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Season Eight - Day 8: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Aired 4/5/10

Renee (Annie Wersching) talks to Jack about the possibility of a mole working inside CTU in the "6:00 - 7:00 AM" episode of 24 that aired as the first part of a special two-hour episode Monday, April 5

By Carrie

Ethan is unconscious in his office.  Rob is frantically checking his watch.  Rob leaves the room and locks the door.  Rob heads for the situation room.  Rob glances at the General, who is busy making calls.  Rob tells the General that Kanin will die if they donít get him medical treatment.  The General reminds Rob that they canít help Ethan.  President Taylor walks in the room and approaches the General.  Allison is told that army support is on call.  The President asks about Ethanís whereabouts.  Rob pipes in that heíll go look for Kanin.  Someone comments that there are only ten minutes until detonation.  Allison cringes when she hears that there could be 58,000 casualties in the Manhattan area.  Allison wants to be told when President Hassan arrives.

Jack, Omar, Dalia, Kayla, Renee, and two agents walk through the service tunnel.  Jack is scanning the area.  Omar makes it clear that he wonít negotiate with terrorists.  Jack realizes that one of the agents is slowing them down (heís injured), so Bauer drops his body by an entryway.  Suddenly, Omar hits Jack in the back, causing him to fall.  Dalia screams at Omar.  Dalia doesnít understand whatís come over Omar.  Kayla pleads with her father.  Omar instructs the women to go into a room.  Omar tells Jack to stay with the women.  Jack tries to talk Omar out of it but is unsuccessful.  Omar locks the door behind him.  Omar and Agent Bishop proceed outside.  There is a black SUV waiting for them.  Omar stops to look at the passerby.  Bishop makes a call to the General.  Bishop informs the General that Omar is cooperating but that there were ďcomplicationsĒ with Jack Bauer.  The General advises Bishop to keep the line open.  The men drive away in the SUV.

The General tells Rob that they need to call the terrorists.  When the equipment is set up in Ethanís office, Rob calls Samir.  Rob insists that they have President Hassan.  Samir is patched through to Omar.  Omar is sickened when Samir suggests sacrificing himself for the bomb.  Omar wants ďassurancesĒ but Samir hangs up on him. 

Tarin watches the police cruisers go by.  There are fifty seconds left on the timer.

CTU nervously waits for the feared detonation.  Chloe, Brian, and Arlo are tense.  The President, the General, and Rob are worried, too.

Tarin heads back to the van.  Tarin gets a call from Samir.  Samir instructs Tamir to stop the timer.  Tarin breathes a sigh of relief.  The timer stops with seven seconds left. 

Jack manages to escape from the locked room.  Back at CTU, Arlo and the team are shocked that there havenít been any explosions to report.  Brian comments that they ďcaught a breakĒ.  Jack calls Chloe.  Jack tells her about the situation with Omar.  Jack advises Chloe not to tell anyone about it.  Dana interrupts the phone call.  Dana senses that Chloe is hiding something.

Jack runs outside; the women are close behind.  Jack doesnít see any sign of Omar.  Jack tells Renee to get Dalia and Kayla Hassan to President Taylor.  Kayla pipes in that her father did everything he could.  Renee thinks that Jack should stay out of the mission.  Jack has no intentions of leaving Omar in the hands of the terrorists.  Jack gets the women a taxi.  Jack tells Chloe where heís located.

The President asks the General about the bomb.  He doesnít know anything.  Allison is relieved to hear that Omar is on his way.  Allison presses for Ethan to be found.  Jack calls the President.  In private, Jack relays to Allison the situation with Hassan.  Allison is devastated to hear that the General went behind her back and gave the order.  Jack agrees to keep in touch.  Allison glances at the General but heís already leaving the area.

Jack calls Chloe.  Chloe manages to get a feed from a black SUV leaving the area about ten minutes earlier.  The SUV is headed north on tenth avenue.  Jack steals a manís sports car.  Chloe tries not to notice.

Tarin is in a restaurant when he sees the black SUV pull up across the street.  Omar and Bishop wait in the vehicle.  Tarin calls Omar.  Tarin wants Omar to hand the phone to the driver.  Omar instantly recognizes that itís Tarin.  Tarin orders Bishop to leave the car and walk into the intersection.  Once Bishop is in the street, Tarin walks by him and heads to Omarís vehicle.  Tarin jumps into the car.  Tarin tells Bishop to find a pair of keys lying on the ground.  When Bishop leans down, he notices the black SUV speed away.

