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Original airdate: November 25th, 2001

Color Blind photo

 written by Danielle C.

Sydney has just found Agent Fisher dead and runs away only to be found by an orderly. They fight in Sydney kick-butt fashion when another orderly shows up with a tranquilizer gun. He accidentally shoots the orderly in the stomach. But, Sydney is shot in the back by the K-Directorate agent posing as the head of the Mangalev institute. Sydney collapses.

Back at SD-6, Sloane tells Jack that Sydney and Fisher have missed their scheduled check in time. Jack speculates that they might not be alone at the Mangalev Institute; someone else could be posing as a doctor or a patient. Sloane tells Jack that Sydney will be fine; she has seen and been through worse things. Sloane tells Jack that he believes in Sydney and feels about her as if she were his own daughter. Jack says that it is nice to know and questions when Sydney’s next contact time should be. Sloane tells him it is in 10 hours, and then they will know what is going on.

Sydney wakes up in a steel tub filled with water and hooked up to electroshock equipment. The K-Directorate agent is sitting next to her smoking a cigarette and another ‘orderly’ is nearby, as well. The K-Directorate agent tells her that he knows she works for SD-6 and that she is here to talk to Shepherd about Parkashoff’s body(Sydney has a confused look on her face) and that she needs Parkashoff’s DNA to break an FTL code. He doesn’t know if she has succeeded yet. Sydney asks who he is and he tells her it isn’t important. He tells her that she has until the machine charges to answer his question. Sydney begins to squirm and says “Wait, this can’t be the best version of this conversation.” She tells him that Shepherd didn’t talk and that she doesn’t know where Parkashoff’s body is buried. She swears she is telling the truth, but the ‘orderly’ shocks her anyway.

Back in LA, Jack arrives at a restaurant he frequents regularly and meets with Vaughn. Vaughn gets up to greet him, but Jack pushes him face first against a wall, pulls out his gun and asks who he is!!! Vaughn tells him he is CIA, Sydney’s handler, and that he cleared this meet with Devlin. Jack lets Vaughn go and puts his gun away. He asks “if he and Sydney are switching handlers or is this a special occasion?” Vaughn tells Jack there is a problem. Jacks says he knows already that Fisher and Sydney haven’t checked in. Vaughn tells him that a K-Directorate agent was already in place at the Mangalev institute. Jack says that SD-6 does not have confirmation of this and Vaughn says the CIA does. Vaughn wants to pull Sydney out; he has an extraction team waiting in Serbia. Jack sits down and just looks at Vaughn. Vaughn sits and says he was hoping he and Jack could coordinate the extraction together. Jack tells Vaughn he is young and eager, but not wise. Jack tells him that even a minimal extraction team couldn’t possible provide containment and that if Sloane were to find out, Sydney would be dead. Vaughn says to retire her, pull her out of service. Jack angrily blasts back that it would jeopardize the entire investigation into SD-6. Vaughn says that Sydney’s life is more important. Jack yells back: “NOT TO SYDNEY!! Taking them down is what gets her up in the morning OR did you think it was for the meetings she had with you?” Vaughn looks up quickly and asks Jack what his problem with him is. Jack tells Vaughn that he knows that Vaughn pulled his CIA file; that is his problem. Jack asks “Did your curiosity get the better of you or were you just trying to impress my daughter?” Vaughn sighs and tells Jack that Sydney thinks he was a KGB agent. Vaughn says that Jack already knew that so Vaughn asks “What were you doing checking up on me checking up on you? Jack tells Vaughn the meeting is over and gets up and leaves!

Back at the institute, the K-Directorate agent tells the orderly in Russian that Shepherd didn’t tell Sydney anything and that she would have talked by now. He then tells the orderly to kill her. Sydney tells him that he can’t torture Shepherd for information. Electroshock won’t work; Shepherd was programmed to forget everything he did. Sydney asks him if he is K-Directorate. He asks her why she would think so and Sydney tells him his accent is Georgian. The Georgian Former Soviet Reunion is K-Directorate’s main recruiting ground. Sydney says that Shepherd thinks she is a patient and that he is more likely to trust her than him posing as a doctor. He says that Shepherd has already attacked her, but she counters by saying she can use it to seal his ‘transference’ by bringing his guilt to the surface then forgiving him. The K-Directorate agent says, “I suppose you would like your life in return.” He tells her that if she gets the information regarding Parkashoff’s body, she may escape with her life in a Chechnyan internment camp. She has until lockdown tonight to retrieve the information. The orderly finally unhooks her from the electroshock equipment.

