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Season Eight - Day 8: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Aired 5/17/10

Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin, L) meets Dalia Hassan (Necar Zadegan, R) in the "1:00 - 2:00 PM" episode of 24 that aired Monday, May 17 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

By Carrie

Angela Nelson, the Presidentís Press Secretary, announces Kaninís resignation.  Angela praises former President Charles Loganís help with the peace agreement.  Logan is watching the news conference from his office.  An assistant informs Charles that his car is ready.  Charles gets a phone call from Jason, who has just arrived at the scene of the Russian assassinís murder.  Jason relays to Charles that Jack killed the assassin, and managed to get away.  Charles is disappointed to hear this.  Jason worries that Jack is out for vengeance.  Logan makes it clear that Jack needs to be stopped.

Jack and Meredith are walking through an alley.  Meredith is sickened that Jack killed the assassin.  Jack doesnít want to be questioned.  Jackís friend heads back to his place.  Jack tells Meredith that she should break the story if something happens to him.  Meredith is hesitant to trust Jack.  Jack reminds Meredith that Omar deserves better than this.  Jack dumps Meredithís cell phone as a precaution.  Meredith agrees to call her editor.

Dalia and Allison talk about the agreement.  The President introduces Dalia to Charles.  Charles gives his condolences.  Dalia thanks Logan for helping with the peace talks.  Logan asks to speak to Allison in private.  Dalia and Jamot head for the elevator.  Dalia tells Jamot that she believes in the President.  Nearby, Allison learns that Jack Bauer got away.  Allison canít believe that Charles didnít keep his promise.  Charles says that Jack managed to call Meredith Reed.  Allison is horrified.  Charles suggests calling Reedís publisher, claiming that the story has to be killed.  Allison doesnít like the idea.  Charles reminds Allison of the implications of the leak Ė the agreement will fall through, as well as possible prosecution charges.  Charles tells Allison that sheís a likeable president, and calls her a ďbeacon of righteousnessĒ.  Allison regrets listening to Charles in the first place.  Allison doesnít know what to do.  Charles asserts that the President needs to call the publisher as soon as possible.  Charles says that he needs to speak to the Russian president.

At CTU, Arlo and Chloe find a surveillance video from a warehouse across from the department store.  A man (the assassin) has been brutally stabbed and murdered.  Both concur that Jack had to be responsible for the manís death.  Arlo is able to identify Jackís friend as James, a Gulf War veteran.  However, the database is showing that James died years ago.  Chloe figures that James is using an alias.  Chloe worries that Eden is growing suspicious.  Chloe asks Arlo to find out Jamesí alias.

James calls Jack.  James is angry that Jack wasnít up front.  James doesnít want to get involved since Charles Logan, a former president, is involved.  However, James agrees to upload the route of Loganís car.  Jack thanks James, and asks him to erase all the evidence linking back to him.  Jack gets into a vehicle and speeds away.

The President is sitting in her office.  An assistant gives an aspirin to Allison.  Tim Woods enters the room.  Allison speaks of Reedís attempt to break an untrue story.  Allison demands that Tim make some calls to have the story stopped.  Allison stresses that the ďallegations are unfoundedĒ.  Tim is hesitant to censor the press.  Allison insists that Tim needs to do this.  Tim reluctantly agrees.

Jack pulls up in an alley.  Jack takes out a bag filled with a bullet-proof vest and a mask.  Jack enters a warehouse.

Gary, the editor, gets a call from Meredith.  Meredith asks Gary if he can speak freely.  Meredith blurts out that Omarís death was caused by the Russians.  Meredith mentions that she has proof given to her by Jack Bauer.  Meredith asks Gary to meet her at a diner in fifteen minutes.  Gary advises Meredith to keep quiet about their meeting.

Novakovich calls Logan, who is sitting in his vehicle.  Logan relays that the assassin was brutally killed by Bauer.  Logan reassures Novakovich that he doesnít have to worry.  Logan promises to find Jack.  Logan tells Novakovich that heíll be updated on the latest.

When Loganís car arrives at his destination, a man (Jack) starts shooting at the vehiclesí tires.  Everyone realizes that they are under assault.  The cars are boxed in.  Charles realizes it is Jack.  Charles asks one of the agents to shoot Jack but he canít.  Logan is scared.  Gunfire erupts.  Jack kicks one man in the face.  Jack manages to get to Loganís car.  Jack breaks the windshield.  Suddenly, gas enters Charlesí car.  Charles and the driver start coughing.  Logan opens the door to breathe.  Jack grabs Charles.  Jack escorts Logan to an empty room.