The President inquires about Ethan again.  Allison realizes that Rob is helping the General.

Bishop finds Tarinís van.  Using the key, he opens the back of the vehicle.  Bishop notices the stopped timer on seven seconds.  In the meantime, President Taylor and her men barge into Kaninís office.  Rob and the General put their hands up.  Kanin is unconscious.  The men fear that he had a massive heart attack.  Allison demands that Rob stay.  Allison asks Rob where Omar is.  Rob says that he doesnít know.  Allison is outraged that Rob betrayed her.  Rob justifies his actions by saying that Allison hasnít been protecting the American people.  Allison doesnít back down; she says that Rob will be charged with treason.  Suddenly, Robís cell phone rings.  Itís Bishop.  Bishop says that the bomb was found at 93rd and Amsterdam.  Rob tells Allison that ďNY is safeĒ.  Allison wants Rob detained.

Brian addresses his CTU team.  Brian tells them that Omar was handed over to the terrorists but thankfully the bomb was secured.  Brian adds that a team is disarming the bomb now.  They are looking at a feed of the SUV containing Omar.  The vehicle is heading east.  Dana is irate.  Dana wants to leave the area but Chloe maintains that they need her help.  Dana sits down.

After the rods are distracted, Bishop is arrested.  Bishop reminds Jack that they ďsaved ManhattanĒ.  Jack talks to Chloe.  Brian pipes in that Jack should lead the mission, per Allisonís orders.  Chloe promises to find real-time feeds on the SUV.  Dana stands up and says that she is going to greet Cole now that he has returned to CTU.  Dana tries to call Tarin but she doesnít have the time.  Dana speaks to Cole.  Dana mentions that the probation officer left the building.

Omar tells Tarin to pull over.  Tarin wonít listen.  In fact, Tarin comments that they ďalready lostĒ.  Tarin believes that Omar isnít helping the people of the IRK.  Tarin thinks that Omar only cares about himself.  Omar apologizes for his behavior.  Tarin makes it clear that he doesnít care.  Omar starts to cry.

The President patiently waits while Kanin is transported out of the office.  Allison thanks Kanin for remaining loyal.  Dalia and Kayla have arrived.  Allison sadly reports that Omar is with the terrorists.  Allison isnít sure if CTU can find Omar in time.  The President praises Renee for her help.  Renee asks to go to CTU.  Allison says that Jack is running the mission.  The President is watching the live feed of Tarinís vehicle on-screen.

Brian and Cole are talking.  Cole says that the special ops team is close.  The plan is for a sniper to take out Tarin.  Brian wants the SUV to drive through the ambush.  Dana tells Cole that they have a problem with the trunk line.  Dana leaves her workstation and heads to a private room.  Dana types at a keyboard.  Dana is startled when Arlo shows up.  Dana insists that sheís doing a diagnostic on the trunk line.  Arlo senses that Danaís lying.  Arlo wants to check Danaís computer.  Dana grabs a wire and walks behind Arlo.  Arlo gets a call from Chloe just in time.  Arlo returns to his desk.  Dana calls Tarin and alerts him to the fact that CTU is following him.  Dana doesnít want Tarin to panic.  Dana is adamant that she needs to leave the CTU building immediately.

Everyone at CTU is watching the feed when Dana returns.  Cole thinks that Dana was gone a long time.  Jack speeds toward the vehicle.  Suddenly, Tarin swerves and heads toward a parking garage.  Jack wants the team pulled back.  Jack has Tarin trapped in the garage.  Jack follows and wonders where Tarin is headed.  Cole realizes that Tarin is driving to the roof.  Jack gets blocked off by another car.  Tarin drives over the side of the roof and crashes below.  Dalia and Kayla watch in agony.  There is no movement from the car.  Itís clear that Tarin is dead.  However, Omar isnít there.

Omar is in the trunk of a blue car.  Jack calls Renee to report that Omar wasnít in the SUV.  They realize that Omar was switched somewhere in the parking garage.  Jack knows that CTU has been compromised.  Jack asks Renee to call him back.  Jack searches the garage but the blue car is already leaving the building.

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