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BlackAdder Cast List

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Who played Who on Blackadder?


The Blackadder - Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh Rowan Atkinson
Baldrick Tony Robinson
King Richard IV of England Brian Blessed
Percy Tim McInnerny
Harry, Prince of Wales Robert East
The Queen Elspet Gray
Narrator (voice) (uncredited) Patrick Allen


Lord Edmund Blackadder Rowan Atkinson
Lord Percy Percy Tim McInnerny
Baldrick Tony Robinson
Queen Elizabeth I Miranda Richardson
Lord Melchett Stephen Fry
Nursie (Bernard) Patsy Byrne
Prince Ludwig / Simon Partridge Hugh Laurie
Balladeer (in closing credits) Tony Aitken


Edmund Blackadder, Esq, Butler to the Prince Rowan Atkinson
Sod-Off Baldrick, A Dogsbody Tony Robinson
George, Prince of Wales, Prince Regent Hugh Laurie
Mrs. Miggins, A Coffee-Shoppe Keeper Helen Atkinson-Wood


Capt. Edmund Blackadder Rowan Atkinson
Pvt. S. Baldrick Tony Robinson
Gen. Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett Stephen Fry
Lt. the Honorable George Colhurst St. Barleigh Hugh Laurie
Capt. Kevin Darling Tim McInnerny
Driver Bob Parkhurst Gabrielle Glaister
  1. BLACKADDER: The Cavalier Years

Sir Edmund Blackadder Rowan Atkinson
Baldrick Tony Robinson
King Charles I Stephen Fry
Oliver Cromwell Warren Clarke
Narrator (voice) Harry Enfield
Roundhead with Cromwell (uncredited) Hugh Laurie
Person Shouting in Crowd (uncredited) Tim McInnerny

2.  BLACKADDER's Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Blackadder/ Lord Edmund Blackadder/ Edmund Blackadder, Esq./ Cmdr. Edmund Blackadder Rowan Atkinson
Baldrick Tony Robinson
Queen Elizabeth I/ Asphyxia XIX Miranda Richardson
Lord Melchett/Lord Frondo Stephen Fry
George, the Prince Regent/Lord Pigmot Hugh Laurie
Spirit of Christmas Robbie Coltrane
Queen Victoria Miriam Margolyes
Prince Albert Jim Broadbent
Nursie Patsy Byrne
Beadle Denis Lill
Mrs. Scratchit Pauline Melville
Lord Nelson Philip Pope
Millicent Nicola Bryant
Ralph Ramsay Gilderdale
Enormous Orphan David Barber
Enormous Orphan Erkan Mustafa
Enormous Orphan David Nunn
Boy (uncredited) Martino Lazzeri
Granny (uncredited) Barbara Miller

3.  BLACKADDER Back & Forth

Lord Edmund Blackadder/ King Edmund III/ Blackaddercus Rowan Atkinson
Sod-Off Baldrick/ Baldrickus Tony Robinson
Lady Elizabeth/ Queen Elizabeth Miranda Richardson
Viscount George Bufton-Tufton/ Georgius Tim McInnerny
Archdeacon Darling/Duc de Darling/Duke of Darling Hugh Laurie
Bishop Flavius Melchett/ Melchett/ General Melchecus/ Wellington Stephen Fry
Robin Hood Rik Mayall
William Shakespeare Colin Firth
Maid Marian/ Queen Marian Kate Moss
Nursie Patsy Byrne
Napoleon Simon Russell Beale
Royal Reporter Jennie Bond
Friar Tuck Crispin Harris
Will Scarlett (uncredited) Sacha Bennett

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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Updated 7/15/16 


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