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Season Eight - Day 8: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Aired 4/5/10

Cole (Freddie Prinze Jr.) goes after Dana whe she tries to escape CTU in the "7:00 - 8:00 AM" episode of 24 that aired as the second part of a special two-hour episode Monday, April 5

By Carrie

At CTU, Dana is continuing to act strange.  The security guard insists that Dana canít leave the building without getting the okay from Brian.  Dana lies and says that there is medication in her car.  The guard offers to get the meds but Dana doesnít like the idea.  Dana is irritated that she canít leave.

Chloe manages to get a feed of the blue car leaving the parking garage.  A woman with a blonde wig was driving.  Brian wants an APB out on the car. 

The President is told that Omar is still alive, that Hassan was switched to another vehicle in the garage.  Allison is relieved but wonders if the terrorists have ďanother agendaĒ.  Allison tells Dalia and Kayla the news.  They are thankful that Omar isnít dead.  A foreign Prime Minister wants to speak to Allison.  In private, Allison tells the man that they are doing everything they can to locate Hassan.  The Prime Minister wants details but Allison is evasive.  He mentions that the peace agreement will fall through.  Allison doesnít like to be undermined by anyone.

Renee returns to CTU.  Renee talks to Chloe.  Renee brings up that CTU has been compromised.  Chloe isnít surprised because there was a computer glitch earlier.  Renee theorizes that they can get a cell phone number off of Tarinís phone.  Jack gets a call from Chloe.  Jack sends her the info from Tarinís phone but itís encrypted.

Dana interrupts Brian in his office.  Dana asks to use Brianís computer.  Brian allows it.  Chloe calls Brian.  Chloe asks Brian to come to her desk.  Renee tells Brian about the traitor at CTU.  While they are decrypting the data, Brian notices that the number is from one of the NSAís cell phones.  Chloe looks at a log sheet and confirms that itís Danaís phone.  However, Dana isnít in Brianís office anymore.

Dana tries to get by the guards but thereís an alert.  Dana doesnít hesitate to shoot the guards.  Brian wants medical personnel to attend to the injured.  Cole asks whatís going on.  Cole canít believe that Dana is working with the terrorists.  Dana runs to the parking garage.  Dana reloads her gun and manages to get to her car.  Cole starts shooting at Danaís car.  Dana crashes her car.  Cole pulls Dana out of the vehicle and threatens to shoot her.  Brian shows up and instructs Cole to let Dana go.  Brian asks where Omar is located.  Dana will only speak to Jack Bauer.  Cole is horrified.

Brian speaks to Cole about Danaís true identity.  Cole confirms that Dana is really Jenny Scott.  Cole talks about Kevin Wade but leaves out that heís dead.  Cole says that he has been trying to protect Dana but had no idea that she was mixed up with terrorists.  Cole apologizes to Brian.  Cole asks if he can make it up to Brian.  Cole is ordered to the Debriefing room.

Renee tells Jack that Dana Walsh is the traitor.  They theorize that Dana is working with someone else.  Jack says that he gave the President his word to finish this.  Dana taunts Jack in the Interrogation room.  Jack isnít amused so he grabs Danaís throat.  Dana asks for full immunity for info on Omar.  Dana says that Omar will be ordered to make a statement.  Dana wants Jack to run the mission but adds that Bauer is running out of time.  Brian and Chloe canít find any deception in Danaís readings.  However, Jack knows that Dana is hiding something.  Jack wants to call the President.

The blue car pulls up to an apartment building.  A man is standing outside.  The man approaches the car.  He and the woman open the trunk.  Omar is escorted into the building.  Omar is brought to a dark room where Samir is waiting.   Samir badmouths Omar; he says that Hassan is a traitor.  Samir says that he met Omar a long time ago.  Strangely, Omar remembers him.  However, Samir isnít impressed.  Samir makes it clear that Omar will give his statement.  Samir produces a syringe.  A man sticks the syringe into Omarís neck.

The President looks at Danaís immunity documents.  Allison wonders who Dana Walsh really is.  After signing the papers, Allison checks in on Ethan.  Ethanís doing better; the doctors are running tests.  Ethan asks about Omar.  Allison says that CTU is doing everything they can to find Hassan.  Allison speaks of Danaís guilt.  Allison wants to know if Omarís successor will be a supporter of the peace agreement.  Ethan is pessimistic about the whole thing.  Ethan believes that there will be no peace without Omar.

Chloe talks to Arlo.  They canít believe that Dana is working with the terrorists.  Nevertheless, Arlo says that Dana has been acting strange lately.

Cole is writing his statement.  Brian tells Cole that Dana will receive full immunity.  Cole is outraged since Dana is a traitor.  Brian tells Cole to let it go.  Brian says that Cole should go help Jack.  Brian gives Cole his gun back.

Dana tells the CTU team about Samir Mehran.  Dana explains that six men remain of Samirís.  A blueprint of an apartment building is put up on the screen.  Dana maintains that Omar is being held above the first floor somewhere.  Brian advises the guard to secure the prisoner.  Dana glances at Cole before being escorted out of the room.

Omar sits in silence until he is hit by one of Samirís men.  Omar falls to the floor.  The man picks up Omar.  Samir wants Omar to speak in front of the camera.  Omar refuses.  Omar is tasered in the chest.  Since Omar wonít comply, Samir advises that Hassan get another injection.  One of the men thinks that itís a bad idea.  Suddenly, Samir says that heíll speak for Omar.

The tactical team is on its way to the apartment building.  Dalia and Kayla wants to talk to the President.  Allison isnít sure if Omar is still alive.  Allison heads for the situation room to watch the live internet feed of Omar Hassan.  A man (Samir) is speaking off-camera. 

At CTU, Chloe thinks that the apartment is an east-facing one, judging by the natural light coming through a window.  Two lookouts are spotted on the roof.  Chloe patches the information on to Jack.  They assume that Omar is on the fourth floor.  Brian tells Jack to hurry because Omar will be executed soon.  Jack briefs his team.  Jack tells them to ďsilence their weaponsĒ.  Jack wants the terrorists taken by surprise.  Jack asks for Reneeís help.  Renee agrees to assist Jack. 

The men on the roof are killed.  Jack gets the okay to proceed into the building.  They enter through a back entrance.  A terrorist is smoking a cigarette on the stairwell.  Jack shoots him.  Using a sound wave analyzer, Jack and Renee confirm what apartment Omar is in.  Jack picks the lock and slowly enters the apartment.  A young girl is sitting on the couch, drawing a picture with crayons.  A woman (the driver of the blue car) suddenly enters the room.  The young girl panics.  Jack escorts the girl out of the front door.  Jack reenters the apartment.  Jack finds a secret compartment in a closet.  Renee shoots the woman before she can grab her gun (which is hidden in the couch).  Renee follows Jack into the secret room.  Jack shoots the terrorists.  However, it is clear that Omar is dead.  Omarís throat was cut before they entered the room; the feed was pre-recorded.  Jack and Renee are horrified.

The President is crying when she sees Omarís execution online.  Allison wants to call CTU and find out what happened.  Allison sadly informs Dalia and Kayla that they ďwere too lateĒ.  Dalia and Kayla start crying when they realize that Omar is dead.

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