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Season Eight - Day 8: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM
Aired 3/29/10

Chief of Staff Rob Weiss (Chris Diamantopoulos, L) and General Brucker (Michael Gaston, R) are caught in the "5:00 - 6:00 AM" episode of 24 that aired Monday, March 29

By Carrie

Jack is being checked by an EMT at the scene.  Jack doesn’t want to go to the hospital.  Renee relays to Jack that CTU can’t find the rods.  Jack asks Renee to contact Chloe.

Cole calls Brian at CTU.  Brian says that they will try logging onto the NSA server.  Brian finds some video footage.  Arlo is helping Brian.  Dana (using an earphone) tells Samir that CTU has located his taxicab.  Samir swerves the vehicle and heads in another direction.  Dana is quickly typing on her keyboard.  Dana creates a computer glitch so Samir can get away without being detected.  Dana instructs Samir to blend in with the traffic.  When CTU’s footage comes back on-screen, Chloe is unable to find the terrorist’s taxi.  Brian is mad and wonders what happened.  Brian figures that Samir is heading to a loading dock.  Brian decides to call President Taylor.  Unbeknownst to everyone, Dana tells Samir that the NYPD closures and checkpoints will be available in a little while.

At a New Jersey airbase, President Taylor and Ethan Kanin are informed that CTU lost sight of the taxicab.  Allison is disappointed in CTU.  Brian apologizes for the inconvenience.  Brian adds that they can’t guarantee that they will find the rods in time.  Allison fears that there will be an attack in Manhattan.  Rob is annoyed and instructs Brian to do everything he can.  Allison wants to make sure that Manhattan is on alert.  Allison asks Rob if President Hassan is aware of these latest events.  Allison wants to speak to Jack Bauer.

Cole tells Jack that Chloe lost the feed of the taxi.  Cole bluntly asks Jack if Chloe can be trusted.  Jack gets a call from the President.  Allison says that she needs a favor – supervise the evacuation of the Hassan family.  Jack declines but finally accepts when Allison is persistent.  Jack tells the President that he’ll head to the U.N.  Renee interrupts and tells Jack that she’s coming with him.

The taxi pulls into a garage.  People are busy working on bombs.  Samir and Tarin get out of the vehicle.  Samir tells a man that the rods are in the trunk.  The man inquires about Ali but Samir says that he died.  Samir and Tarin speak in private.  Samir tells Tarin that he plans on talking to President Taylor.

Jack and Renee arrive at the U.N.  Jack speaks to a female agent.  The agent relays that they are waiting on vehicles for the Hassan family’s transport.  Omar asks to speak to Jack.  Jack and Omar shake hands.  Jack tells Omar that they will be leaving in ten minutes.  Jack fears that an ambush would occur if the Hassans were evacuated in front of the building.

The President speaks to her Cabinet members.  Samir is able to call Allison.  Samir threatens to use the rods on U.S. soil.  Samir suggests a trade – Omar for the rods.  Samir says that Allison has one hour to decide.  After the call, Allison consults with the Cabinet.  Tim Woods thinks that there would be hundreds of thousands of casualties in the Manhattan area.  Rob pipes in and says that Allison should agree to Samir’s wishes.  Allison is offended and maintains that she doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.  The General agrees with Rob.  Kanin defends the President.  Tim says that Allison has to decide before things “escalate”.  Allison can’t believe that some Cabinet members are actually in support of Rob’s suggestion.  Allison asserts that she won’t hand Omar over to the terrorists.  Allison ends her speech by saying that the U.S. will survive.  Allison advises Tim to make some calls.  Allison leaves the conference room.

Dana speaks to Chloe about the closures and checkpoints.  Chloe is suspicious but agrees to forward it to Dana’s workspace.  Samir calls Dana and informs her that he talked to the President.  Samir thinks that Allison will negotiate with him.  Samir believes that the peace treaty is over.  A man tells Samir that the rods are ready.

The General and Rob speak in private.  The General suggests a covert action where they would give Omar to the terrorists but also thwart the Manhattan attack.  Rob knows that Allison wouldn’t agree to it.  The General implies that they would have to go behind the President’s back.  Rob reminds the General that it is too late to redirect Omar.  The General won’t back down.

Chloe sends the information to Dana’s computer.  Brian briefs his team about a possible attack in Manhattan.  Brian reminds everyone that they can’t alert their family and friends of the situation.  Brian says that everybody needs to double-check resources and Intel.  Brian ends his speech by saying “find the bomb”.  Dana sends Samir the information.  Samir calls Tarin, who is sitting in a white van.  Samir directs Tarin to head west and wait for his call.

The General and Rob head to the President’s office.  Rob checks the computer where he is able to locate Hassan’s detail.  Rob realizes that Jack is helping with the evacuation.  The General uses a flash drive to make a copy of all files.  Ethan walks in and notices that the men are acting strange.  Ethan sees the flash drive in the side of the laptop.  Rob insists that they are only checking Hassan’s itinerary.  Ethan doesn’t believe Rob and asks the General to move away from the door.  The General won’t comply.  Ethan can’t believe that Rob and the General would betray Allison.  Ethan begs to be released but Rob won’t allow him to leave.  Ethan tries to call Jack but the General stops him.  Ethan starts grabbing at his chest.  Ethan is apparently suffering from a heart attack.  Ethan drops his pills while Rob tells the General to call an ambulance.  The General won’t allow Ethan to get help since it would botch their plans.  Rob gives Ethan his meds.  Rob fears that Ethan will die. 

Jack and Renee are escorting the Hassan family through a service tunnel.  Jack notices that Kanin tried to call him.  Jack asks to be patched through to the airbase.  The General calls his tactical team, who are ready to ambush Omar at the vehicle site.  The General wants Hassan taken alive.  In the meantime, Jack wonders where Ethan is.  Jack looks around the area and senses a set-up.  Jack demands to be patched through to Ethan again.

Ethan is still unconscious.  There is a knock on the office door.  A woman tells Rob that Jack Bauer wants to speak to Ethan.  Rob says that he’ll take care of the phone call.  Jack wants to know what’s going on.  Rob maintains that the Secretary is busy.  Rob hangs up on Jack.  Jack is irritated.  Jack feels that they are “too exposed” in the tunnel.  Jack makes the decision to turn around.  The General’s men are ordered to take out the agents.  Gunfire develops.  Everyone hides behind crates.  Jack yells to Renee.  Jack says that Renee needs to protect the Hassan family.  The General’s team moves in.  Jack shoots at them.  Jack tells Omar that he should follow Renee and his family.  The female agent tells Jack to go with Omar.  Jack wishes the woman good luck.  The agent radios in to her team.  Jack wants to get the Hassan family out of there as quickly as possible.

Ethan is lying on the couch.  Rob is visibly worried.

Omar offers to use a gun.  Jack says no.  Kayla is limping.  Renee and the Hassan women hide.  Jack creates a diversion.  Gas fills the area.  Jack shoots a man.  Renee covers for Jack.  Omar saves Jack’s life by shooting one of the men.  The man is injured and lying on the ground.  Jack asks the man who he works for.  Jack is surprised that the man is American.  The man explains the situation with the terrorist’s demands.  The man adds that President Taylor won’t negotiate.  Jack says that he has to make a phone call.  The Hassan family is escorted out of the area.

Dana gets a call.  Dana speaks to Samir.  Samir believes that the President won’t negotiate.  Dana tries to talk Samir out of using the bomb.  Samir is stubborn.  Samir calls Tarin and asks him to start the countdown.  Samir instructs Tarin to stay with the bomb.  Tarin arms the device.  The timer is showing fifteen minutes until detonation.

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