Shepherd is on a balcony working in a garden. Sydney climbs through a window and goes to him shakily. Shepherd tells her to stay away from him. Sydney says she is there to help him. He says he doesn’t want her help. Sydney tells him she knows what’s wrong with him. Shepherd, says, “Of course you do because you are one of them. You’re one of the voices in my head.” Shepherd says he knows he has seen her before. Sydney tells him no and he mumbles and backs away from her. Sydney tells him that they will kill them both if they don’t work together to get out of there. Shepherd tells her she has a problem because he’s not leaving. Shepherd says, “I would rather die then leave the way I am right now.” Sydney just stands there flustered.

Sydney is being walked down the hallway by the orderly and she observes how to get out of the institute’s main door. Two keys must be inserted at opposite ends of each other at the same time. The orderly shoves her into a room where Shepherd is drawing a picture of a tree overlooking a river. He tells her to leave him alone. She tells him she knows that he is starting to remember things. He tells her that she must have had something to do with it and she tells him she hasn’t. He tells her to ‘piss off.” Sydney tells him he can’t see colors anymore. Shepherd looks at her questioningly. He asks again, “Who are you? If you aren’t one of the people who did this to me then how do you know that?” She will tell him what he wants to know, but he will have to help her first. She tells him she was sent there to get information from him, but she doesn’t care about that anymore. She just wants to escape. He tells her he isn’t leaving and Sydney begs him to believe her. There are people who want information from him and when they don’t get it, they will kill them both. Shepherd questions why he should believe her when she won’t tell him anything. He says again that he knows he has seen her somewhere. Sydney then tells him that he was trained to follow orders. Shepherd asks whose orders and to do what. Sydney tells him that he killed people. Shepherd gets up and shakes his head and says NO. Sydney knows it is hard to hear, but what he is remembering is real. He has to accept that he did those things. She continues and tells him when he followed out his orders he was trained to see things only in black and white. It was to protect him from the terrible things he had to do. He was not ever supposed to remember those things he had done, but he is. His training must be short circuiting. She tells him that what he did was so painful to him that now he can only see everything in black and white now. Sydney says this is good, it is a defense mechanism and that he is starting to heal. Shepherd struggles against what Sydney is telling him. He finally tells her to stop and calls for the guard. He wants to go back to his room. The ‘orderly’ says LOCKDOWN and goes toward Sydney. She tells him to tell the K-Directorate agent that she has the information he asked for.

Back in LA, Will sees another reporter’s computer with a picture of Eloise Kurtz with a caption that reads: WOMAN FOUND DEAD IN ECHO PARK. He goes to his editor and tells her that Eloise Kurtz had originally told him she was Kate Jones and that she was a source in Danny’s death. Eloise was trying to tell Will something and now she is dead. Will wants to publish a story based on the information he has gathered so far, but his editor hedges. She says, “The fastest way to get discredited is to offer a conspiracy theory without background.” He asks her to look at his notes. She will and tells him not to drop it, just develop the story some more.

Shepherd is in his room asleep and is dreaming—hearing jumbled noises in his head. He flashes back to seeing a man, whose face he cannot see clearly, looking into a mirror. He hears a gunshot, opens his eyes and begins having flashes that go back and forth to images of a man, gunshots, and then to a Happy Birthday picture of Sydney on a nightstand. He opens his eyes again and says, “OH MY GOD.”

The orderly is taking Sydney down some stairs and she tries to make small talk with him. She knocks him down the stairs and takes his keys. She disguises herself as a janitor and works her way towards the main door. She waits until the coast is clear to take the mop head off and puts one key in the lock with it and reaches with the other key into the other lock. She is stunned in the back by a different orderly and the K-Directorate agent walks up and they take her down the hallway while she struggles. Shepherd hits the K-Directorate agent with a fire extinguisher and Sydney fights with the orderly and knocks him out. Sydney then stuns the K-Directorate agent. Shepherd tells Sydney she was right about him not wanting to die in the institute. They head toward the main doors to escape. Shepherd falters, but Sydney tells him he can do it. She wouldn’t let him escape if she thought he would kill anyone. He counters that she would if she was going to kill him. She asks him why she would do that, he just stares at her. Sydney smiles at him and they open the door, run out, steal a police car and escape.

