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BlackAdder Episode Guide

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Short but sweet descriptions of each episode


The Foretelling (Edmund accidentally kills the king and becomes Prince)

The Queen of Spain's Beard (Edmund must marry a princess)

The Archbishop (The king has the archbishop killed so he can have all his land.)

Born to Be King (Edmund and his brother prepare for the king's return from Crusades and the St. Leonard's Day celebration.)

Witchsmeller Pursuivant (Edmund is accused of being a witch)

The Black Seal (Edmund gathers rogues together to take over the kingdom)


Bells (Edmund falls in love with his servant, a young girl dressed as a boy.)

Head (Edmund is forced to be royal executioner)

Potato (Edmund's bragging forces him to set sail with a legless captain)

Money (Edmund must find a way to get out of his debt to a murdering black bishop)

Beer (Edmund's rich religious relatives come for dinner the same night he and Melchiot have a drinking contest)

Chains (Edmund and Melchiot are kidnapped)


Dish and Dishonesty (Baldrick runs for Parliament)

Ink and Incapability (Edmund is disgusted that the prince wants to improve his mind with the help of Samuel Johnson.)

Nob and Nobility (Edmund is challenged by the prince and his friends to duplicate the efforts of the Scarlet Pimpernel, whom he despises)

Sense and Senility (a group of actors visit the Prince)

Amy and Amiability (Edmund tries to get the Prince to marry a rich girl)

Dual and Duality (Edmund must take the Prince's place in a dual with Wellington)

BLACKADDER IV (Blackadder Goes Forth)

Captain Cook (Edmund schemes to get out of battle by posing Baldrick as a gourmet chef)

Corporal Punishment (Edmund lies about communication problems to get out of advancing on the enemy.)

Major Star (Edmund hopes to go to Paris with the entertainment--Baldrick and George in drag)

Private Plane (Edmund and gang join the air corps to get women and avoid the real war)

General Hospital (Edmund tries to find the spy in the hospital)

Goodbyeee (The gang tries to get out of the Big Push)

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