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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 4:00 AM - 5:00 AM
Aired 3/22/10

Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) takes matters into her own hands to activate the CTU servers

By Carrie

There is chaos at CTU.  Brian and Chloe notice that all the computers are down.  Arlo relays that they lost all surveillance.  Brian asks Arlo to call the FAA.  Chloe wants to know if Brian is okay.  Brian is adamant that they need to find the uranium rods.  Brian wants Kayla taken back to the U.N.  Brian gets testy with Dana.

In the vehicle, Jack makes a call to a friend at the NSA.  Jack tells Phil Holden what happened at CTU.  Jack asks Phil to check the traffic cameras.  Jack advises Phil to shut down all traffic coming and going in the city.  Jack figures that the terrorists will need to transport the rods across the river.

A vehicle pulls up to a port.  Samir is told that CTU is down.  Samir wants to make sure but the man insists that CTU canít see anything.  Tarin looks sad since he fears that Kayla was killed in the explosion.  The men unload the rods while Samir talks to Tarin.  Samir says that Kayla had to be sacrificed.  Tarin and Samir follow the men.

Brian and Kayla talk at CTU.  Brian wants Kayla to look at some files and see if she can identify the men working with Tarin.  Kayla is reluctant to help.  Brian announces that Tarinís associates planted a pulse weapon in her car.  Brian adds that Tarin staged Kaylaís escape.  Kayla insists that she saw Tarin shot but Brian says that heís alive.  Brian begs Kayla to help them.

Samir makes a phone call.  A vehicle approaches from the east.  Samirís goon says that he has a visual on four men.  Samir instructs his men to take them out.  The vehicle pulls up;  Jack is driving.  Jack plans on contacting NSA if they find something.  Jack and Coleís cell phones wonít work.  Jack realizes that the terrorists are already there.  Jack is turning the vehicle around just as gunshots hit the side of the SUV.  The car comes to a complete stop.  Jack knows that he, Cole, and Agent Owens need to leave the vehicle immediately.  Jack and Cole shoot at the men.  Samir wonders how Jack found them so quickly.  Samir is watching them with night vision binoculars.  Tarin recognizes Jack.  Tarin and Samir concur that they need to use the rods as soon as possible.  Samir suggests crossing the river.  Gunfire continues as Tarin and Samir leave in a small boat.  Cole sees them and alerts Jack.  Jack sees a phone nearby but itís too dangerous to move. 

Arlo relays to Brian that there were some casualties from the CTU explosion.  Arlo adds that they are having problems with the water system.  Brian is informed that Jack called NSA.  Frank, a man from NSA, shows up.  Frank and Brian briefly speak about the problems.  Frank says that he came to restore communications.  Frank insists that he has his own team but Brian wants his staff to help as well.

Dana and Chloe talk.  Chloe is irritated that Dana isnít concentrating on work.  Brian briefs his team.  Brian introduces Frank.  Brian says that they have a batch of new cell phones on hand.  Frank and Brian agree that it will take a while for everything to be up and running.  Chloe asks Brian about Jack.  Brian has no clue where Jack is.  Chloe thinks that Jack is headed to the river but wonders if itís too late.  Brian wants Chloe to help Frank with the servers.  Chloe heads to the server room.  Frank says that they will need to install new server boards.  Chloe thinks itís a bad idea and suggests a faster option.  Frank wonít listen.  Frank doesnít want to go into the trunk line because it could cause a fire.  Chloe realizes that there are risks but insists itís the best way.  Frank forces Chloe to leave the room.  Frank closes the door.

Chloe asks Arlo for his opinion.  Chloe says that she can get into the trunk line but Frank is against it.  Arlo suggests telling Brian.  Chloe doesnít want to go to Brian.  Chloe continues to worry about Jack.  Chloe calls Renee, who is at Jackís apartment.  Chloe tells her about the CTU explosion.  Renee inquires about Brian but Chloe says he is doing nothing.  Renee maintains that sheíll look for Jack herself.  Renee tells Chloe that she needs to make Brian and Frank understand why her way is best.  After the phone call, Renee loads her gun.

Dana speaks with Bill Prady, Kevinís probation officer.  Dana apologizes for the delay.  Dana informs Bill that she canít get him the feed from the robbery because it was destroyed.  Dana explains how the servers have been wiped clean.  Bill is disappointed that Dana canít help him.  Dana says that she has Billís number just in case.

Chloe heads to the server room.  Chloe walks right in which annoys Frank.  Frank orders Chloe to leave and even threatens to call security.  Chloe produces a gun and aims it at Frank.  Chloe warns that sheíll shoot if they donít comply.  Frank and his team quickly leave the server room.  Chloe locks the door.  Frank wants to notify Brian right away.

Gunfire continues at the port.  Jack tells Cole and Owens that they have to move.  Holding up a piece of armor, the men slowly walk toward shelter.  Another agent wants to move quicker but Jack is against it.  The agent doesnít listen to Jack.  The agent is shot many times by Samirís men.  Owens watches in horror as the agent lays on the ground.  Owens runs out to help his friend.  Owens is shot in the chest.  Jack and Cole shoot at the terrorists while they drag the menís bodies inside the building.  Owens asks about the other agent.  Jack lies and says that he survived. 

Omar and Dalia reunite with Kayla.  Kayla apologizes to her father.  Kayla admits that Omar was right about Tarin.  They discuss an evacuation.  Kayla is escorted out of the room.  Dalia wants to stand by Omar.

Brian and Frank go to the server room.  Brian feels terrible that Chloe didnít follow orders.  Frank says that they will be drilling into the locking mechanism.  Frank fears that Chloe would have shot him.  Brian laughs at the idea.  Brian asks for Danaís help.

Chloe is working in the server room.  While Chloe checks wires, Frank and his men barge in.  Chloe says she is sorry.  Frank is taken by surprise when Brian tells him to shut up.  Frank wonít listen.  Dana defends Frank which irritates Chloe.  Brian decides that he will give Chloe ten more minutes.  Chloe is thankful for the chance.  Chloe says that they can arrest her if it doesnít work.  Frank, Brian and Dana leave the area so Chloe can work in private.

Dana is horrified that Bill Prady hasnít left the building.  An analyst tells Brian that Prady wants to speak to him.  Dana panics.

After Chloe is done working on the server, it starts booting up immediately.  Arlo is impressed that Chloe was able to successfully upload the system.  Brian congratulates Chloe on a job well done.  Chloe tells Brian that he has to call Renee because sheís looking for Jack. 

Owens and the agent are dead.  Cole and Jack feel bad about the situation.  Jack thinks that they need to divert the terroristsí attention somehow.  Jack makes it clear that he doesnít want Renee involved in the mission.  As they leave the garage, gunfire erupts.  Jack is hit in the shoulder.  A few of Samirís men go down.  Renee shows up just in time.  Renee shoots a terrorist before he can kill Jack.  Cole heads to the pay phone.  Renee asks if Jack is okay.  Cole informs Renee that the rods are being transported by boat.  Renee fears that Jack has a collapsed lung.  Cole says that CTU is back up and running.

A chopper and the police show up at the scene.

Dana looks around for Bill.  Bill is waiting in a conference room to speak to Brian.  Dana wants Bill to leave immediately.  Bill implies that Dana is involved in the robbery.  Bill threatens to tell Danaís supervisor.  Dana suddenly kicks Bill.  Bill falls down.  Dana strangles Bill.  Bill dies in Danaís arms.  Dana hides Billís body.

Jack wants to call CTU.

Dana makes a call to someone.  Strangely, itís Samir.  Dana tells Samir that she had to take care of a problem at CTU.

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