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Original airdate: October 14th, 2001

 written by Danielle C.

Sydney is holding the nuclear weapon's core in her hand when Hassan catches her and aims a gun at her head. He tells her to put it down and Sydney refuses because she says he will kill her.  He tells her again to put it down and she says ok, but instead she throws it up in the air, knocks out Hassan, catches the core, and escapes.

Back in Los Angeles, Sydney is in trouble with her Professor.  He explains to her that he doesn’t accept late papers and she gives him a very good excuse. She was on business trip and her flight was delayed and a blackout occurred so she couldn’t even email her paper in.   As she recounts her lie to the professor, she flashes back to herself in Cairo under fire from Hassan’s men waiting for her extraction with the core, which she drops and of course, catches in time before it can nuke everyone.  The professor gives in and accepts her paper.  He explains that another paper is due on Thursday and she asks if Friday is okay.

Francie and Sydney are talking about Charlie not being excited about his new job in a prestigious law firm.  Sydney is jealous of Francie’s relationship with her dad.  Francie tells Sydney to just go to her dad’s work and just talk to him.  So, Sydney does just that.  Jack tells her she shouldn’t have shown up.  She explains that she has tons of questions:  Did he know SD-6 was going to recruit her?  Was her mom’s death an accident or did he tell her about his work?  Jack tells her that she has exposed herself by just showing up.  He tells her never to come there again and walks away from a very frustrated Sydney.

Back at SD-6, Sloane tells the group that the device, Sydney and Dixon brought back from Taipei is still in analysis.  SD-6 is still trying to figure out what it is and what it does.  Sloane believed an academic by the name Mueller was the creator of the device, but all he did was use another mans designs to construct it.  The designer really is a man named Milo Rimbaldi, who died in 1496.  He was Pope Alexander VI’s chief architect.  He was excommunicated for heresy and was sentenced to death because he believed “science would one day let us know God.”  After he was dead, his workshop was destroyed and his plans and sketches were sold and traded for next to nothing.  For the next five centuries his work was scattered throughout the world.  No one knows exactly what is left.  Sloan says that a Russian historian has found one of Rimbaldi’s designs and believes it to be a transistor.  Sydney says she doesn’t understand; neither does Dixon or Marshall… Sloan says that Rimbaldi was a prophet. Rimbaldi is a priority.  SD-6 wants to find out everything about him before anyone else. 

SD-6 has acquired one of Rimbaldi’s designs.  Sydney reads the report. It shows that Rimbaldi was working on a Rudimentary schematic for a vocal communicator… Sloan explains that Rimbaldi was working on a design for a cell phone during the Ottoman Empire…Dixon is dubious and Sloan says that he understands everyone’s skepticism, until he came across a sketch that contained sequence of numbers based on zeros and ones.  Dixon calls it a machine code.  Sydney asks if they have tried to run the sequence and Sloan says it is incomplete.  SD-6 has only half of the sketch with the code and that the other part is in Spain.  Sloan tried to buy the second sketch, but the seller withdrew. Sloan believes that K-Directorate, a Russian rival of SD-6 has become involved and is now trying to steal the sketch.  Sydney realizes that she will be coming into contact with an old enemy from K-Directorate, Anna Espinosa.  Sloan wants Sydney and Dixon to go to Spain and retrieve the sketch.

Sydney writes down all of the information from her SD-6 meeting on a trash bag and dumps it at the dead drop and waits for her counter mission.  She meets Vaughn jogging, where he explains her counter mission.  She is supposed to find it and bring it back.  The CIA is also curious about Rimbaldi’s work.  Vaughn asks about Anna Espinosa.  Sydney says she is the last of the Cold War babies.  She explains that Anna is a ruthless killer.  Vaughn also tells Sydney that he has been replaced as her handler, he didn’t have enough experience.  He says that it was nice to meet her and good luck in Madrid.  Sydney is not very happy about this.

Back at the CIA, Vaughn is ranting about being replaced as Sydney’s handler to Weiss.   Weiss believes that Vaughn has become emotionally attached to Sydney and that he is jealous of the new handler.  Vaughn expresses genuine concern for Sydney’s safety because of Anna Espinosa.  He is very scared for her and wants her to come back okay.  Weiss tells him, he can’t do anything about it and to stop worrying.

