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Original airdate: November 18th, 2001

Reckoning screencap of Syd and Dixon

 written by Danielle C.

Sydney is paralyzed from seeing the explosion. She knows that the CIA agents were still in the building. Dixon repeatedly tells Sydney that they have to go, but she just sits there dazed. At the sound of voices, they finally run away. They are being chased by men with automatic weapons. Dixon and Sydney separate and hide. Dixon fights with one of the men as Sydney just sits there and weeps.

Sydney tells Vaughn that she couldn’t move and that Dixon had to drag her to the van to get away. She says that Dixon asked her what was wrong and she had to lie and tell him that she had a flashback of Danny’s death. Vaughn tells Sydney that she did everything she could. She says she was supposed to stop the detonation, but she didn’t and now 4 CIA agents were killed. Vaughn tells her that she had no way of knowing that Dixon had a second trigger set up. There wasn’t anything else she could have done. Sydney argues that she could have told Dixon the truth about who he really works for. She tells Vaughn that is the right thing to do. Sydney says those CIA agents died for no reason. Vaughn says “NO, they died for their country!” Sydney is silenced. Vaughn says that he is sorry that she had to go through that…

Sydney is back at her apartment looking at a picture of her mother when Francie comes in. Francie tells Sydney that she is meeting Charlie for lunch this week. She thinks he is going to break up with her. Sydney says that she doesn’t think so. Francie comments on how pretty Sydney’s mother is and asks her how her trip was. Sydney says it was bad and that some employees were “terminated.” Francie simply replies: “The economy sucks.” Sydney gets a call from Helen Calder and sets up a meeting with her.

Sydney tells Helen that she knew her husband worked at the FBI and investigated CIA agents who were suspected of being spies for Russia. Her dad was being investigated and she asks Helen if her husband ever mentioned a man named Jack Bristow. Helen says her husband never talked about his work. Sydney mistakes a photo of Helen’s current boyfriend for Calder. Helen shows Sydney a picture of her dead husband and Sydney is surprised when she recognizes the man. Helen says he wasn’t a very nice man and he died in a car accident in 1981. Sydney asks for a copy of the picture, then rushes home and takes out a newspaper clipping of her mother’s death. She realizes that the man in the newspaper clipping who died in the same accident as her mother was Calder!!

Sydney goes to Vaughn with her suspicions. She says that for the past 20 years she thought she knew how her mother died. Her parents went to the movies and on the drive home, a postal worker swerved into their lane and hit them causing them to go off the bridge. She now believes that Calder must have been chasing them; her father, the Russian agent. Both parties must have lost control and crashed. Sydney says that if her father hadn’t been a double agent, her mother would still be alive. She apologizes for telling all of this to Vaughn, it’s just she doesn’t have anyone else to talk to. Sydney wants to report her father. Vaughn says why, that the agency already knew he was under suspicion. Sydney says there are pages still missing form her father’s CIA file and maybe he is still under investigation. Vaughn says what is important is taking down SD-6 and that her father is doing that. Sydney gets angry and asks if she is supposed to just do nothing. Vaughn says not to do anything just yet, that she has to work on her relationship with SD-6. Sydney asks Vaughn if anything is ever unacceptable to him. Vaughn says he understands that this is hard on her and to give him two days to find out if her father is still under suspicion or if he is still being tracked.

Francie and Charlie are sitting together at a restaurant. Charlie tells her that he wants to be a singer. SURPRISE!! He tells her that the woman she saw him with is Rachel, a piano player who is helping him. They have their first gig on Friday night. Francie finally says, “So, you aren’t breaking up with me?” Charlie says no and they kiss.

Will gets some information on “Kate Jones.” He finds out that her license number is registered to an Eloise Kurtz. Will tells Jenny that this is proof that “Kate Jones” is lying and that someone is trying to cover up Danny’s death.

Back at SD-6, Sloane congratulates Sydney on her good work in Germany. He says the inhalers are in testing and he is pleased that there were no “causalities.” Sydney tells Sloane that Dixon deserves all the credit, not her. She walks into the conference room and sees her father. Sloane informs everyone that Jack will no longer be working at Jennings Aerospace, his assignment there is complete. Jack will be working at SD-6; his cover will be a financial credit manager at Credit Dauphine. Sloane says Jack can now help with the planning and execution of missions. Jack begins to tell them that two months ago; the FTL vacated their forward base in Rabat and their support station in Shenir. All of their heavy equipment was moved, including the T47s. An SD-6 recovery team found a greeting card left behind that played music when opened. The recovery team also found another greeting card playing music at an abandoned FTL transfer facility. Tech support found that the music in the greeting cards had identical pattern of numbers buried in higher frequencies.

