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Review By Erin

Erinís Review of Jennifer Garnerís New Film "13 Going on 30"

I have to admit before I even write this review; Iím probably a little biased on the subject of this movie. Iím a big fan of Alias and of Jennifer so itís up to you how much my opinion ways in on you decision to see the movie or not. That being said, I truly thought that this film was really cute. Iím not going to say that it dramatically impacted me, but I do feel that the film itself had an inspiring message. Jennifer Garnerís portrayal of the character Jenna Rink is very captivating. She captures the essence of the thirteen year old with gestures and body language. She relays the dialogue as if Jennifer the person has that playful side within her that is brought out into her character. Mark Ruffalo who plays Matt, Jennaís childhood buddy, displays the boy next door charm that takes most every girlís breath away. Although not extremely hunky, his demeanor and personality on screen allows you to fall in love with his character. Although Iím sure that this film will not be in the ďOscar CircleĒ, it is a genuinely sweet and ďleave the theatre feeliní good,Ē kind of film. It is definitely a ďdate movieĒ! So go see 13 Going on 30! Although you wonít be extremely taken aback by its message, it will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth.  I give it Three Rambaldi Stars ;)


For CNN.comís raving review of this movie click here


Updated 5/19/04

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