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"So It Begins"

Original airdate: October 7th, 2001

Syd and Francie

 written by Danielle C.

Sydney is dressed all in black, wig and all and is running from two shooting French security guards. She escapes into a nearby elevator and climbs the elevator cables to a limo waiting outside for her. While in the limo she hands over a package to Leonard Dreyfuss. Sydney is retelling this story to Vaughn which took place 3 years ago. Dreyfuss bankrolls SD-6 operations in Geneva. He is the go to guy for transport. She explains that Sloane relies on him. Sydney begins telling Vaughn about another bad guy Ineni Hassan out of Memphis, Egypt, a weapons dealer, SD-6’ source of arms. She then relates a story about a mission she and Dixon went on to buy weapons from Hassan. Hassan is showing weapons to her and Dixon and the weapon malfunctions. Hassan gets angry with one of his partners because of it and he shoots him in front of her and Dixon, then apologizes.

Sydney continues to give Vaughn info on SD-6, but he stops her. Sydney wants to take down SD-6 now, but Vaughn explains that she needs to follow his instructions not the other way around. He explains that her first day back at SD-6 is tomorrow, and tells her everything needs to appear normal. When she gets her mission from SD-6, she will write it on a paper bag, call a number, memorize it, when she hears 3 tones; she is to enter in the correct digit that corresponds to a specific trash can for a dead drop. Her info will be reviewed and a counter mission will be decided. She will be contacted by the CIA posing as a wrong number: Joey’s pizza. Sydney is bent on destroying SD-6 and cops an attitude with Vaughn who has to inform her that her ideas about SD-6 are not fully understood. He asks her to draw a map of SD-6, its allies and how far it reaches. She argues, but finally does it. Vaughn then puts a huge map on the table and it shows that SD-6’s operations range far more than Sydney ever thought. It is a wide-ranging, international organization that goes far beyond Los Angeles. Vaughn explains that SD-6 is a complicated and very well connected organization that will take a long time to deactivate. Sydney is shocked.

Back in her new apartment, Francie (Syd’s best friend) and Charlie (Francie’s boyfriend) help Sydney unpack. Will arrives. Friendly chatter ensues. A dinner engagement is made for Thursday for Charlie. He has gotten a new job at a law firm. Will has to ask Sydney about why she took his sister’s passport and why she disappeared. Sydney asks him to drop it. Her beeper goes off. Will asks about what happened to Danny. Sydney asks him to stop and to leave things alone. She is trying to move on, but Will is curious and wants to do research.

Sydney reports to Credit Dauphine (SD-6). Marshall greets Sydney and says he is sorry about her fiancé and is happy to see her back.

Sloan is giving a briefing about her and Dixon’s new mission. They will be traveling to Moscow to stop a transaction. Ineni Hassan is involved. She and Dixon are to intercept the sale of stolen files that are about Soviet-American cold war nuclear weapons.
Marshall gives Sydney and Dixon a device that can knock out a person and they only get 2 chances to use it. He rambles on. Dixon complains that they continue to go after the bad guys, but they keep coming back. Sloan expresses concern for Sydney, hoping that she adjusted. He then tells her that he has to show her something. Her father is waiting in Sloan’s office. She is “surprised.” He explains that he is also a double agent working for the CIA also. He tells her to act surprised when she leaves the office. She asks if he knew about what Sloan had planned for Danny. He says yes, Sydney slaps him and tells him to never speak to her again. She leaves.

Sydney relays her mission on a paper bug as instructed and drops it off at the dead drop. Sydney waits for her counter mission. Sydney meets Vaughn in a convenience store where he explains her counter mission. He tells Sydney to make sure she is holding the stolen files. CIA agents will be at the airport upon her return to switch out and duplicate the files.

Will is at the office and continues to check on information regarding Danny’s murder. His assistant Jenny flirts with him and he tries to tell her she is too young.

Sydney and Dixon are in Moscow now. Syd is impersonating a hotel maid so she can get into the buyers hotel room. They have the money for the stolen files that Dixon is supposed to use to buy the disks. Dixon meets the document sellers at a club. Sydney puts the bodyguard to sleep with the device Marshall gave her. Another guard comes in and Sydney fights him off and discovers that the money is fake. She relays the info to Dixon in her ear piece and Dixon must improvise until Sydney gets there. She is dressed in a blue rubber dress and says she is on her way.

Weiss goes to Vaughn’s office and asks if he has heard from Sydney. Vaughn says he doesn’t expect to until the mission is completed. Weiss reminds Vaughn that his girlfriends name is Alice. Vaughn tells Weiss to get out of his office.

Sydney shows up at the bar and secretly switches out the computer disks by dropping her drink in the buyer’s laps (as a diversion) and switching the disks with plastic coasters. One of the buyers' gets suspicious and pulls out a gun on Dixon. Dixon and Sydney fight off the buyers and get away. At the airport the disks are duplicated and returned to Sydney in time for her to get in her car and take the disks back to SD-6.

Back in her apartment, Sydney rushes into her room to put back on her engagement ring from Danny. She soaks in the tub and stares at the ring and is visibly upset. Sydney meets Francie, Will, and Charlie at a restaurant. Will asks to see Sydney in the back. He tells her he found out that Danny had purchased 2 plane tickets to Singapore the day of his murder. Sydney lies and tells him that Danny bought the tickets because he had a medical conference and wanted her to meet him there and have a weekend in Bali. Sydney cries and asks Will to stop digging into Danny’s death. She begs him to let it go. Will apologizes and says he will stop looking into it.

The disks reveal that a nuclear weapon is buried somewhere in the U.S., exact location unknown. A man named Milovich Ivanov from Buckingham, Virginia is assumed to be the contact for the nuclear weapon. Sloan tells Sydney to go to Virginia and report back with any info on Ivanov. Sydney calls Vaughn and says she is going to see Ivanov and hangs up. Vaughn’s boss wants to move on the info and Vaughn says we must wait or the CIA will compromise her double agent status. He wants the CIA to give her 5 hours to complete the task. His boss gives in. Sydney then ends up at a cemetery where she finds Ivanov’s grave. She digs up the grave and finds the nuclear weapon buried inside the coffin. The weapon is rigged with a timer set to go off in 2 minutes, unless disarmed. She calls Marshall at SD-6 and Marshall works unsteadily to try to figure out how to instruct her to disarm it. She disarms it.

Vaughn yells at Sydney for not calling the CIA about the bomb. They argue. Sydney says they can track it and get it back. Vaughn tells her the nuclear weapon is in Cairo. SD-6 sold it to Ineni Hassan. Sydney says she will go and get it back. She asks her father to help her hide her going to Cairo from SD-6. Sydney asks her dad if he was the one who bought the tickets to Singapore. He says yes, but he didn’t arrive in time to help Danny. Sydney thanks him for trying…

Vaughn is told he will no longer be Sydney’s handler anymore. Devlin, Vaughn’s boss, wants a senior agent in charge because Sydney is a very important commodity to the CIA. Vaughn is reassigned. Jack goes to Sloan and tells him Sydney needs some time to get use to everything.

Sydney goes to Cairo with a CIA agent disguised as a Muslim woman. She beats up guys along the way in Hassan’s warehouse. She finds the nuclear weapon and begins to disable it. She takes out the core only to find a gun pointed at her head…by Hassan


Updated 12/13/05 

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