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"Welcome to Liberty Village"

Original airdate: January 26, 2005

Sydney, Michael, Eric, and Nadia have dinner; Eric convinces Nadia to go bowling with him.  Eric implies that Sydney and Michael are boring.

A Russian terrorist group called The October Contingent owns a powerful electromagnetic weapon that could disable U.S. cities in a matter of minutes.  Sydney and Michael go undercover as two Russian mercenaries that were already contacted by the group and captured by their government.

They are taken to a Russian base that used to be used to train Russian spies to act like Americans.  It looks like a typical American suburb and all of the bad guys are masquerading as regular Americans.  Sydney and Michael are questioned and told to act like a real couple, as well as put through a dangerous test that leaves another couple dead.  The lead bad guys mentions that Syd and Michael seem "cold" to each other.

Syd and Vaughn try to keep to their original plan to take things slowly, but being forced to act like a married couple forces them closer.  Sydney is touched when Vaughn tells the story of how he asked her to marry him (for their cover story) and it is clear that if they had gone to Santa Barbara as planned three years ago, he would have asked her then.  They end up making love.

Syd sent pictures of the "neighbors" back to APO, so Sloane and the others realize that all of the bad guys are all wanted, evil people and that it is far more dangerous for Syd and Michael to be in there than they thought.  Syd discovers that their camp has heavy surveillance, so it would be difficult to leave.

Jack has to meet with an old Russian informant, Alexei, to elicit his help in extracting Syd and Michael.  Alexei wants some old books that Jack had picked up years ago and given to Irena as gifts (the ones with encoded KGB messages), so Jack realizes there is something that the NSB missed.   Marshall figures out that there is an encrypted message from Irena to an operative named "Sentinel".  Jack tells Marshall that Sentinel is dead, but he doesn't sound truthful when he says that.  Jack gives Alexei the book with the message and tells Sloane that they are looking for Irina.  Sloane says mysteriously that they may have to move up their time table.

Syd and Michael's cover is blown when the Russians tell the whole world that the people they were impersonating have been moved to a new prison.  Syd's communication device was destroyed during their shoot-out with the other couple, so they have no way of knowing.  The bad guys plan to kill Syd and Michael, but their behavior tips off Syd, who starts fighting before they can be killed.  Syd and Michael overpower the two men they were fighting, but then the bad guys send a helicopter after them.  They use the EMS weapon to bring the chopper down and it also destroys all of the local emergency power.  Alexei helps  bring them back, but Syd and Michael decide to head to Paris for dinner first, rather than be cold or boring.


Updated 2/6/05  

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