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Review By Erin

ďSark Attack, Surgical Removal of Foot From MouthĒ

Sark, a millionaire AND a smokin hottie! It just doesnít get any better!! I for one, am so glad Sark is back! I missed that delish accent over the summer. Last season, I kind of enjoyed watching the chemistry between Sark and Sydney (has a little ring, donít you think). Then their were rumors of some family connection and I think that kind of killed the mood (cue lights back on). Know what I mean? I thought that Sark had some huge secrets he wasnít telling, now Sydneyís a murder?! Even still, there is one more twist that could prove to be fatal...She killed Sarkís Papa! I have to say, Alias never fails to keep you on your toes! I keep thinking, what in the world will be the next plot twist? Maybe the new Mrs. Vaughn has a little secret she likes to keep in the back of her shoe closet. How embarrassed were you for Sydney when she met Lauren Reed, after her confession to Dixon?! I think it might have been a good thing if Sydney to take a moment to have her foot surgically removed from her mouth. Iím sure the CIA would give her a little time off for recovery. Was it just me or didnít Lauren seem genuinely sympathetic to Sydney despite her admission of her ever still present feelings for Laurenís husband?! What do think? Until next time...



Updated 10/7/03

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