At SD-6, Marshall is visited by Sloane. He stumbles and mumbles, obviously nervous in Sloane’s presence. Marshall says he has scanned every computer and there is no longer a virus, the leak has been plugged. Sloane (lying) tells Marshall that the virus was a security section drill and that he was the only one who caught it. Marshall says the information being transmitted was over an unsecured line. Sloane tells him that security section was monitoring the computers the entire time and leaves. Marshall is still perplexed.

Sydney and Shepherd are at a CIA safe house. She reaches into a hidden floorboard and pulls out a suitcase. In it is a cell phone that she uses. Jack answers the phone and Sydney asks where Vaughn is. Jack had all of Vaughn’s call forwarded to his number. He asks her if she is alright. She is. He is obviously relieved. He asks if Shepherd is with her. She says yes. He is just sitting by the fireplace staring off into space. Jack tells her where to go so she can get out of Romania. He tells her that the hard part is over and that they will talk when she gets back.

Shepherd asks Sydney, why him and why did Sydney have to be the one to come and get him. Sydney tells him that they are looking for a man he killed and buried; Garreth Parkashoff. Shepherd tells her about the first time he started to remember things. He started to see faces and flashes of places. He thought he was having bad dreams because they were only in black and white and they were really vivid. He couldn’t be sure how much of it was real. A shopkeeper one day told him he was a murderer and he just didn’t believe it, but he locked himself away at the Mangalev institute, just to make sure. Sydney tells him it wasn’t his fault. He feels like he was stolen from himself. He wonders what he was really like. He asks Sydney (by name) who she is, hoping it might help him. Sydney asks him how he knew her name. He finally says, “The banner.” “What Banner,” Sydney asks. He tells her about the picture of her he remembers. Sydney makes a face of utter shock and pain and now the following images as Shepherd sees it in black in white appear. He heard water running. He watches a man in a bathroom who turns out to be Danny washing his hands. He turns around to see Shepherd and Shepherd shoots him at point blank range. Sydney begins to cry and is close to hyperventilating. Shepherd says he is sorry and Sydney gets up and runs outside where she cries uncontrollably.

She returns to find Shepherd sitting in a chair. She tells him that the man he was ordered to kill was her fiancé. His name was Danny. She sits down next to him and tells him that she told Danny that she was a spy because ‘he was the one part of her life that she couldn’t stand to be a lie.” When SD-6 found out they had him killed. She thinks the man who programmed him is named McCullough; he works as a neurotech at SD-6. Shepherd repeats the name and says McCullough’s voice is in his head. Sydney says the ironic thing is that SD-6 never lied about what would happen if she told anyone about herself. It was the one thing SD-6 told her that turned out to be true. She tells Shepherd that she is a double agent working for the CIA and will be until SD-6 is gone. Shepherd asks her if knowing where Parkashoff’s body is will help her to take down SD-6. She simply replies yes. He tells her that he left Parkashoff’s body in a marshland on the Louisiana & Texas border off the I-10. Sydney cries.

Sydney is back in LA talking with Sloane. She tells him that Shepherd wrote down the location of Parkashoff’s body in exchange for her help in escaping from the institute. Sloane asks where Shepherd is now and Sydney says he committed suicide. She says something must have gone wrong with his programming because he started remembering what he had done and he snapped. They were crossing the border in Bulgaria and he jumped off a bridge. There was no way he could have survived. Sloane just stares at Sydney and finally says that if he somehow survived they would hear about it later.

Sydney is with Vaughn telling him that she told SD-6 that Shepherd was dead. She was going to lie to Vaughn too, but she couldn’t stand to lie to anyone else. Vaughn smiles and appreciates it, but he informs Sydney that certain people in the CIA will want Shepherd found. Sydney says that Shepherd was as much a victim of SD-6 as she is. She tells Vaughn where Parkashoff’s body is and that Sloane sent a recovery team to retrieve Parkashoff’s DNA so they could decipher the FTL code. Vaughn tells Sydney that ‘we were worried.’ Sydney says she knows how the CIA hates to lose its assets. Vaughn corrects himself and says that HE was worried for her. Sydney half smiles and looks away. Vaughn tells her that he even contacted her father, Sydney is surprised. He tells her that Jack knows he pulled his file and that Sydney has seen it. Sydney says it is okay. Vaughn’s beeper goes off. He says he hopes their virus into SD-6’ computer network turns out to be a goldmine. Sydney agrees and says maybe then they can be ahead of SD-6 for once… Vaughn tells her to go home and get some sleep, and oh yeah: HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Sydney says, “Oh God.”

