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Season Eight - Day 8: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Aired 4/12/10

Former President Charles Logan (guest star Gregory Itzin) returns to meet with President Taylor in the "8:00 - 9:00 AM" episode of 24 that aired Monday, April 12 on FOX

By Carrie

President Taylor is crying in her office when she receives a phone call from Jack Bauer.  Jack apologizes for the failed mission, but insists that President Hassan was dead before they entered the room.  Allison makes it clear that it isnít Jackís fault.  Jack urges Allison to keep the peace agreement alive.  Allison fears that the agreement canít happen without Omar.  Allison tells Jack that she needs to make a statement to the press.

Samir is unconscious.  An agent tells Cole that Samir will survive his wounds.  Cole and the agent leave Samir alone with an EMT.  The EMT sticks a syringe in Samirís neck.  The man bumps into Renee on the stairwell.  Renee senses that she knows him but doesnít say anything.  Renee checks on Jack.  Jack updates her about the peace treaty.  Renee reminds Jack that he isnít to blame for what happened.  Cole asks Jack and Renee if theyíll be returning to CTU.  Jack says that he and Renee will be going to his apartment.  Jack inquires about Samir.  Cole says that Samir will live.  Jack wishes Cole good luck.

The President intends on meeting with her delegates before the press conference.  News stations are reporting Hassanís death.  Mikhail Novakovich, the Russian delegate, speaks briefly to Jamot, the Minister of the IRK.  Jamot asks to talk to Allison before the meeting.  Allison declines but finally agrees to speak to the Minister.

The fake EMT calls Novakovich and informs him that Samir is dead.  Novakovich wants to make sure that there is no connection traced back to him.  The man relays that Renee Walker might have recognized him.  The man says that Renee worked with Vladimir Laitanan, and is now involved with Jack Bauer.  The man implies that Renee and Jack should be taken out.  Novakovich thinks it is a bad idea.  However, Novakovich tells the hitman to follow them, and heíll keep in touch.

Dalia and Kayla Hassan speak to Allison.  Allison hugs Dalia.  Allison gives her condolences.  Dalia insists that Allison did all she could to locate Omar in time.  Jamot speaks warmly of Daliaís husband.  Kayla asks if the terrorists have been found.  Allison promises that Samir Mehran will be brought to justice.  Jamot wants to speak to Dalia and Allison in private.  Kayla leaves the room.  Allison brings up the future of the IRK.  Jamot suggests that Dalia fill Omarís position as president.  Dalia thinks it is a ridiculous idea.  Nevertheless, Allison agrees with Jamot since Dalia is well-favored by the IRK people.  Dalia doesnít want to commit so quickly.  Dalia talks of her failed marriage to Omar.  Allison understands where Dalia is coming from.  Dalia decides that she will act as IRKís president.  Allison is relieved to hear this.  Allison tells Tim that Dalia agreed to Jamotís suggestion.  Allison wants to return to the U.N.

Cole returns to CTU.  Cole tells Chloe that Jack and Renee arenít returning to CTU.  Tim calls Chloe.  Chloe is surprised that Tim wants to speak to her.  Tim relays that the peace agreement is moving forward.  Chloe doesnít understand.  Tim wants to know if CTU can take care of security details.  Tim informs Chloe that Brian will be fired from his post, and Chloe will be the one in command.  Chloe maintains that Brian isnít at fault for what happened to Omar Hassan.  Tim insists that the decision is final.  Tim says that heíll keep in touch.  Chloe walks upstairs to Brianís office.  Chloe knocks on the door.  It is clear that Brian has already received word of the firing.  Brian says that he is to blame because he hired Dana Walsh.  Brian and Chloe go over protocols.

Renee and Jack return to his apartment.  Renee sees a picture of Jackís granddaughter, Teri.  Renee tells Jack that she wonít hold him to any promises he made.  They kiss, and head for the bedroom.  Unbeknownst to them, across the street, an old man is knifed in the chest by the Russian hitman.  The man looks out the window and sees Jack and Renee kissing.  The sniper sets up his gun.

