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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Aired 4/19/10

Dana (Katee Scakhoff) prepares to be questioned by Jack

By Carrie

Jack is staring at Renee’s dead body.  A technician tells Jack that Renee needs to be moved.  Jack doesn’t want to leave the room.  The woman asks if Jack is Renee’s husband.  Jack nods no.  The woman inquires about Renee’s next-of-kin but Jack doesn’t have an answer.  Jack and the technician walk slowly down the hospital corridor.  She gives Jack a clean set of clothes.  Jack thanks the woman.  Jack sits down and watches in horror as Renee’s body is wheeled out of the OR room.  Jack breaks down into tears.  Suddenly, Jack’s phone rings.  It’s Chloe, who offers her condolences.  Jack demands to know who killed Renee.  Jack asks about the EMT’s identity.  Chloe is hesitant to say but finally blurts out that the sniper has connections to the Russian mob syndicate Red Square.  Jack realizes that there is a link to Sergei Bazhaev.  Chloe relays to Jack that she has taken over for Brian.  Jack wants to interrogate Bazhaev but Chloe doesn’t like the idea.  Finally, Chloe relents and tells Jack that Bazhaev is at the federal courthouse being arraigned.

Ethan returns to the U.N.  President Taylor can’t believe Ethan is ready to resume his duties.  Allison says that she has already contacted Charles Logan.  Ethan is shocked.  Ethan asks about Logan’s upcoming meeting with Novakovich.  Allison admits that she doesn’t know any details.  Allison comments that she and Logan came to an agreement – “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

Logan and Novakovich meet at a restaurant.  Novakovich says that he is sorry for Hassan’s death.  Logan wants Novakovich to be honest.  Logan asks the waiter for an espresso.  Novakovich figures that Charles is there on the President’s behalf.  Novakovich says that the peace agreement has fizzled out.  Logan implies that he has information that ties Novakovich to today’s terrorist attacks.  Novakovich isn’t happy with Charles.  Logan threatens to tell Allison everything if Novakovich pulls out of the peace agreement.  Charles asks Novakovich for his decision.  Logan says that he will be meeting with President Taylor.  Logan reminds Novakovich that he’ll tell the President if he doesn’t comply.

Bazhaev’s arraignment begins.  Bail is revoked.  Jack hobbles in and takes a seat.  Sergei notices that Jack is there.  Bazhaev’s attorney asks the judge to be lenient but bail is still denied.  Bazhaev wants to speak to Jack.  There is a short recess.  Sergei senses that Jack is irritated about something.  Sergei asks Jack to stay away from his family.  Jack announces that Renee Walker is dead, and Red Square is responsible.  Sergei says that he didn’t order the hit.  Jack threatens to kill Bazhaev’s family if he doesn’t talk.  Finally, Sergei blurts out that the Russian government is behind the attacks.  Jack wants names but Sergei doesn’t have them.  However, Sergei says that CTU analyst Dana Walsh helped the Russians.  Bazhaev is led out of the courtroom.

Logan is in a limo with his assistant Jason.  The President calls Logan.  Allison informs Logan that Novakovich called, and that he’ll be there in five hours to discuss the peace agreement.  Allison thanks Logan for getting through to Novakovich.  Ethan pipes in.  Ethan asks Logan what he said to convince Novakovich to continue with the peace talks.  Logan is evasive with the details.  Logan reminds Allison that it’s a “victory” nonetheless.  Logan tells the President that he’ll be arriving soon.

Jack calls Chloe from outside the courthouse.  Chloe notes that Bazhaev’s family will be put into federal custody.  Jack announces that the Russian government is responsible for Renee’s death.  Jack says that Dana knows something.  Jack plans on going to CTU to interrogate Dana.  Jack hails a cab. 

At CTU, Chloe speaks to Cole.  Chloe mentions that Jack will be questioning Dana.  Chloe needs backup so she asks Cole to help Jack.  Cole eagerly agrees to assist Jack.  Chloe thanks Cole.

Logan’s limo pulls into the U.N.’s parking garage.  Jason gets a private call.  Logan doesn’t like the look of his security men.  Jason relays to Logan that Jack Bauer is a problem.  Jason says that Jack is at Bazhaev’s arraignment, and that Bauer knows about Dana Walsh.  Logan makes it clear that Jack needs to be stopped.  Jason adds that Renee Walker was killed in Jack’s apartment, hinting that Bauer is seeking revenge.  Logan is adamant that Allison cannot know about the Russians’ involvement.  Jason asks Logan to reconsider since there is no other option.  Logan won’t allow Jack to butt in since he almost destroyed his life once before.

