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Original airdate: October 28th, 2001

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 written by Danielle C.

Sydney is caught by the bodyguard she fought with in Morocco. He punches her in the face, knocking her out. He drags her to the basement and starts questioning her. He asks her if she is working for Dimitri. He throws her around and starts choking her. He tells her to answer his questions or he is going to put her in the incinerator. He asks her again who has sent her, meanwhile Sydney digs into his pocket, retrieving a pen. She stabs him in the neck with the pen and they fight. Sydney runs away and the bodyguard signals for help. She escapes through a tunnel while getting shot at and knocks herself out in the process. She wakes up the next morning outside of a drain pipe. She calls Dixon while riding a bus back to the UCO conference. She tells Dixon that the bomb has been planted inside Patel’s chest. She tells Dixon to get Patel and she will meet up with him. Dixon makes his way towards getting Patel. Sydney makes it back to the UCO conference and tricks a paramedic into getting out of his ambulance so she can steal it. Dixon knocks out Patel’s guard and Patel and Sydney picks them up in the ambulance, meanwhile, the MC introduces Patel, who of course doesn’t show up. Jacqnoud looks at the trigger and contacts someone about Patel’s whereabouts. Dixon tells Sydney he can’t believe he knocked out Patel because he idolizes the man. Sydney asks Dixon if he identified the trigger to the bomb. He says he didn’t see anyone. Dixon prepares to remove the bomb from Patel’s chest, when Jacqnoud locates them. Sydney gets into the drivers seat of the ambulance and drives away while Dixon tries to remove the bomb. He tells her that the bomb is on a remote, so she has to drive far enough out of range so the bomb will not detonate. Sydney drives through a roadblock while being chased by Jacqnoud. Jacqnoud gets close enough to detonate the bomb just as Dixon pulls out the bomb and throws it at Jacqnoud’ car. It explodes and Sydney is relieved. Patel wakes up and Dixon tells him he is going to be okay.

Back in LA, Sydney is telling Vaughn about what happened. Vaughn is shocked that Dixon just pulled the bomb out of Patel’s chest. Vaughn asks Sydney if she had any luck identifying the Alliance member that SD-6 was trying to protect. Sydney says she didn’t. Vaughn tells her that if they are going to take down SD-6 she will have to do better, and they argue. She explains that she was trying to save a great humanitarian from blowing up. She gets up to leave after she says she has a paper to finish, but Vaughn stops her. He has something for her. He says he is not sure if she wants it, but he has copied her father’s CIA file and hands it to her. She thanks him and leaves.

Sydney is at the campus library reading her father’s file. Francie shows up and Sydney hides the file. Francie tells Sydney they are going to have a Halloween party. They go over the list of guests and Sydney sees that Francie put down Charlie’s nephew. Sydney tells Francie that if she wants to see Charlie, she doesn’t have to throw a huge Halloween party. They spot Will coming out a building. Sydney asks what he is doing there. He says he is writing a story on SAT’s, obviously lying. They tell him that they are throwing a Halloween party. He asks if he has to wear a costume. Sydney says no, Francie says yes. He is confused. Sydney’s beeper rings. Will and Francie say that her job at the “bank” is a serious problem. She leaves.

At SD-6, Sloane is briefing everyone on Hensel corporation, a Germany based chemical conglomerate. They make ibuprofen, hand lotion and toothpaste. They also have a multimillion dollar research and development fund with ties that go back to WWII and the Third Reich. He says that they don’t list the last part in their annual stock report. He discuss’ a man named Schiller who is Hensel’s leading biotech engineer living in Berlin. SD-6 has been in contact with him since August. Hensel has supposedly perfected a vaccine against bioweapons. Schiller has access to the information and is willing to make a trade in exchange for safe passage to the US. Dixon doesn’t understand why he just doesn’t buy a plane ticket. Sloane explains that anyone working at Hensel with top level clearance is under surveillance 24/7. Sloane tells Sydney and Dixon it is their job to identify Schiller, get him away from Hensel and out of Berlin safely to the US. Sloane tells them that Hensel is updating their internet with fiberoptics. They will go in as network supervisors. The downside to the mission, they only have a picture of Schiller from 1975. Tech has done an age processing scan of what Schiller might look like so they have an idea of who to look for. Marshall has created a business card that has a transmitter built into it that will override the CPU and will make the network think they are the system administrators. Sydney will be able to manually override the company’s firewall and then Schiller can transfer the vaccine formula from his office to a safe website and SD-6 will get the formula once Schiller is on American soil.