Sydney walks through her front door and Francie immediately asks her if she was ever going to call her back!! Francie walks around opening windows while asking Sydney where she has been. Sydney says her trip was extended. Francie tells her that she can’t disappear on her like that. Sydney asks Francie what is burning. Francie replies, “Oh, it is just a little oven fire.” Francie fricasseed the turkey…Sydney smiles and looks as if she is going to cry. Francie asks her if she is alright and Sydney hugs her and says she is happy to be home. Francie says, “Yeah, but the turkey is really burning.” They laugh, take out the burnt turkey and proceed with Thanksgiving preparations. Charlie shows up with flowers and more food. Will shows up with Jenny and introduces her to Sydney. Jenny thanks Sydney for the invite and says she “would have brought wine, but she got carded!” Jenny observes Will’s obvious feelings for Sydney and excuses herself to put the cider in the fridge. Sydney says Jenny is cute. Will says she is an intern and her parents were out of town and felt sorry for her. It is a strictly professional relationship. Sydney hmms to herself and Will says, “WHAT?” They all sit down to dinner and everyone is talking amongst themselves, when Will asks Jenny if her parents are really out of town. Jenny smiles and doesn’t answer. Will just smiles, too. Charlie says he wants to make a toast, and then proceeds to get down on one knee and proposes to Francie!! Everyone is surprised. Francie says yes. Jenny kisses Will and he tells her to watch her tongue. Sydney congratulates Francie and Will congratulates Charlie.

Jack shows up at Sydney’s. Both are surprised and feel awkward. Sydney asks him if he wants to come in. Jack blurts out that Shepherd was the man who killed Danny; he assumes she knows by now. Sydney says that if she hadn’t known, thanks for breaking it to her so gently. Jack says he told her because, “He didn’t want her to believe it was his mission in life to keep things from her.” Sydney asks him why he does it then. He presents her with an official document that clears him of any involvement with the KGB. He tells her that after the Cold War everyone was under suspicion. He says maybe in a way her mother’s death was his fault since the FBI was investigating him. If he could give Sydney back her mother, he would. Jack tells her to take the document and Sydney says she doesn’t need to and asks him to stay. He can’t: work. Both say Happy Thanksgiving.

The next day at SD-6, Sloane tells Sydney that they found Parkashoff’s body and ran his DNA through the decoder and deciphered the FTL communication. It states: “Possible location of Rambaldi artifacts in Tunisia.” Sloane says now they know where all the FTL agents went off to. Sydney says now I know where I am going and Sloane tells her he has already sent a team and nothing was found. The FTL must have found what they had been searching for. They also must not know what they have because they left it with scientists at Oxford. Sydney will be going to a University reception for visiting professors posing as a Scout for the Marissa foundation looking for grant candidates. Sloan warns her that the FTL will have a large presence there and will do everything they can to stop her from recovering the artifacts.

Will and his editor are discussing his story. She tells him he has enough for an initial piece on why the police are not really curious into Danny’s and Eloise’s death. Will is surprised and ambivalent. He tells his editor about his relationship to Danny and he is worried about upsetting Sydney. His editor says she is sorry, but that he has a legitimate piece and if he doesn’t want to pursue it, she will give it to someone else. She tells him to not chicken out now.

Vaughn and Sydney discuss her counter mission. She is to take photos of whatever Rambaldi artifacts are uncovered. The CIA will plant a sub minicam in her hotel Bible. He tells her that a CIA asset spotted Anna Espinoza leaving the Mangalev institute after she left. He tells her to be careful because Anna is on her trail investigating the same things. He asks how her Thanksgiving was. She says it was good. She asks about his. He says it was typical; he spent it with his mother. Sydney asks about his girlfriend, Alice. He says they broke up. They both look away from each other, then Sydney looks up, smiles and they both go their separate ways.

She arrives at her apartment and is going through the mail. She finds a postcard from Shepherd that says, “Blue Skies Again. I owe you.” She smiles.

Sloane is in his office speaking with Alan from the Alliance about the possibility of a mole in Sloane’s office. Alan says that it also appears that there might be more than one mole. Sloane says that if there are any moles McCullough will draw them out. Meanwhile, Sydney goes to a conference room where her father is working and hands him a container of Thanksgiving leftovers. They both smile at each other. Alan says that if there are moles they are to be made examples of. Sloane says he knows and he will take care of it…


Updated 2/4/06 

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