Jack returns to CTU.  Chloe says that she’s sorry about Renee.  Chloe and Cole look at a live feed coming from the interrogation room.  Chloe tells Jack that he can’t kill Dana.  Jack insists that he’ll only be asking questions.  Jack enters the interrogation room.  Jack bluntly asks who killed Renee.  Dana is genuinely shocked that Renee’s dead.  Dana apologizes for Renee’s death but insists that it was a “mistake”.  Jack slaps Dana repeatedly.  Finally, Dana says that she knows who ordered the hit.  Jack wants names and proof.  Dana tells Jack that she’ll only talk if she has an immunity deal.  Jack warns that he’ll come after Dana is she’s lying to him.

The President and Dalia Hassan are walking down the hallway.  Allison tells Dalia that her appointment was well-received by everyone.  Dalia thanks Allison.  Ethan interrupts and says that Charles Logan wants to see Allison.  In the President’s office, news reports are showing the Dalia will be the next president of the IRK.  Allison and Kanin walk in.  Logan orders everyone else to leave the room.  Logan says that Jack Bauer needs to be taken care of.  Logan informs Allison and Ethan that Renee’s dead and Jack will be interrogating Dana Walsh.  Allison is saddened by the news of Renee’s passing.  Logan advises Allison to “lock Bauer down”.  Allison demands to know what’s going on.  Logan sadly relays that the Russian government is behind Hassan’s assassination.  Allison and Ethan are outraged that Logan kept quiet.  Charles says that the President needs to continue with the peace talks.  Ethan thinks that Logan is crazy.  Ethan believes that the peace talks can’t go on since the Russians played a part in Dalia’s husband’s death.  Allison is hesitant to decide.  Logan reminds Allison that it is “now or never”.  Allison receives word that Jack has called, inquiring about Walsh’s immunity deal.  Allison says that she will have to call Jack back.  Logan urges Allison to make the right choice.  Allison suddenly announces that she is going to CTU to speak to Jack in person.

Chloe talks to Jack.  Chloe tells Jack that they can finish Dana’s interrogation.  Jack is resolute that he’ll be seeing this through himself.  Arlo walks in and says that the President wants to talk to Chloe.  Chloe finds out that Allison is coming to CTU.  Chloe speaks briefly to Jack about the President’s visit.  Chloe greets Allison.  They shake hands.  Allison praises the CTU staff for a job well done.  Jack is listening from Chloe’s new office.  In private, Allison speaks to Jack.  Allison gives her condolences.  Allison tells Jack that he needs to “stand down”.  Jack doesn’t understand.  Allison insists that Jack can’t interrogate Dana any further bec ause the peace agreement needs to continue.  Jack maintains that the Russians cannot be trusted.  Since there is no credible proof that the Russians are involved, Allison wants to keep them at the table.  Jack is outraged.  Allison says that Dalia will be replacing Omar and the peace talks will continue.  Jack says that he wants justice.  Allison answers by saying that she wants peace.  Allison informs Jack that he will be escorted to an airbase where he’ll be debriefed.  Allison apologizes to Jack.  Jack leaves the office.  Chloe hands Jack a box of his personal belongings.  Jack and some agents leave on the elevator.

Chloe speaks to Allison.  The President instructs Chloe to keep Dana locked down until further notice.  Chloe inquires about Jack.  Allison says that Jack will be going to an airbase.  Chloe thinks it is best for them to question Dana again.  However, Allison thinks that Dana is a sociopath.  Allison is thankful that the peace talks will go on.  President Taylor tells Chloe that CTU will be the ones in charge of airtight security.  Allison comments that Tim Woods speaks highly of Chloe.  After the President leaves, Chloe talks to Cole.  Cole is mad that no one can get access to Dana.  Chloe says that CTU is needed for the security at the U.N.

The President gets into the limo.  The limo leaves CTU’s parking garage.

Arlo can’t believe that the President has stopped Dana’s interrogation.  Chloe is in charge of making sure that Jack gets on the chopper.  Arlo and Chloe watch a live feed of the helicopter.  Jack is told that he’ll be flown to the airforce base.  The agent apologizes for the inconvenience.  Jack tells the agent to drop his weapon.  Jack has a gun in his hand.  Jack orders everyone to stay away from the chopper.  Chloe realizes that something is wrong so she runs to the landing strip.  Chloe yells at Jack to reconsider but he’s already in the helicopter.  Chloe alerts security.  Jack isn’t listening to Chloe.  Chloe says that the FAA needs to be alerted.  Jack flies away in the helicopter.

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