Allison gives her briefcase to the presidential aide.  Novakovich walks in, clearly upset.  Novakovich is outraged that Dalia Hassan will be replacing her husband.  Allison explains that Dalia will go through an emergency parliament meeting.  Novakovich believes that things will only get worse.  Allison disagrees.  Allison threatens to call the Russian president.  Novakovich reassures Allison that there isnít a need for that.  Novakovich leaves the office.  Allison wants to talk to Kanin. 

The doctor speaks to Ethan.  Ethan is thankful that he can resume his duties but the doctor is reluctant to answer.  Allison shows up and speaks of Omar.  Ethan thinks it is a great idea for Dalia to fill Omarís role.  Allison needs Ethanís help.  Ethan can think of only one person to talk to Ė former President Charles Logan.  Allison cringes at the suggestion.  Kanin says that Logan is very close to Russian officials.  Kanin urges Allison to at least hear Logan out.

Brian briefs everyone at CTU.  Brian says that he is proud of his staff, and sadly informs them of his resignation.  Brian introduces Chloe as the new Director.  Chloe and Brian briefly speak.  Brian says that Chloe can call him anytime if she has questions.  Chloe gets a call from Cole.  Samir is in cardiac arrest.  Chloe says that sheís on her way.  In the meantime, Samir is flatlining.  The doctor tells Cole that Samir cannot be revived.  Chloe is sickened to see that Samir died.  Chloe wants an autopsy done.  Chloe tells Cole that sheíll be in her new office.

Jamot is speaking to Dalia when Kayla walks in.  Jamot gives Kayla his condolences.  Jamot says that heíll see Kayla at the U.N.  Kayla wonders whatís going on.  Dalia announces that sheíll be filling in for Omar.  Kayla is saddened by the news.  Kayla fears that it is a ďdeath sentenceĒ for Dalia.  Dalia tells Kayla that they need to stick together.

The President speaks to Tim.  There are already reports that Russia is pulling out of the agreement.  Allison meets with Logan in a private room.  Logan introduces Allison to his executive assistant, Jason.  Allison asks Jason to leave the room.  In private, Allison and Logan speak about the peace agreement.  Logan makes it clear that the Russians donít want Dalia as acting IRK president.  Allison remembers how Logan betrayed his country.  Logan says that he can speak to the Russians because he has ďleverageĒ.  Logan adds that Allisonís administration wonít be affected by his actions.  Logan apologizes for his past behavior.  Allison agrees to let Logan speak to Novakovich.  Allison reminds Logan that she better not regret this.

After making love, Jack suggests getting Renee something to drink.  Renee looks at the scars on Jackís back.  Jack heads for the kitchen.  The sniper is watching from a distance.  Jackís phone rings.  Renee answers it because itís Chloe.  Chloe relays that Samir died due to a poison in his bloodstream.  Renee recalls the strange man on the stairwell.  Renee thinks that she remembers the man from her undercover days in the Russian mob.  While Chloe checks Reneeís case files, there is a gunshot.  Renee is hit in the chest.  Jack runs to Renee.  The sniper keeps shooting until Jack gets Renee out of the apartment.  Jack carries Reneeís body through the building and yells for someone to call 911.  Jack and Renee get into a taxi.  The sniper runs outside but canít get a clear shot of Jack.  Jack tells Renee that she has to survive.  Renee is not coherent.

Chloe makes a frantic call.  Arlo senses that something is wrong with Chloe.  Chloe wants to look back at the video feed from Jackís apartment.

Jack and Renee get to the hospital.  Renee is rushed into the OR.  Jack is freaking out.  Jack sits down and patiently waits word about Renee.  Chloe calls and inquires about Renee.  Chloe says that the sniper was at an office across the street from Jackís apartment building.  Chloe sadly informs Jack that they lost the suspect.  Chloe relays what Renee said on the phone Ė that the EMT looked familiar.  Suddenly, the OR surgeon walks into the lobby.  It is clear that itís bad news.  The surgeon tells Jack that Renee couldnít be revived.  Jack is devastated.  Jack starts sobbing at the sight of Reneeís lifeless body. 

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