Dixon tells Sydney that they will be at her Halloween party. Jack intercepts them and asks to speak to Sydney. Dixon leaves and Jack tries to explain again why he couldn’t make their dinner date last week. Sydney says it is fine. Jack tells her this is a busy time for him and that they shouldn’t make plans anytime soon. Sydney tells him she wasn’t going to pursue anymore dinner dates with him. She is obviously upset. She meets up with Vaughn at a warehouse. He introduces Sydney to Paul Kelvin. He explains to Sydney that the US Army has been working on the same vaccine as Hensel, but that they didn’t realize how far ahead they were. Hensel is also creating a drug that activates the immune cells in the respiratory tract. The CIA is afraid SD-6 will sell this formula to radical leaders who will protect their own people so they can start a biological war. Vaughn tells Sydney that she will ship Kelvin instead of Schiller. Kelvin will be impersonating Schiller, so SD-6 can’t get the real vaccine formula. Sydney asks what Kelvin will do when Sloane asks for the vaccine. Vaughn says that he will give false information. Kelvin leaves. Sydney tells Vaughn she has to tell Dixon about her double agent status. Vaughn says NO!! She asks how she is supposed to make a double switch without getting caught. Vaughn says no and that Dixon might be working for SD-6. Sydney says NO, that Vaughn doesn’t know him like she does. Vaughn tells her she might be right about Dixon, but that she cannot volunteer a man for double agent duty if he hasn’t asked for it. She will be putting his entire life and family at risk.

Sydney arrives at Hensel disguised as a network supervisor. She identifies Schiller and tells him she is from SD-6. She uses the card from Marshall to transfer the vaccine formula. She tells Dixon that she thinks someone is following her and to meet her somewhere else other than behind the building as originally planned. Dixon funnels gas through the buildings air conditioning system and tells them that she will have 2 minutes until people regain consciousness. Sydney takes Schiller to the basement where he is put into a CIA van and Kelvin takes Schiller’s place. Dixon picks them up and they return to LA.

Will and Francie are setting up the apartment for the Halloween party. Will tells Francie that he has still been working on Danny’s death. He was on campus the other day looking for Kate Jones because she was listed as being on the flight to Singapore with Danny. Francie tells him he shouldn’t be investigating. He tells Francie that too many things don’t add up in Danny’s death. Francie tells him that he should think about what Sydney will do once she finds out that he is still investigating Danny’s death.

Vaughn is with the real Schiller at a CIA safehouse. Schiller wants to speak with Sloane. Vaughn tells him that Sloane is not their and that he needs to give him the password to the website containing the formula. He refuses and says that he only talks to Sloane; that was his agreement. Vaughn tries to explain to Schiller that Sloane is not really working for the CIA and that Sloane is a fraud. Schiller asks how he can be sure that Vaughn isn’t a fraud. Vaughn tells Weiss and Sydney that they will have to take Schiller to Langley, that will be the only way Schiller will believe they are really CIA. Kelvin has given Sloane a partial computer program that will run a CIA control into their network, enabling a "back door" for them to see into the SD-6’ entire network. Vaughn says it is a huge step into shutting down SD-6.

Back at SD-6, Kelvin is with Sloane. Sloane tells Kelvin that they have his money waiting for him and that he will get it, once he tells them the location of the plant. Kelvin asks what plant? Sloane says the plant where the prototype of the vaccine inhaler is being made. Kelvin doesn’t know because he is not the real Schiller. Kelvin says he was not privy to that information, but Sloane says he was and to think about it, and walks out. Sloane asks Dixon why Sydney changed the extraction point. He explains that Sydney felt she was being followed. Sloane asks Dixon if he saw anyone. He said no because he was outside the whole time. He says that if Sydney says someone was following her, then someone was following her. Sloane is suspicious.

