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"A Broken Heart"

Original airdate: October 21st, 2001

A Broken Heart screencap

 written by Danielle C.

Anna and Sydney jointly open the lockbox, only to realize that they have to memorize the code before it is destroyed.   After they have it memorized, both go their separate ways.  Sydney gives Vaughn the correct sequence and says she will give SD-6 one wrong number.  Vaughn says she needs to give them the correct sequence.  He gives her an order.  Sydney doesn’t want to give it to them and says they will have a long talk once she gets back to LA.  She gives Dixon the sequence, meanwhile Anna gives it to K-Directorate.

Back in LA, Sydney and Vaughn argue about whether or not Vaughn can give her orders, while Weiss sits in the background.  Vaughn explains that if she hadn’t given the correct sequence and Anna did, SD-6 would question Sydney’s allegiance.  Vaughn explains that her double agent status is always in jeopardy. Sydney then backs off and says that Anna probably wants SD-6 to burn just as much as she does.  Vaughn tells Sydney that the only thing worse than SD-6 is if K-Directorate gets information before SD-6 does.  Vaughn says that Anna is still her enemy.

Back at SD-6, Sloane is discussing Rambaldi’s code with another SD-6 agent, Russick.  Russick has just transferred to the LA office.  They walk into an office with Sydney and Marshall.  Sloane says that they made a giant mistake with the sequence, as does K-Directorate.  Marshall explains that in their rush to decipher the code, they misinterpreted the sequence.  Instead of sending a team to Athens to discover the next clue to Rambaldi’s device, the team should have been sent to Malaga, Spain.  Sloane tells Sydney that is where she will be going. She will be going to a church that coincides with Rambaldi’s coordinates.  She asks what she is supposed to be looking for and Sloane says he doesn’t know.  The only clue they have is 2 words that were a part of the code:  Golden Sun.

Sydney arrives at the church and begins looking for the Golden Sun.  Sydney gazes towards a stained glass window with a golden sun in the middle.  She retrieves it, just as Anna Espinosa shows up.  They battle it out and Sydney wins, leaving Anna handcuffed to a bench. 

Back in LA in her apartment, Sydney and Francie discuss the matchbook she found from Charlie with a woman’s phone number in it.  Francie asks Sydney if she has ever spied on anyone!!!  Francie wants to spy on Charlie to figure out what is going on.  Sydney says spying on your boyfriend is a bad relationship move, but Francie says what if he is cheating on her…They go and sit outside of Charlie’s apartment waiting to follow him.  While they are waiting Sydney tells Francie about kissing Will.  Francie is shocked…Sydney explains they were alone and had lots of drinks…Charlie comes out and a woman shows up and hugs Charlie.  They then get into her car and leave.  Francie is upset.

Will is still looking into Danny’s death.  He can’t find any information on the medical conference Danny was supposed to be at.  Sydney calls Will and he asks her if she feels weird about what happened between them.  She says yes and he says yes, too.  Sydney says they will talk about it later.  She explains how Francie saw Charlie with another woman.  She says that she has another trip and could he come and hang out with Francie while she’s gone.  When he gets off the phone, Jenny says that he acts different when he talks to Sydney.  Will tells her to not analyze him. 

Back at SD-6, Sydney runs into her father.  He explains that he has a Psych evaluation.  Sydney tries to talk about her trip to Berlin.  Jack abruptly ends it and leaves.  Sydney stops him and asks if they could have dinner on Thursday.  He agrees, reluctantly. 