Arlo finds out Jamesí assumed name.  Chloe is informed that Jack kidnapped Charles Logan.  Chloe and Arlo are worried.  Eden alerts Jason to Charlesí kidnapping.  Jason is speechless.

Jason arrives at the scene of Charlesí kidnapping.  Guns are drawn as the agents approach the warehouse.  Logan is nowhere to be found.  Jason notices that a lock has been shot open.  Jason asks Eden to get him the schematics.  Chloe is listening in. 

In a room, Jack takes off his mask.  Jack accuses Charles of being involved since the assassin had Loganís phone number in his cell phone.  Charles maintains that the assassin was supposed to kill Jack, not Renee Walker.  Logan swears that he didnít have anything to do with Reneeís death.  Logan says that he was bluffing to keep the Russians at the table.  Logan denies being involved in the terrorist attack.  After some convincing, Charles gives up Novakovich.  Jack doesnít believe Charles.  Charles maintains that Novakovich kept calling him.  Jack and Charles hide so the men canít find them.  Charles fears that Jack will kill him.  Charles goes unconscious.  Jack hurries out of the area.  Jason comes across Charlesí body.  Jason instructs the agents to find Bauer.  Jason makes a call to get an ambulance to the location.  Jason wants to stay with Charles.

Arlo and Chloe are looking at Jamesí file.  Both wonder how they are going to get to James.  Chloe assumes that Jason will be suspicious.  Suddenly, Chloe has an idea.  Chloe gets stopped by Eden.  Eden points out that Cole canít be released into Chloeís custody.  Chloe says that Jason has bigger priorities to deal with.  Eden drops the issue.

At the diner, Meredith watches coverage of Omarís death.  An employee tells Meredith that she has a phone call from Gary.  Gary blurts out that the FBI has shown up.  Meredith fears that Gary spilled the beans.  Gary says that he wonít talk.  Gary wants Meredith to protect the video file, and leave the diner immediately.  Meredith listens to Garyís requests, and hurries out of the restaurant.

Chloe hands a release form to the guard.  Cole wonders whatís going on.  Chloe is vague about the latest on Jack.  Chloe tells Cole that he was right about Jack working with someone.  Chloe wants Cole to interrogate James.  Cole quickly agrees to talk to James. 

The driver calls Novakovich from the parking garage.  The plan is to pick up Novakovich in five minutes.  After the call, Jack takes the driver by surprise.  Jack aims a gun at the manís head.  The driver doesnít hesitate to tell Jack that Novakovich is on the eleventh floor.  The driver says that he will be meeting Novakovich at the elevator.  Jack shoots two guards.  Jack swipes a clearance card off one of the guards.  Jack notices that he has been stabbed.

Cole loads the back of the car.  Chloe canít believe that Cole is bringing an arsenal.  Cole maintains that the weapons might be necessary.  Chloe doesnít want Jack to die.  Cole is not sympathetic toward Jack, especially since he shot at Secret Service men.  Cole has no problem shooting Jack.  Chloe wants to be updated on the situation.

Kayla is in a conference room.  An assistant tells Kayla that there is a secure call from a woman.  Kayla answers the call.  It is Meredith.  Meredith wants to talk to Dalia.  Kayla has nothing to say to Meredith.  Meredith begs Kayla to listen.  Meredith mentions that the Russian government is to blame for Omarís death.  Meredith gives Kayla the number from the pay phone.  After the phone conversation, Meredith walks away from the pay phone.  FBI agents storm in.  Meredith is arrested.  An agent finds the file in Reedís purse.

Tim walks into Allisonís office.  Tim says that Reed is in custody and the file has been found.  Allison wants to be the only person to view the video file.

Logan is on a stretcher.  Charles talks to Jason.  Charles admits that he told Jack about Novakovich.  Jason makes a call to Novakovich.  All of the guards, including Novakovich, are dead.  One man, who is struggling to survive, answers Jasonís call.  The man informs Jason of the deaths, and accuses Jack of killing everyone.  The man says that Novakovich didnít tell Jack anything.  Jason informs Logan that Novakovich is dead.

Charles calls the Russian president, who is sitting in a limo.  Charles tells the man that Novakovich was killed by Jack Bauer.  It is revealed that the Russian president gave the order to have Renee killed.  Charles tells the president that no evidence can be traced back to him.  Unbeknownst to Logan, Jack is listening to this conversation because he left a transmitter on Charles.  Jack is badly injured.

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