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Season 1 Favorite Quotes

1st episode 12:00-1:00

Kim Bauer: What time are we meeting 'em?
Janet York: Midnight. We're late.
Kim Bauer: Yeah, they'll wait.
Janet York: What makes you say that?
Kim Bauer: Well, you told them I'm hot, right? And you’re hot, so they'll wait.
Janet York: Dan's a sophomore at San Diego State.
Kim Bauer: Yeah, you told me that.
Janet York: So is Rick.
Kim Bauer: And your point is?
Janet York: They're men, not boys.

Richard Walsh: There may be an element inside the Agency involved with the hit on Palmer.
Jack Bauer: WHAT!!!

Richard Walsh: If Palmer gets hit. The first African American with a real shot at the White House... It will tear this country apart.

Nina Meyers: One of these days you’re going to ask for too much.
Jack Bauer: I have a terrible feeling that today is going to be that day.

Kim Bauer: Do you surf?
Rick: Surfing is way too motivated. You got to get wet. Sharks. Got to call everyone dude. Why?

Jack Bauer: Ask Tony to do it.
Nina Meyers: He'll need a reason.
Jack Bauer: If he thinks he's doing it for me. Not if he's doing it for you.
Nina Meyers: I'm surprised you noticed.
Jack Bauer: I noticed.
Nina Meyers: You shouldn't have.

Sheri Palmer: Big old grumpy bear.

2nd episode 1:00-2:00

Tony Almeida: Jack!.........You want to tell me what is going on around here tonight?
Jack Bauer: What's going on? Besides a 747 blowing up out of the sky and a threat on a presidential candidate's life?
Tony Almeida: Yeah, besides that............Look, George Mason comes here, disappears in your office for a half hour then he limps out. What is that all about?

Kim Bauer: I'm serious, you two are toast.
Dan: She's giving me a headache, dude.
Rick: Just chill, okay!
Kim Bauer: You chill.

Kim Bauer: Dan, pull over, she's choking.
Dan: I don't care.
{Rick rolls down the window to let Janet breathe.}
Dan: Don't be a bitch, Rick.

Senator Palmer: Today’s going to be the second most important day of my life.
Sheri Palmer: And what would the first one be?
Senator Palmer: I think you know.
Sheri Palmer: Well, I still like to hear you say it, David.
Senator Palmer: All right. The most important day of my life...Was when I hit the game winning shot against DePaul in the final four.
Sheri Palmer: {smiles} You just lost my vote, senator.

Patty Brooks: Hey, heard you guys had a big turn out.
Keith Palmer: Oh yeah, it was pretty insane.
Senator Palmer: I thought I heard the sound of the young and the reckless generation.

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Quotes taken from the transcripts at http://www.twiztv.com

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