Sloane says that the FTL uses a converted salvage tub as a floating lab that works on weapons design, data storage, cryptography, etc. An SD-6 team stormed the lab and brought back FTL’s new code machine. It was used to block anyone from being able to read FTL’s communications. Dixon asks how it works and Marshall says they haven’t been able to figure it out quite yet. Sloane says the SD-6 team gathered as much information from the lab as possible, but it was equipped with a self destruct mechanism. Jack tells them that there are eight of the decoders and that one is currently in the possession of John Smythe. He is the owner of a gallery in London. He is also an FTL operative. The decoder is being held at the gallery and awaiting a pick up on Tuesday. Sloane tells Sydney and Dixon that they will leave for London tonight. Jack tells them they want to know where the FTL has relocated to and what they are up to. Their mission is to bring back the decoder. After the meeting, Jack tells Sydney that he would have told her about his being brought to Credit Dauphine, but that she was in Badenweiler. Sydney turns on him and tells him she knows he was hunted by the FBI and that her mom died because of it. She says “Every time I think I know how awful you are, I learn something worse.” Then she enters the elevator and says, “But this time I am gonna make sure you pay.” Jack just stands there as the elevator closes.

Sydney meets Vaughn at a driving range. He sets down a box and Sydney picks it up and finds a plastic roach inside (a listening device). He tells her that the CIA didn’t know about Smythe. He tells her that the bug is undetectable. Vaughn tells her she will not have time to switch the decoder and to go ahead and deliver it to SD-6. When they break the code, SD-6 will contact their affiliate through SD-6’ computer network and the CIA will be able to download the data from SD-6’ mainframe. Sydney asks how much data has the CIA downloaded. Vaughn says almost 2% and Sydney is surprised. Vaughn explains that if they take too much too quickly, SD-6 will notice the leak. If they are patient they can get all of SD-6’ internal files and do some real damage. Sydney is happy. Vaughn tells Sydney that he checked around and that her dad is clean, that there is no internal investigation going on. Sydney interrupts and tells him that she told her dad about her suspicions. Vaughn gets mad. She says she is sorry, and didn’t care. If Vaughn had been in her position, he would have done the same thing. Vaughn tells her that she needs to learn how to control her emotions; Sydney counters and tells him not to lecture her. Her mother wouldn’t be dead and that he couldn’t possibly understand losing a parent that way. Vaughn tells Sydney that there is a book at Langley kept under glass. There is also a wall with names and stars next to the names. It is a memorial to agents lost in action. Families are never told how they died or even where; they are only told that they will not be coming home. Vaughn says, “I was eight when my father became one of those stars. At the funerals, there’s a protocol the agency representative has to follow; what to say, whose hand to shake. You’re admonished to not be conspicuously emotional.” Sydney says she is sorry. Vaughn tells her that he has been assigned to be the agency’s representative for the four CIA agents who died in Badenweiler.

Will goes to the apartment of Eloise Kurtz, pretending to deliver a package. When she opens the door, he asks to speak to her for just 5 minutes. She asks Will how he knew her real name. He tells her he won’t use her real name if she’s afraid. She tells him to leave and that she doesn’t know anything and to leave her alone. Will says, "it is people who always say that, who know more than they think they do.” He asks her if she knew how they killed Danny. He begins to describe Danny’s death and Eloise tells him again to go away. She then uses pepper spray on Will and slams the door.

In London, Sydney and Dixon attend the gallery show disguised as buyers. Dixon creates a distraction for Sydney by lighting up a cigar. She escapes to look for Smythe’s office. A gallery worker tells Dixon that the gallery is a Non-Smoking gallery and Dixon says not anymore. He shuts up the man by asking how much of a deal could he get if he buys the entire art collection. The man says he will get the owner. Smythe sets the alarm and leaves his office. Sydney throws her purse in the doorway to stop it from closing. She then throws a hat on the motion sensor before the alarm is set and begins looking for the vault with X-ray glasses. Meanwhile, Dixon walks around puffing the cigar looking at the art with Smythe. Sydney finds the vault and opens it. She finds the decoder and puts it in her purse. She then puts the “bug” under a shelf just as the hat falls off the motion sensor and alerts security. Sydney hides above on a pipe which turns out to be a boiler pipe. She has to stay there or risk being caught by security. The security guard hears a noise which gives Sydney a chance to move to another pipe. The security guard goes into Smythe’s office and Sydney gets away unnoticed. She returns in time to tell Dixon she prefers the Lamborghini. Dixon says that she is the birthday girl and hands Smythe his cigar and asks him to do something with it. They leave, much to Smythe’s’ annoyance and shock!!

Back in LA, Francie is telling Sydney about Charlie’s singing. She says he never sings at all and now he wants to become a singer. She says that if he had a good voice, she would have it before now. She asks Sydney if she will be at the club on Friday, she needs her there if Charlie doesn’t do well. Charlie will be devastated. Sydney says it could be the start of something great.