Anna Espinosa is in Madrid…

Vaughn is giving the new handler info on Sydney.  The new handler comments on Sydney’s’ attractiveness…Vaughn is not pleased.

Marshall gives Sydney a pearl necklace that contains a microphone that she can use to communicate with Dixon.  He also gives her a peso that emits a sound that will shatter glass.

In Madrid, Sydney visits a show where the lockbox containing the sketch will be.  She sees Anna there as a waitress.  Dixon is outside in a van monitoring everything. Sydney causes a diversion by throwing the peso near a window and sets it off.  She then goes to find the lockbox.  Anna is a step ahead of her and gets to the box first. She and Sydney cross paths and have a huge fight where Sydney finally wins and gets the lockbox with the sketch.

Back in LA, Will goes to Danny’s apartment to pick up the rest of his things and talks to the landlord.  He notices traffic cameras were pointed towards Danny’s apartment and decides to ask for the security feed. 

Back at SD-6, Sydney talks to Will on the phone and they talk about having dinner with everyone at Sydney’s apartment. She then goes to meet her new handler.  He is a total jerk and Sydney does not like him.  She asks why she was called to meet him.  He just wanted to acquaint himself with her.  She explains that SD-6 has a specific division that tracks all of its employees and that this meeting is risking her double agent cover. 

After her meeting, Sydney goes back to her apartment where Charlie, Francie, and Will are over for dinner.  They are playing cards and drinking. Will receives a call from his assistant, Jenny.   He finds out that all of the cameras went out on the night of Danny’s murder.  Francie and Charlie leave.  Will and Sydney are eating ice cream and are a little drunk.  She kisses Will and then is instantly uncomfortable.  She can’t believe she kissed him and Will leaves.

Back at SD-6, Sloan tells Sydney that Marshall could not open the lockbox.  Marshall says that if they try to force it open, it will destroy the sketch.  Sloan brings in Jack, so they can figure out what to do.  Jack arranges a meet between Sydney and K-Directorate because Anna has the key to the lockbox.  The meet will take place in Berlin where both Sydney and Anna will open the box.  Sloane explains that K-Directorate doesn't know that there are two sketches, so SD-6 has nothing to lose by doing this together with K-Directorate.  Sydney doesn’t believe she can trust Anna.  Before Jack leaves, Sydney wants him to answer her question about her mother.  Jack explains that her mother knew he was a CIA agent and that she really did die in a car accident.

Sydney meets her new handler at a newspaper stand.  He gives her an earpiece and a transmitter.  He wants her to get a transmitter on Anna; the CIA wants to track her.  Sydney says it is dangerous and she will not do it.  Her handler gets annoyed and Sydney tells him that if Vaughn isn’t on the other end of the earpiece when she puts it on in Berlin, the CIA will get nothing.  Her handler says that Vaughn is a junior officer.  Sydney says they should promote him and walks away.

Will tries to convince his editor to let him write a story about Danny’s death.  She gives him one week to come up with a story.

While getting ready for the meet in Berlin, she is talking to Francie.  Francie believes that Charlie is cheating on her because she found a matchbook with a woman’s phone number on it.  Sydney tells her she is worrying.  She shouldn’t assume the worst. 

Both SD-6 and K-Directorate are ready at the meet and have positioned snipers everywhere in the stadium, just in case either side decides to double cross the other. Sydney turns on her earpiece and is relieved to hear Vaughn.  He tells her that he is tracking her from a satellite in Los Angeles.  She calls him her guardian angel.  Vaughn calls Sydney that, too.  He thanks her for his promotion. Back at SD-6, Sloan asks Jack if he has talked to Sydney about her mother.  Jack says yes and Sloan asks if he told her the truth.  Jack makes a face…

Sydney then meets with Anna in the middle of the stadium.  They aren’t very friendly to each other. Anna speaks about Danny’s death, and Sydney is trying hard to control her anger.  They finally agree to open the box, but when Anna opens it, the box begins to make a noise and both agents look shocked…


Updated 1/9/06 

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