Sloan explains what the tech guys discovered about the golden sun.  It turns out that it isn’t glass, but a synthetic polymer made 500 years ago.  Dixon questions that, since synthetic polymers weren’t even in existence that long ago.  Sloane says the mystery of Rambaldi continues.  Sloane says they have another problem.  Last year at the United Commerce Organization (UCO) Conference, planned attacks took place and there are rumors that there will be attacks again this year, in Sao Paolo.  Russick explains that Luc Jacqnoud would be landing in Morocco.  Sydney says she thought he was in prison, Russick states that he was released 26 months earlier due to his contacts within the French justice department.  Russick explains that Jacqnoud will be there to meet a contact.  They don’t know who, that is why Sydney and Dixon will be going to Morocco.  They are to monitor the meeting, ID the contact, and to make sure whatever Jacqnoud is up to doesn’t happen.  Sydney asks if Maktar is their contact.  Sloane says he will meet her and Dixon at the airport.  Sydney smiles.  Sloan explains to Russick that he is an Egyptian commando recruited 2 years ago.  Marshall gives Sydney a purse that has a microphone in it that she can use to monitor the meeting with.

Meanwhile, Jack is going through his psych evaluation where he is in a dreamlike state.  He envisions Irena holding Sydney, then Sydney holding a baby and she says “it is only a matter of time before I find out the truth.” Jack wakes up abruptly.  He is shaken and walks out of the office.

Sydney and Vaughn meet at a carwash.  He is late and Sydney asks if he is okay.  He says yes.  Vaughn says the CIA doesn’t understand why SD-6 wants to watch Jacqnoud.  Sydney asks again if he is okay and if he had a fight with his wife.  He says what wife, he is not married.  Sydney says she saw a picture of a woman on his desk.  Vaughn says that he and that woman are not even remotely close to marriage, and then asks her if she thought he was married all this time.  Sydney says yeah, what’s the big deal.  Vaughn says nothing, apparently a little annoyed…Vaughn says that once she finds out any details about who Jacqnoud is meeting or anything else, to call the usual number, hit the 8 key and they will dead drop at the trashcan.  He then asks her why she asked him if he had a fight with his girlfriend.  She says “I don’t know, did you?”  Vaughn says a huge one, and then tells her good luck in Morocco.  

Sydney and Dixon arrive in Morocco and meet up with Maktar.  He tells them that the meeting will be held today with Jacqnoud and his mysterious contact.  While Sydney is getting into disguise, she is on the phone with Francie and they are discussing Charlie.  Sydney tells Francie to talk to Charlie.  She hangs up and she, Dixon, and Maktar conduct surveillance of the marketplace where the meeting is to take place.  Jacqnoud arrives and Sydney goes down to the marketplace. While pretending to shop, the mystery contact arrives and Dixon and Maktar try to ID him. Sydney’s purse picks up the conversation between Jacqnoud and the mystery man.  Jacqnoud asks how the project is coming along and mystery man says he would be very pleased.  A bodyguard looks at Sydney and she realizes she has had a previous run in with him.  He broke her arm 2 years ago in Corsica.  The guard spots the surveillance and goes after Sydney.  Dixon tells Maktar to pack up; they have to get out of there.  She and the bodyguard get into a fight, Sydney gets away.  The other bodyguards find Maktar and shoot him.  Sydney finds Dixon fighting and joins in.  They get away, but not before Sydney sees Maktar lying dead. 

Sydney arrives back in LA and Francie greets her.  Francie says she will be meeting Charlie for coffee and if he doesn’t have a good excuse for why he was kissing another woman it is over.  Will says that he had to force Francie to call him.  Francie asks Sydney if she thinks everything will be alright with Charlie, Sydney says yes and hugs her.  Francie leaves.  Will wants to talk about the kiss.  He says the kiss was weird because you normally don’t kiss people like that who you are very close to.  Will is playing with Sydney’s luggage tag that has Kate Jones written on it and Sydney takes it away from him.  Will says he has figured out a way for it to not be awkward between them anymore and kisses Sydney, who is not into the kiss at all.  He feels like an idiot and she says she has to go to dinner with her father.  Sydney waits at the restaurant for Jack.

