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Season Eight - Day 8: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Aired 5/10/10

Ricker (guest star Michael Madsen) gets a visit from Jack in the "12:00 - 1:00 PM" episode of 24 that aired Monday, May 10 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

By Carrie

Cole is escorted by police to Danaís location.  An officer asks Cole about the identity of the dead woman.  Cole remains silent.  Cole finally admits that the woman is Dana Walsh.  Cole is sickened to find that Dana has been killed execution-style.  The officers are ordered to take Cole back to CTU.

In a taxicab, Jack watches Danaís video file.  Jack listens as Dana talks to the Russian assassin about killing President Hassan.  It is implied that Dana wants out after Hassan is dead.  After the video is finished, Jack calls his computer friend.  The man uploads the file onto his computer.  Jack asks his buddy to identify the man on the video.  His friend inquires about Dana but Jack says that sheís already dead.

Jason addresses the CTU staff.  Jason says that Jack Bauer is missing and it appears that Cole abetted Jack.  Jason wants any new info regarding Jack as soon as possible.  Chloe pipes up and asks about Danaís motives for going to a bank.  Jason ignores Chloeís question.  Jason makes it clear that Jack Bauer has lost his mind.  Chloe speaks to Arlo in private.  Chloe senses that Jack was right about a cover-up.  Arlo agrees somewhat with Chloe but doesnít want to go against the President.

Jack returns to his friendís location.  The computer tech speaks of the police scanners that are talking about Jack.  He tells Jack that he hasnít identified the assassin.  Jackís friend demands to know why Bauer is on the lam.  Jack finally comes clean about Reneeís death.  Jackís friend admits that he already identified the man Ė heís a Russian operative.  Jack wonders where the assassin is.  Jack says that he has to make a call.

Meredith Reed is back to work.  Meredith speaks briefly to her editor.  The editor comments that Meredith cared deeply for Hassan.  Meredith receives an urgent call from Jack.  Jack speaks of the Russiansí involvement in todayís attack.  Jack mentions that he has proof of a set-up.  Jack wants to meet with Meredith at a department store.  Meredith quickly agrees to meet.

Cole is brought into CTU.  Cole speaks with Jason.  Jason figures that Cole knows Jackís whereabouts.  However, Cole doesnít have a clue.  Cole asks why Jason is running things.  Jason announces that he is at CTU on the Presidentís behalf.  Cole accuses Jason of being part of the cover-up.  Jason isnít amused.  Jason tells Cole that Jack used him.  Jason makes some threats.  Eden, Jasonís assistant, interrupts and tells her boss that they have a lead on Jack.  Eden relays that a call was intercepted.  Cole remains quiet.  Jason orders Cole to be taken to Holding.  Jason speaks to Eden about the phone call.  Eden isnít sure if itís Jack.  Eden says that Meredith Reed was contacted by an unknown male.  Chloe glances at Arlo.

Novakovich and Charles Logan listen to the intercepted call between Jack and Meredith.  They both agree that Jack hasnít shown Meredith the proof yet.  Charles assumes that they can make the most out of this situation Ė extract the proof and kill Jack at the same time.  Charles thanks Jason for the ďmajor breakĒ.

Jason closes the blinds in his office.  Arlo and Chloe talk in private.  Chloe informs Arlo that somethingís up.  Chloe speaks of the call to Reed.  Chloe knows that the cell report was downloaded by Jason.  Chloe and Arlo concur that Jason is hiding something.  Chloe realizes that the plan is for Jack to be killed.  Chloe needs Arloís help.  Chloe wants access to Cole.  Arlo thinks it is impossible.  Chloe has an idea.  Chloe grabs a laptop from a drawer in the office.  Arlo looks at the feed of Cole in Holding.  Arlo advises Chloe to make it quick since she only has 90 seconds.  Chloe manages to get by Jason and Eden.  Chloe distracts the guard.  Arlo texts Chloe with the time frame.  Chloe enters the Holding room.  Cole maintains that he doesnít have any idea where Jack is.  In fact, Cole is outraged that Jack killed Dana at point-blank.  Cole believes that Jack is a bad guy.  Chloe begs Cole to help.  Cole blurts out that Jack must have a contact in the city.  Chloe thanks Cole for the insight.  Chloe calls Arlo.  Thankfully, Chloe isnít caught by anyone.  Chloe asks Arlo to pull up Jackís file.

