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Season Eight - Day 8: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Aired 4/26/10

Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) prepares to embark on a crucial mission

By Carrie

Jack is flying the helicopter.  Jack won’t listen to Chloe.  The other choppers are closing in.  Jack is ordered to turn around.  Jack swerves the helicopter but doesn’t land at CTU.  Jack is on top of the Cooper Building.  Jack gets out of the chopper and runs onto the roof.  Jack climbs down while NYPD cruisers pull up outside.  Jack enters the fire escape and quickly moves into an alley.  The police lose sight of Jack.  Jack blends in with the other passerby.  NYPD alerts Chloe to the fact that they have lost Jack. 

At CTU, Cole asks Chloe about Jack’s intentions.  Cole is irritated that no one can talk to Dana.  Chloe wonders if they can track Jack from CTU.

At the U.N., Ethan Kanin is making an important phone call.  Kanin is outraged that Jack Bauer wasn’t locked down.  President Taylor walks into the room.  Kanin updates Allison about Jack.  Allison fears that Jack will tell all about the Russians involvement in President Hassan’s death.  Kanin reminds Allison that she could be impeached if she stays quiet.  Kanin urges the President to tell the truth and give Dana Walsh immunity.  Allison doesn’t like the idea.  Allison wants to make sure that the peace agreement doesn’t dissolve.  Kanin feels that the incriminating evidence will show up sooner or later.  Allison begins to cry.  Kanin knows that Allison has had to make personal sacrifices to get where she is.  Kanin is fairly confident that they will have another shot at a peace treaty somewhere down the line.  The President tells Ethan that she will be setting up a press conference.  Kanin is thankful that Allison has changed her mind.  President Taylor leaves the room and heads for the elevator.  Allison runs into Charles Logan.  In private, Allison informs Charles that the peace treaty is over.  Charles expresses his disappointments.  The President says that she will be speaking to the nation.  Allison comments that she will have to apologize to Dalia Hassan.  Charles implies that the proof can be taken care of.  Logan offers to have a private firm help them with the problem.  Charles brings up Dana Walsh.  Logan figures that Dana will speak one way or the other.  Logan suggests “physical coercion” which makes the President cringe.  Logan knows that torture is “immoral” but insists that it’s necessary.  Logan asks Allison to reconsider her position. 

At CTU, Arlo is looking at an old feed of Jack.  Arlo alerts Cole.  The President calls Chloe.  Allison wants to know if Jack has been located.  Allison assumes that Jack will make his way back to CTU to interrogate Dana.  Allison wants to move Dana.  Chloe maintains that Dana is heavily guarded at CTU.  Allison is adamant that a private security firm will be picking up Dana – as a precaution.  Chloe doesn’t like it but keeps quiet.  After the phone call, Charles tells Allison that she is making the right call.

Jack buys a new cell phone and then calls Chloe.  Chloe begs Jack to come back to CTU.  Jack wants access to Dana.  Chloe says that she can’t help Jack.  Jack insists that the President is allowing a cover-up.  Chloe feels like Jack is threatening her.  Chloe asks Jack to surrender himself.  Chloe demands to know what Jack will do if he finds the evidence.  Jack’s answer – “expose them”.  Chloe blurts out that Dana will be transferred soon.

A phone is ringing in a warehouse full of computer equipment.  The man answers.  On the other line is Jack.  Jack needs help; he wants some weapons.  The man doesn’t want to get involved.  However, Jack says that he owes him.

Mark Bledsoe arrives at CTU.  Mark calls Logan’s assistant and asks about Dana.  Mark wants to know what should be done with Walsh once she talks.  It is implied that Dana will die.  Mark is introduced to Chloe.  Chloe leads Mark and his team to Dana.  However, Chloe asks to see the release order.  Mark is annoyed but finally produces it.  Chloe glances at Mark’s PDA which clearly shows the order.  Chloe is able to transfer the information to her phone.  When Dana sees Mark, she asks Chloe what is going on.  Dana yells for Jack but he isn’t there.  Afterwards, Chloe is reluctant to call Jack.  Chloe ends up phoning Cole.  Chloe gives him an update about Dana’s transfer.  Chloe wants to bring in Jack.  Cole wonders if Jack is right about the President.  Cole tells Chloe that he’ll look for Jack.

Jack’s friend answers the door.  Jack is frantic to know if the man has the supplies ready.  The man inquires about Jack’s predicament.  Jack doesn’t answer.  Jack calls Chloe.  Chloe is having the phone call traced.  Chloe gives Jack the false location of Dana.  Jack writes down the address and thanks Chloe.

Cole gets to the fake location.  The other agents insist that the area needs to look “credible”.  Cole is resolute that he’s running the show.  Chloe pipes in that everyone should use “nonlethal force”.  Cole can’t promise that.

Allison is busy signing a statement.  Ethan walks in.  Allison sadly informs Kanin that she has changed her mind about the peace deal.  Allison adds that Dana will be moved so Jack can’t get to her.   Kanin thinks that Allison has lost her mind.  Kanin is against any torture tactics.  Kanin figures that Charles suggested this.  Allison maintains that she came to this conclusion herself.  Kanin surprises Allison when he says he will be resigning.  Allison feels like Ethan is abandoning her.  Ethan makes it clear that he is “listening to his conscience”.  Ethan walks out.

Dalia Hassan is working on her speech.  General Jamot speaks briefly to Dalia.  Kayla interrupts.  Dalia says that she is ready for the press conference.  Kayla fears that her mom will be killed.  They hug.

Jack shows up at the site.  Jack sees one man guarding the entrance.  Jack speaks to Chloe.  Chloe tells Cole that Jack is nearby.  Cole says that the team is ready.  Jack loads his gun and hides a bag.  Jack doesn’t see any hostiles.  Jack hits an agent and carries his body inside.  Jack takes Cole and his men by surprise.  Jack asks everyone to drop their weapons.  Cole can’t believe that Jack knew this was a set-up.  Jack says that he knows how Chloe operates.  Jack advises Cole to tell Chloe that the lockdown was a success.  Chloe feels bad about the situation.  After Cole ties up the other agents, Jack asks him to sit down.  Jack needs Cole’s help with getting access to Dana.  Jack is certain that the Russians are involved with the assassination.  Jack hands a gun to Cole.  Cole reluctantly agrees.  Jack says that Cole will be his hostage.

Charles is watching news reports.  Ethan walks in.  Charles mentions Kanin’s resignation.  Kanin blames Charles for changing the President’s mind.  Ethan wants to “stop this cover-up”.  Kanin warns that Charles better not hurt Allison.

Dana is brought into an abandoned building.  Mark asks about the proof.  Dana swears that she doesn’t have any.  Mark takes off his jacket.  Dana starts to panic.

Dalia speaks to the President and thanks her for the support.

The President addresses the nation.  Allison is sad over Hassan’s death.  Kanin stops to watch the press conference.  Allison promises that “peace will prevail – no matter the cost”.

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