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Season Eight - Day 8: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Aired 5/3/10

Jack (Kiefer Sutherland, L) confronts Cole (Freddie Prinze Jr., R) in the "11:00 - 12:00 PM" episode of 24 that aired Monday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

By Carrie

Dalia Hassan speaks to the world.  Dalia gives thanks to President Taylor.  Dalia speaks of the peace agreement and insists that the United States did everything to help her husband Omar.  Dalia makes it known that peace will prevail.  Dalia asks everyone to “come together”.  The audience claps.  Charles Logan is watching the news conference from another room.  Jason, Charles’ assistant, relays that Mark Bledsoe called – Dana won’t talk.  Charles gives the okay for Mark to use torture tactics on Dana.  Jason implies that Dana will be killed after she gives up the evidence. 

In the safehouse, Mark is pouring liquid on Dana’s face.  Mark taunts Dana.  Dana maintains that she doesn’t have any proof.  Dana is evasive.  Mark asks his men to gag Dana again.

Jack and Cole check the perimeter of the safehouse.  They see that there are a few hostiles guarding the exits.  Jack and Cole see an opening in an alley.  Jack tells Cole that he will release Dana once he gets the proof.  Cole doesn’t like it but Jack insists that they have to make a compromise.  Chloe calls Cole.  Cole lies and says that they are ten minutes away.  Chloe is saddened that Jack threatened her.  After the phone call, Cole asserts that Chloe wants the best for Jack.  Jack nods in agreement.  Cole is irritated to learn that Jack gave him a gun without ammo.  They head for the building.

From CTU, Arlo is leading the security operations for the press conference.  Arlo speaks to Chloe about Melissa Anderson, the woman who will be debriefing Jack. 

Up on the roof, Jack and Cole look around.  Jack notices that one of the doors is locked.  Jack sees a man nearby.  Jack and Cole create a diversion.  Cole throws a rock to get the man’s attention.  Jack takes the man by surprise.  The man is on the ground.  Jack and Cole find an open door and head down some stairs.  It is very quiet inside the safehouse.  Jack sees some men talking.  Jack and Cole want to draw the men outside.  Jack picks up a walkie-talkie and pretends to be the guard.  The men run outside.  Unit Four is missing.  Jack finds the radio controller and holds a gun to his head.  They run to Dana’s location.  Mark threatens to shoot Dana in the head.  Jack shoots Mark instantly.  Dana screams.  Cole unties Dana.  Gunfire erupts between Jack and the other men.  The three run through a corridor.  Jack advises Cole and Dana to go ahead.  Jack causes a distraction to get away.

Arlo informs Chloe that Jack has Cole hostage.  Chloe is speechless since she just talked to Cole on the phone.  Chloe realizes that Jack is heading for the safehouse.  Chloe wants Jack apprehended as soon as possible.  An APB is put out on Jack.  Chloe wants to contact the White House.

In the car, Dana asks Jack where they are headed.  Jack demands to know where the proof is.  Dana laughs when Jack suggests a deal – the evidence for Dana’s freedom.  Jack swerves the car and pulls to a stop.  Jack grabs Dana out of the car.  Dana begs Cole to help her.  After Jack threatens Dana’s life, she blurts out that the evidence is in a safety deposit box.  Dana reminds Cole that Jack is using him.  Cole pushes Jack to the ground.  Jack maintains that he was only bluffing about killing Dana.  They all get into the vehicle.

Dalia takes reporters’ questions.  One man asks about the support from the IRK.  Dalia feels that most of her nation’s people support the agreement.  President Taylor gets word about Jack.  Allison pulls Tim aside to talk about it.  Allison speaks to Charles.  Charles relays that Jack got to Dana.  Charles promises that he has a solution to their problem.  Charles says that they can still retrieve the evidence, but he needs CTU’s help.  Charles wants Jason Pillar to lead the mission.  Allison makes it clear that she won’t allow any more excuses.  Charles gives the okay to Jason.

In private, Charles speaks to Novakovich.  Novakovich congratulates Charles for continuing the peace talks.  Charles informs Novakovich that they have a serious problem – Jack Bauer will make Dana talk.  Novakovich suggests “deniability” and stresses that no one will believe Walsh.  Both agree that Jack needs to be found immediately and dealt with.  Charles fears that the President won’t get her hands dirty.  Novakovich says that he doesn’t have the manpower to find Jack.  Charles asserts that Jason will be leading the mission from CTU.  Novakovich’s assassin (the one who killed Renee) is present during this conversation.

Jack, Cole, and Dana arrive at the bank.  Jack will wait outside in the lobby.  Cole mentions that he has a friend that works at the bank.  Dana figures that Jack wants her dead.  Cole says that Jack was bluffing.  Dana knows that Jack is looking for vengeance.  Jack is watching from the lobby.  Jack sees Cole and Dana speak to a man.  Cole glances at Jack before moving to a private location.

At CTU, Arlo is looking at traffic cams.  There are no leads on Jack.  Chloe wants to contact NSA.  Jason Pillar arrives with a female associate.  Chloe is puzzled as to why Jason is there.  Jason explains that the President gave the word for him to run things at CTU.  Jason says that Chloe screwed up with Jack.  Jason knows that Jack wants to disrupt the peace talks.  Jason asks for he and the assistant to be updated on protocols.  Jason mentions that Jack will be listed as armed and dangerous.

At the bank, Jack is getting antsy.  In the private room, Dana sits down.  Dana laughs at the irony of the situation.  Cole doesn’t want Dana to talk about her past.  However, Dana rambles on about her prison sentence and how a Russian offered her a new identity.  Dana insists that she made a video file for leverage.  Cole says that he and Dana have no future.  Brian, Cole’s friend, walks in and gives Dana the box.  Cole says that he’ll open it.  Brian leaves the room.  Cole is sickened to see a gun inside.  Dana manages to trigger a device inside the box.  There is a tiny explosion which knocks out Cole.  Dana grabs her passport, the video file, and some money.  Dana strokes Cole’s cheek.  Before leaving the room, Dana makes a call to 911.  Dana states that Jack Bauer is standing outside the bank.

Arlo is notified of the 911 call.  However, there is no confirmation that it’s Jack.  Jason is irritated that his associate can’t get past the clearance protocols.  The woman manages to pull up the bank’s surveillance system.  Jack is spotted outside.  Jason calls Novakovich’s assassin and says he has Jack’s location.  Jason instructs the hitman to kill Jack while he’s in custody. 

The security guards trap Jack inside the bank.  Nonetheless, Jack manages to take one man hostage.  Jack shoots the other guard’s foot.  Jack quickly walks away and tells passerby to call an ambulance.  Jack spots Dana walking outside.  Jack follows after Dana.

The conference is over.  Dalia and President Taylor speak with Novakovich.

Dana shoots at Jack.  Dana goes into a building.  Dana takes off her shoes.  Jack is crawling on the floor to get a good shot at Dana.  Dana runs upstairs.  Jack throws his jacket.  Dana shoots but is out of bullets.  Jack has Dana trapped.  Jack worries that Dana has killed Cole.  Jack wants the proof now.  Dana grabs the video file from her pocket and puts it on the floor.  Jack approaches Dana.  Dana asks “what can I do?”  Jack looks at Dana and says “nothing”.  Jack doesn’t hesitate to shoot Dana.  Dana falls to the floor.  Dana is dead.  Jack grabs the file and leaves the building.

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