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Review By Erin

“Mrs. Vaughn”

 It just doesn’t get any more shocking than this episode of Alias. Despite the fact that we found out Vaughn was married and Sydney had been missing for two years, the shocker list goes on as the Season Three Premier rolls through. One particular shocking news still stuck in my head, even after the tape of Sydney killing the Russian diplomat was revealed....Vaughn married?!

Right then so many things went through my head, not all good, some of which I will fail to mention. Who was this woman?(secret thought: what was her address ;) What did she look like?(secret thought: pleasantly ugly? ;) Was she anything like Sydney?(secret thought: No way on God’s green earth ;) How long had Vaughn been married (secret thought: maybe it wasn’t too late to save him ;) Then I had a slight change of heart (secret thought: keyword being slight ;). Maybe I had passed judgement on her with the very mention of her name (secret thought: Mrs. Vaughn...ugh.) Maybe just maybe, I should wait and get to know her character a little. (secret thought: keyword being  poco;) But, despite my revelation, I will still admit, out loud...I secretly wished that maybe she was evil or some mysterious force would cause her to fall into an invisible crack in the Earth’s surface...But let’s just keep that between us ;) Until next time... 



Updated 10/1/03

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