Sydney’s Halloween party is in full swing. Dixon and his family show up. He asks to speak with her privately. He tells her that Sloane thinks that Schiller is a plant and that someone got to him and Sloane wants to know why she had the pick up spot changed…He asks if there is something he needs to know. She says NO. Sloane wants Dixon and Sydney to pick up the prototype, but that Schiller won’t give up the location which doesn’t make any sense if he is the real Schiller. Sydney asks what is going to happen to Schiller. Dixon says he is in a lot of trouble and that she may be to.

Charlie does not show up to the Halloween party. Francie is upset. Will tells her to talk to Charlie and to not wait. He waited and he missed out on a relationship with Sydney. Francie calls Charlie. Will receives a phone call from “Kate Jones.” He asks her if she knew Danny and she says that she knew him pretty well.

Sydney shows up at the safehouse and tells them not to go to Langley. They need the location of the prototype or Kelvin will be killed!!! Sydney says that if they don’t get the info, SD-6 will know she is a double agent…What are they going to do? She asks to speak to Schiller.

Sydney meets up with her father. She says she wouldn’t have called, but she had no choice. She explains the situation. She tells him that she got the location of the prototype, but that she can’t get it to Kelvin because Sloane is too suspicious of her, can he do it. Jack tells her that Sloane calls on him when they need to get information out of people(TORTURE)!! Jack goes into the office and Sloane tells him that he wants proof that Schiller is telling them everything he knows, that he is who he says he is.

Now we see how Sydney got the information from Schiller. She describes who Sloane really is to Schiller. She explains how Sloane lied and recruited her into SD-6. She tells him how Danny was killed and if he doesn’t give her the location, another innocent man will die. Meanwhile, Sloane watches via camera feed, Jack beating up Kelvin to get the information. Jack throws Kelvin up against the wall and whispers to Kelvin that he needs to prove that he is Schiller and that he(Jack) is SD-6. Jack tells Kelvin that he has to hurt him to make it believable. Schiller tells Sydney that the plant is located in Badenweiler. Jack tells Kelvin the location and breaks his arm in the process. Kelvin then screams out Badenweiler!! Sloane is pleased.

Sydney writes down her mission from Sloane. Sloane wants Sydney and Dixon to go to Badenweiler, steal the vaccine inhalers and blow up the plant. Sydney isn’t sure how long she can sit in the meetings with Sloan knowing what a bad person he is. She asks what her countermission is. She meets up with Vaughn at a gas station. He tells her that she will meet up with a CIA team that will already be inside the building and they will switch the inhalers, while Dixon is setting up the explosives. After Dixon leaves the building, she will disable the explosives so the CIA team can search the rest of the computer files. Dixon will set the explosives off, they won’t blow, by this time, security will be back and they can’t go back in to blow up the building, no body gets hurt. That’s the plan. Sydney asks Vaughn what he knows about Case 332L. She says there are missing pages in her dad’s CIA file. Vaughn mentions the name Caulder. Vaughn tried to retrieve the case file, but there was no record of the case file anywhere. He tells Sydney that Caulder wasn’t CIA, but FBI. Sydney asks why the FBI would be working with the CIA, Vaughn says they wouldn’t. Sydney says the FBI must have thought Jack was selling secrets to someone.

Will gets a call. He finds out that Kate Jones has gone to Sao Paolo and asks for her social security number…Will meets Kate Jones. He asks her what kind of relationship she and Danny were having. She says that they were having an affair. Will is surprised. She tells Will that she met Danny at the hospital and that he asked her out. She says that they talked about going to Hong Kong together, but then he broke it off. Will tells her that he traced her social security number and it shows that Kate Jones died in 1973. “Kate Jones” says she has to go and Will asks her who she really is.

In Badenweiler, Sydney switches the inhalers with the CIA team. One of the agents tells her that Vaughn likes and respects her. She smiles. She tells them that she has some bombs to disable and leaves. Dixon is waiting outside for her. The explosives don’t off, but Dixon says he has a second detonator rigged, just in case there was a frequency jam. He blows up the building and the CIA agents inside are all killed!!! Sydney can’t believe it…


Updated 1/17/06 

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