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Season Eight - Day 8: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Aired 5/24/10

Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) comes to terms with his fate in the climactic two-hour 24 series finale episode "2:00-4:00 PM" airing Monday, May 24 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

By Carrie

Cole is driving when he gets a phone call from Arlo.  Arlo informs Cole that Bauer killed Novakovich and six of his guards.  Cole wonders how Chloe will take the news.  Arlo and Cole both agree that the cover-up needs to be exposed.  Cole pulls up to the curb near Jamesí building.  James is inside, busily watching news reports of Russian President Yuri Suvarovís arrival.  James sees that Cole has entered the building.  James identifies the man as Agent Ortiz.  Cole blows open the doorís lock.   James is pointing a gun at the door.  Cole tells James to rethink shooting him.  Cole says that they need to find Jack.  James knows that Jack isnít thinking clearly.  Cole tells James that Jackís death will be on him if he doesnít cooperate. 

Chloe gets word that Reed was arrested.  Agent Burke asks why Cole is back in the field.  Chloe skirts around the issue.  Chloe calls Cole.  Cole relays that Jack is targeting Suvarov, since he was the one who gave the word to kill Renee Walker.  Chloe mentions that Meredith is in custody.  Both concur that they need concrete proof.  Chloe fears that Jason will kill Jack.  Cole doesnít want Suvarov to die.  Chloe tells Cole that he has one hour to locate Jack.  Cole says that heíll be arriving in ten minutes.

Jason and Logan have a brief conversation.  Logan plans on speaking to Suvarov.  Logan inquires about Jack, but there isnít any news.  Logan tells Jason that heíll be telling President Taylor everything.

President Allison Taylor and Tim Woods head to the meeting.  Logan calls Allison.  Logan blurts out that Jack is ďseeking retributionĒ.  Allison is horrified to learn that Novakovich is dead.  Allison worries what Suvarov will think.  Unbeknownst to Charles and Allison, Jack is listening in.  Logan insists that heíll fix the situation.  Allison is having second thoughts about the cover-up.  After the President leaves, Logan tells Jason that he came clean about Suvarovís involvement.  They shake hands.  Logan leaves in a vehicle.  Jason makes a phone call to Eden, who says that Jack is injured.  Jason gets into his vehicle.  Jason is unaware that Jack is sitting in the backseat.  Jack aims a gun at Pillar.  Jack orders Jason to drop his weapon.  Jack wants to go to the U.N.  Jason is shocked when Jack says he knows about Suvarov. 

The U.N. representative speaks to the public.  Allison and Dalia stand.  Kayla wants to talk to her mom.  Allison receives a gift from Dalia. Allison opens a box which holds a ballpoint pen.  Allison is teary-eyed as she thanks Dalia.  In private, Kayla divulges to Dalia that Reed called, claiming that the Russians were responsible for Omarís death.  Dalia is hesitant to believe Meredith.  However, Kayla thinks that it is legit.  Kayla gives Reedís phone number to Dalia.

After Chloe has changed Suvarovís route, Cole returns.  Cole still canít find Jack.  Chloe says that she doesnít have access to Reed.  Chloe has an idea.  Chloe reinstates Cole, and tells the agents that Agent Ortiz in back in charge.

Jason arrives at the U.N.  Jack crouches down in the backseat.  Jason drives into a parking garage where he is stopped by a security guard.  After showing the guard his ID, Jason makes his way into the garage.  Jack instructs Jason to stop the car and get out of it.  Jason is reluctant to cooperate.  Jack threatens to shoot Jason in the head.  Jason finally listens.  Jack has Jason close up his wound.  Jack blames Jason for the cover-up.  Jack makes it known that he is ďjudge and juryĒ.  Jason begs Jack not to kill him.  Instead, Jack knocks out Jason.  Jack grabs a bag from the trunk, and approaches a door.

Dalia tries calling Reed but thereís no answer.  Meredithís editor canít contact Meredith, either.  Dalia tells Kayla that she will be speaking with Allison.  Allison is in her office when Dalia shows up.  Dalia confides that she heard that the Russian government is involved in Omarís murder.  Dalia says that Reed contacted Kayla.  Allison relays that Reedís allegations were unfounded.   Dalia demands to speak to Meredith.  Allison admits that Reed is in custody.  Dalia is adamant that she wonít sign the peace agreement until she speaks to Meredith.  Dalia realizes that the President knew the Russians were involved and didnít say anything.  Dalia is appalled by Allisonís behavior.  Dalia screams at Allison.  Dalia is devastated that the President betrayed her.  Allison remains quiet.  Dalia wishes that Omar hadnít trusted President Taylor.  Dalia asks for Reed to be released.  Allison orders Dalia to stay.  Allison threatens Dalia, claiming she will tell everyone about the IRKís involvement in Hassanís assassination.  Dalia storms out of the room.

Jack walks through a hallway.  Jack puts two small cameras in a stairwell.  Jack goes to a utility room.  Jack looks out a window.  Jack sets up his laptop so he can see the stairwellís video feed.  Jack pulls out a gun.  Jack looks out at the plaza below.

Dalia and Jamot discuss their options.  Jamot doesnít think that Dalia has any choice but to sign the agreement.  Dalia plans on telling the truth.  Jamot fears that no one will believe them.  Dalia suggests ďreactivating their nuclear programĒ.  The phone rings.  Jamot answers it.  Jamot says that Suvarov will be arriving shortly.

Chloe manages to get a visual on Jack, courtesy of Arlo.  Chloe and Cole look at a photo of Jack watching from across the street.  Chloe says that she will go find Jack.  Cole hands a gun to Chloe.  Agent Burke is suspicious of Chloe.

Jack makes a recording, a message to his family.  Jack justifies his actions today.  Jack wishes that Renee was still alive.

Tim gets word of Suvarovís arrival.  Allison wonders if Dalia will show up.  Dalia and Jamot enter the area.  Dalia stands by Allison.  The motorcade pulls up.  Suvarov greets Allison, and shakes Daliaís hand.  Dalia doesnít want to have anything to do with Suvarov.

Chloe gets the building schematics from a tech. 

The press conference begins.  The U.N. rep introduces Presidents Taylor, Hassan, and Suvarov.

Cole talks to Burke.  Cole worries that Chloe hasnít called him back.

Chloe enters the building, looking for Jack.  Chloe hears a noise and heads down some stairs.  Chloe opens the utility room.  Jack grabs Chloeís gun.  Jack is mad that Chloe is interfering.  Chloe asks Jack to reconsider.  Jack grabs Chloe.  Chloe is knocked unconscious.

Suvarov talks to the media.  Logan watches the press conference.  Logan receives a call.  Itís Jack, not Jason.  Jack advises Logan not to move or heíll shoot.  Jack wants Logan to call Suvarov and get him to the suite.  Jack smiles.

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