At the club, Charlie introduces everyone to Rachel. Rachel tells Francie that all Charlie talks about is how great Francie is. Will introduces his sister Amy to Rachel who still has that signature Pink hair. Will receives a phone call from Eloise Kurtz and excuses himself from the group. Charlie and Rachel leave to go setup. Francie tells them they will be great; they leave and she whispers to Sydney that it is going to be a disaster. Sydney tells her to stop. Eloise tells Will she feels bad about the pepper spray and says she is not a bad person. She says that she was given $2000. to say that she was having an affair with Danny. Will asks WHO? She explains that she was between jobs, that her car was/is broken and that anyone in her position would have done the same thing. Will asks if they can meet again and she agrees. She tells him to come by tomorrow. Will says he has a great car mechanic and Eloise remains silent. Will then tells her that everything is going to be okay and she hangs up. Charlie takes the stage, appearing nervous and Sydney screams out WOOO Charlie!! Music starts and Charlie begins to sing “Have a Little Faith in Me.” He is singing pretty well. Francie smiles and says that that is her boyfriend.

While Charlie’s song plays on, we see Sydney walking around at SD-6. Dixon comes in and helps her take her coat off. Sydney, Marshall, Sloane and Jack are in the conference room. Sydney puts her thumb in the decoder and feels a tickle. Marshall tells her that the decoder took a piece of her thumb and that it created a code based on her DNA. Sloane says that is how the code worked with the greeting cards. The encryption was DNA based. Sydney asks who’s DNA and Jack says it is Garreth Parkashoff, the leader of an FTL cell in Rabat. Sloane says Parkashoff is dead and they need a DNA sample. SD-6 does not know where his body is buried. Sloane calls out to Marshall who is typing away at his laptop. Marshall finally answers and says the network is sluggish. Sloane tells him to go and get agent Fisher. Sloane says that Parkashoff was eliminated by Martin Shepherd. Shepherd’s subconscious was programmed to respond to a certain phrase. If you say the phrase, Shepherd would do whatever you asked, even kill. Say the phrase again and the acts he committed would be erased from his conscious mind. He would have no recollection of the acts he committed. Sloane says that SD-6 has known what the phrase is for a long time and Sydney says it comes from a poem by John Donne. Sloane wants Sydney to get close enough to Shepherd, use the phrase and ask where he buried Parkashoff’s body. Sloane says that Shepherd checked himself into a mental institution in Bucharest, Romania. Marshall and Fisher come in and Marshall tells Sloane that something funny is going on with the computer network, a bandwidth leak. Sloane tells Marshall to write up a report about it and hand it in by the end of the day. Sloane tells Sydney that agent Fisher will be her back up on this mission. He will be posing as Dr. Carlos Fontanetta, her doctor. He will be admitting her as a patient at Shepherd’s mental institution.

Sydney is walking outside when her father catches up to her and tells her that her handler is unavailable. He begins to tell her, her counter mission, when she interrupts him and says that Vaughn is at a funeral for the CIA agents who died because of people like Jack. Jack tells her that she is to relay the coordinates of Parkashoff’s body to SD-6, once they have decoded it—Sydney interrupts again and tells him to go to hell!! Jack stops her and says peoples lives are at stack, hers included. She walks away and Jacks calls out to her. “What you think you know, you don’t know.” Sydney turns around and tells Jack to explain it to her then. Jack tells her she doesn’t have clearance and Sydney balks at that. She can’t believe she needs clearance to find out how her mother really died. Jack tells her that there are rules and she shouldn’t be so cavalier. It wasn’t so long ago that she broke the rules and had to suffer the consequences. He tells her that he is not a perfect man, but that he is smart enough not to draw simple conclusions and to act on them. He believes that if anyone could have learned that lesson, Sydney would have. She scowls at Jack and he leaves.

Dr. Fontanetta introduces his patient as a relief worker who had a psychotic break to the head of the institution. Sydney is being pushed in a wheelchair by an orderly when she spots Shepherd. They make eye contact and Shepherd follows her with his eyes as if he recognizes her. The head of the institution asks why Dr. Fontanetta chose this hospital and he says that the consulate recommended it.

Meanwhile, Will goes to meet Eloise at her apartment only to find that she is gone and her apartment is cleaned out!!

We see Vaughn at the funeral. He goes to a little boy and tells him that his dad was a hero and the boy hugs Vaughn tightly…

At SD-6 Marshall finds the CIA’s “backdoor” into SD-6’ computer network. He runs to the server room and cuts the hard line. Sloane calls Alan from the Alliance and says they need to meet. He thinks they have a mole…

Back at the mental hospital, Sydney spots Shepherd and sits with him. Fisher is with the head of the hospital, filling out paperwork when the doctor tells him that he called the consulate to thank them for their recommendation and he was surprised to find out that they hadn’t even heard of Dr. Fontanetta. Shepherd asks Sydney if he knows her and she begins to recite the poem and he attacks her. He asks her again who she is. He is choking her when an orderly stuns Shepherd and drags him away where he breaks free and goes after Sydney again. The orderly shocks him again. Sydney is trying to catch her breath when another orderly grabs her and says: “I know what you are trying to do Ms. Bristow.” She tries to fight but is overtaken by two orderlies.

Back at the LA CIA office, an agent tells Weiss that the doctor running the mental hospital is a K-Directorate agent!!!

The orderlies have put Sydney in a straightjacket and are leading her down a hallway, where she fights and breaks free and hides in an office. She gets out of her straightjacket and sees Fisher DEAD, his throat slashed!!!


Updated 1/30/06 

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