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"Truth Be Told"

Original airdate: September 30, 2001

Syd and her fiance Daniel

Sydney Bristow, a college student, realizes for the first time that her after-school job, being an agent for an organization called SD-6, is not exactly what she had thought. It is revealed that Sydney was recruited in her freshman year to become an agent.

In her personal life, Sydney has a new fiancÚ since her boyfriend, Danny, just proposed to her. Her friend Francie Calfo is thrilled for her and so is her friend Will Tippin...or so it would seem. While Francie maybe be legitimately happy for Sydney, Will is crushed, as he has a secret love for Sydney.

Sydney's partner at SD-6, Dixon, tells Sydney that she can never tell her friends or her fiancÚ who she works for. They think that she works at a bank, and he tells her that is the way it has to be. Sydney has an internal struggle about whether or not she can keep this secret. Dixon tells Sydney, "If there is one rule you don't break, this is the rule you don't break."

Sydney finally decides that she is not going to keep this secret from the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. So, she takes Danny to a place where she thinks they will be safe from listening devices and tells him everything.

Her world is shaken up when she finds out that SD-6 knows that she has told Danny who she really is, and Sydney is put through more revelations as she finds out that her father, who has never been a big part of her life, is not only an SD-6 agent, but he is a double agent who is working with the CIA against SD-6. He tells her that SD-6 is not a branch of the CIA, but an organization that is working against the CIA.

Sydney goes home one night and finds her fiancÚ, Danny, in the bath tub--murdered. Wanting the men who did this to the man she loved, Sydney goes to the real CIA to try and help them bring down SD-6. Sydney is put under the supervision of a CIA agent named Michael Vaughn. He tells her that her mission for the CIA is to follow the SD-6 orders but report all of her findings back to the CIA.


Updated 12/13/05  

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