A TV announcement is saying that the Russian president will be arriving shortly in the U.S.  Charles calls the Russian assassin.  The sniper is already positioned in the department store.  The man cannot see Jack.  The assassin inquires about Meredith Reed.  Charles gives the okay for Meredith to be shot.

President Taylor and Dalia Hassan are negotiating the peace agreement.  Allison is looking over Ethanís notes.  Allison appears distracted.  Dalia asks if the President is okay.  Allison leaves the area to speak to Charles.  Charles is happy to tell Allison that Jack has been found.  Allison wants to get back to negotiations.  Charles asks Allison to make a statement claiming that he played a pivotal role in thwarting todayís attacks.  Allison reluctantly agrees.

The assassin watches Meredith enter the store.  A few Russians are on the sales floor awaiting Jackís arrival.  Jason and Eden are speaking to the Russian.  Suddenly, the sniper sees Jack.  Before he can shoot, Jackís friend is pointing a gun in the Russianís back.  Jack senses that there are hostiles all around.  Gunfire erupts.  A few customers scream.  Meredith hides behind a clothing rack.  Jack grabs Meredith.  They manage to get out of the store.  Jack and Meredith run into his friend and the assassin.

Jason is furious that Jack managed to take the assassin hostage.  Jason realizes that Jack was onto them from the beginning.  Jason advises Charles to claim deniability.  Jason wants Logan to distance himself from Allison.  Charles doesnít like the idea since he wants all the credit.  Charles asks Jason to find Jack.  Jason relays the news to Eden.  Eden says that she stands by Jason.  Jason makes a call to have the storeís parameter be surrounded by the NYPD.

Arlo and Chloe canít find Jackís contact.  Arlo mentions that there was a shootout in a department store.  Chloe spots Jack among the crowd.  They realize that Jack and Meredith got away. 

Jack, Meredith, and the two men leave through a back entrance.  They cross the street and enter an abandoned building.  Jack riffles through the assassinís bag.  Jack is sickened to see a rifle.  Meredith blurts out that Jack used her.  Jack acknowledges that Meredith is right, but insists that he has proof.  Jack ties up the Russian.  Jackís friend escorts Meredith to another room.  Jack interrogates the assassin.  The assassinís answer Ė ďgo to hellĒ.  Jack smiles and says ďyou firstĒ.

Meredith watches the video file. 

Jack has pliers in his hand.  Jack tells the assassin that Renee was very special to him.  The assassin smirks.  It is obvious that the assassin killed Renee.  Jack puts the pliers in the manís chest.  He screams but remains quiet.  The man admits that he killed Renee.  Jack punches the manís face.  From the other room, Meredith tells Jackís friend that Bauer needs to stop torturing the Russian.  Jackís friend says nothing.

Jason arrives at the department store.  All the hostiles are dead.  None have proper identification.  Jason shows a picture of Jack to the customers.  Jason wants Jack shot on sight.

The assassinís face is bloody.  Jack wants to know who gave the order for Reneeís murder.  The man still wonít budge.  In fact, he spits in Jackís face.  Jack makes it clear that Renee didnít have to die.  Jack burns a hole in the Russianís chest.  Jack glances over at the manís cell phone.  Jack realizes that the man swallowed the SD card.  Jack opens up the manís stomach to retrieve the card.  The Russian assassin is dead.  Jack wipes off the card and inserts it into the phone.  Jack pulls up the manís phone contacts and dials the first number.  Jack listens to Charles Loganís voicemail.

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