Francie and Charlie are at the restaurant.  Charlie asks if Francie is going to tell him what’s wrong.  She tells him that she saw him with another woman.  Charlie asks if she was watching him and Francie says she doesn’t have to answer that.  He needs to explain who the other woman is.  He says she is a friend.  Francie says that she will not let Charlie lie to her.  He says that he loves her and that he is not playing around.  He says that they were just hanging out, that’s all.  Francie gets up and walks away. 

Back at the restaurant, Sydney sits there waiting for her father.  Jack calls and says he won’t be able to make dinner because of work.  He is actually sitting in the parking lot watching her.  Sydney cries and calls someone…Next we see Sydney and Vaughn on the pier.  She is crying and says she is sorry to be calling him, but she didn’t have anyone else she could talk to.  She explains that she and her father were supposed to have dinner and he didn’t show up, but she knew he didn’t have work.  She says this isn’t just because of her dad.  She tells Vaughn about the death of her friend, Maktar in Morocco.  She says he was a good man who thought he was working for the good guys.  She feels like she is losing her mind, she doesn’t know who she is anymore, or what she is doing or why she is doing it.  Her beeper goes off and she throws it in the water.  Vaughn tells her that she just threw her beeper into the Pacific.  Sydney laughs and Vaughn tells her:  “That the first time you walked into my office with that Bozo hair; I thought you were crazy, I actually thought you were a crazy person, but, I watched you and I read your statement, and I have seen you. I have seen how you work; I’ve seen who you are.  In this job, you see darkness; you see the worst in people.  Although the jobs are different, and the missions change, and the enemies have a thousand names, the one crucial thing, the one real responsibility that you have is to not let your rage and your resentment darken you.  When you are at your absolute lowest, most depressed, just remember that you can always, you know, you have my number.”  Sydney reaches over and touches Vaughn’s hand.

Back at SD-6, Sloan reveals that the mystery man is Malik Suwari. He specializes in industrial demolition.  Suwari’s latest creation is the BLU 250.  It was commissioned by a Swiss corporation to blow up mountain ranges for the production of high speed trains.  They look at tape from the surveillance and Suwari and Jacqnoud discuss Patel.  Dixon is shocked and says do you believe the man who received the Edgar Peace prize is involved with Jacqnoud?  Sloane says that Patel is India’s delegate to the UN and former president of the Southern Hemisphere Human Rights Commission and that there is no way he would be working with Jacqnoud.  Sydney asks what is going on.  Sloane says that Jacqnoud is using Patel without his knowledge, to deliver a message to the UCO.  Dixon asks what the message is and Sloane says to abolish the UCO.  SD-6 has tracked at least a dozen threats from Jacqnoud.  His last threat states that it will be his most violent attack yet.  Sydney asks Sloane if he thinks Jacqnoud is going to plant an explosive device on Patel.  He says yes and that their mission is to stop it.  She and Dixon will go to Sao Paolo to find Patel, recover the weapon and to safeguard the UCO.

Dixon and Sydney arrive at a party in Sao Paolo looking for Patel; meanwhile, Will is talking to a guy who works at an airport trying to track down Danny’s flight information and finds out that he was not traveling alone.   Back in Sao Paolo, Sydney spots Patel.  Dixon says lets go get him.  Sydney says wait, he looks sick.  Dixon tells her to get the glass Patel was drinking from and pass it to him.  Sydney notices Suwari is at the party.  Dixon tests the glass and finds that Patel was drugged.  Sydney tells Dixon to watch Suwari and that she will follow Patel.  Will asks the guy at the airport if the person Danny was traveling with was Sydney Bristow, and finds out it wasn’t.  Will asks for the name, but the guy won’t give it to him.  Will says that his assistant, Jenny will go out with him if he does.  Jenny is mad at Will.  Will finds out the name was Kate Jones, one of Sydney’s aliases!!!  Back in Sao Paola, Sydney follows the ambulance to a warehouse where she sees doctors putting an explosive into Patel’s chest!!!


Updated 1/9/06 

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