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Review By Erin

Vaughn's Detached But Syd's His Match

Alright viewers, I've had it!!! I'm getting out the pen and paper to write to the show's creator!;) Lauren's moaning and complaining and so on I can handle, but Vaughn acting so detached from Sydney...That I can't take!!! I've made it clear that I am a big S/V fan, so naturally I'm none too pleased with Lauren's presence, but that is not what's bugging me this week...Vaughn has been so distant to Sydney since he came back that I'm wondering if he remembers their relationship at all! I don't know, maybe J. J. wanted Michael Vartan to play it that way, but I for one am just plain sick at the whole thing! I'm wondering, really, how long is it going to take Vaughn to remember what Sydney and he had together. I do understand, he loves his wife and  his life has moved on. But to Syd, when she remembers of their relationship it seems like only yesterday to her!  Come on Vaughn, give the girl a break! (Oh no! I'm talking to the characters in my head again ;)

                OK, I'm going to be honest...I love Melissa George as an actress. I really enjoyed her in Thieves and I think overall she 's great. But from what I had heard, I was supposed to love her character and maybe I should give it more time, but I'm beginning to hate her! ( I think maybe I did from the start...shhh;)From the start ;), I was willing to give her a fighting chance, whether I wanted to or not. But now it seems, that fighting chance has downgraded to a measly laying chance. But again, that's not what has bothered me so much as Vaughn's detachment. Just because he's so adorable and just because I still have hope for him and Sydney doesn't mean that I can't still be terribly angry at him. Sometimes, I overanalyze things or get to attached to the characters, even when I know that they are actors. This could be one of those times ;)...But really, what I want to see from Vaughn are some longing stares, some painful glances, and I want it all to happen in front of Lauren! But, I don't know, maybe I'm being a little harsh ;) What do you think?


 Written Oct. 2003


Updated 4/5/04

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