoots him in the back. Sydney gets out of the car and starts running, but can’t do anything because of the train crossing. The man who interrogated Vaughn steps out of the other car with a machine gun and shoots Vaughn repeatedly in the chest while all Sydney can do is watch. Dean recovers the book from Lehman and Sydney sees his face. She then rushes over to Vaughn after the train passes.

Vaughn is in surgery and Jack approaches Sydney and tries to tell her that Vaughn is not the person she thinks he is. He has been working with Rene Rienne. Sydney says she knows, and Jacks questions her judgment. She tells Jack that she and Vaughn are expecting a baby. She tells Jack that there is an explanation for everything, if he would let her tell him. The doctor tells Sydney that Vaughn is in critical condition and that the next 24 hours are crucial. Jack promises Sydney that he will do anything he can to help them. Dixon calls Jack to tell him Dean was not Special Operations and that he went of the map 2 years ago. Dean was presumed dead. Sydney goes to sit with Vaughn. He wakes up and Jack explains that Dean is a ghost and that he is well connected. Sydney asks what they are going to do.

Back at APO, Marshall, Weiss, and Dixon get things ready so they can transport Vaughn to a safe house once he is stable. Marshall has been looking up information concerning Profit 5 and can’t find anything. Jack tells him to keep checking.

Vaughn and Sydney talk about baby names. They both like the name Isabelle. Vaughn tells Sydney that he loves her and then he flat lines. The doctors rush in and Sydney stands outside crying as they try to revive him. Vaughn doesn’t make it.

A funeral is held for Vaughn.

Four months later, a very pregnant Sydney shows up in a London bar and tells the bartender that she knows who she is and that if she does, so will they. The bartender pretends not to know what she is talking about and Sydney calls her Rene. Sydney tells her they need to talk about Michael Vaughn. Rene realizes that she is Vaughn’s Sydney. Rene tells Sydney she should have walked away. Sydney explains that Rene does not know her very well.

The end…


Updated 12/14/05 

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