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Season Eight - Day 8: 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM
Aired 3/15/10

Hassan (Anil Kapoor) and his wife, Dalia (Necar Zadegan), receive a call from the men holding their daughter captive

By Carrie

Brian tells his entire CTU staff that they need to find Tarin Faroush before the uranium rods are smuggled into Manhattan.   Arlo speaks briefly to Chloe.

In the meantime, Jack and Cole are heading to the hotel to retrieve Kayla Hassan.

Tarin is growing suspicious of Kayla.  Kayla has locked herself in the bathroom.  Kayla tries to open a window.  Tarin hears a noise and asks Kayla if sheís okay.  Tarin gets a phone call from Samir.  Samir relays that Marcos talked to the police.  Tarin informs Samir that Kayla received a call from her mother a short time ago.  Tarin realizes that he and Kayla need to leave the hotel immediately.

Chloe speaks to Jack.  Jack insists that heís only eight minutes away from the hotel.  Jack talks to the sergeant leading the SWAT team.  Jack wants a perimeter set up at the scene. 

Tarin starts to panic and tells Kayla that they need to go.  Tarin looks outside and freaks out when he sees the police.  Tarin barges into the bathroom and scares Kayla.  Tarin grabs Kaylaís arm and the two leave the hotel room.  The SWAT team is approaching the hotel.  The sergeant wants to go in but Jack insists that the team needs to stand down.  Tarin destroys one of the security cameras.  The SWAT team enters the hotel.  Tarin and Kayla hide by the stairwell.  Suddenly, Tarin starts shooting at the police.  Tarin grabs a walkie-talkie and pretends to be a police officer.  Jack senses that something is up and realizes that Tarin is impersonating the police.  Jack wants all the exits checked.  Arlo sends Jack and Cole a feed from the hotelís exterior.  Itís too late because Tarin and Kayla can be seen fleeing the area.  Tarin and Kayla jump into a taxicab.  The cab heads to an underpass.  Jack drives to the site and finds the cab sitting on the side of the curb.  Jack and Cole check inside the taxicab but Tarin and Kayla are already gone.  Jack radios in that heís going to the U.N. to speak to President Hassan.

Samir makes a call to one of his men.  Samir says that the rods are close to being ready.

At CTU, Chloe tells Brian that Jackís on his way to the U.N.  Dana gets a phone call.  Dana asks Chloe to cover for her.  Dana is horrified to see that Kevinís probation officer is waiting for her.  Dana escorts the man to a private conference room.  Dana insists that sheís very busy with work.  The man presents a photograph of Kevin Wade.  Reluctantly, Dana says that she knows Kevin.  Dana explains that she met Kevin a few days ago at a bar.  Dana implies that she drank too much and ended up sleeping with Kevin.  Dana begins to cry when she tells the probation officer that her fiancť canít find out the truth.  The man seems to believe Danaís story.  However, the man asks about Nick Coughlin, Kevinís friend.  Dana says sheís never met him before.  The probation officer brings up the break-in at an evidence locker.  Dana is sickened that the man knows about it.  The man explains that Kevin and Nickís fingerprints were found at the scene.  Dana maintains that she isnít involved in the robbery.  The man asks to speak to Danaís supervisor.  Dana panics so she tells the man he can wait in Holding.

Dalia is mad that Kayla wasnít rescued by the police.  CTU arrives at the U.N.  Jack and Cole are introduced to Omar and Dalia.  Jack apologizes for not getting to the hotel in time.  Omar wonders what Tarin wants.  Jack believes that Tarin is using Kayla as leverage.  Jack wants a wiretap put on Omarís phone.

A blindfolded Kayla is brought to Samirís location.  Tarin reassures Kayla that she wonít get hurt.  Samir tells Kayla that the traitor is her own father.  Kaylaís hands are tied up.  A video camera is set up.  Tarin watches in horror.

Dalia and Omar wait for the terrorist to call.  Dalia gets a phone call on her cell phone.  Dalia doesnít recognize the number but Jack instructs her to answer anyway.  Itís Samir on the other end.  Dalia demands to know where Kayla is.  Samir wants to speak to Omar.  The phone call trace is set.  Omar is adamant that he needs to speak to his daughter.  Samir doesnít comply with Omarís wishes.  Samir brings up File 33.  Omar cringes at the name.  Samir threatens to kill Kayla if he doesnít get the file.  Samir senses that the police are already involved.  Samir slips on a mask and walks behind Kayla.  A video feed is sent to the U.N.  Everyone watches in shock as Samir threatens to suffocate Kayla.  Omar finally relents and says heíll get the file for Samir.  Afterwards, Jack bluntly asks Omar about File 33.  Brian pipes in and says that he has no Intel on the file.  Omar hesitates to speak but asks his advisor to show Jack the file.  When File 33 is put on the screen, Jack shakes his head.  File 33 is a confidential file which contains U.S. anti-nuclear defensives.  Brian and Jack are outraged that Omar has this classified information.  Omar explains how he gathered Intel and came across this info.  Jack worries that the document shows ďfatal flawsĒ in our defense systems.  Jack realizes that they canít negotiate with Tarin.  Omar is concerned about Kaylaís safety.  Chloe interrupts and says Arlo might have a lead.  Arlo was able to pinpoint the sound of a train coming from Samirís phone call.  An aerial is sent to the location.  Jack advises Omar to stall the caller.

Kayla is escorted into another room by Tarin.  Kayla asks Tarin why he is working with terrorists.  Tarin refuses to answer Kayla.  Samir and Tarin talk nearby.  Kayla tries to listen.  Tarin fears that Samir will have Kayla killed.  Samir asks Tarin if he has changed his mind about the mission.  Tarin reassures Samir that heís still on board.

From his workspace, Arlo is scanning his computer screen.  Arlo notices a man has wandered onto the CTU floor.  Arlo asks Dana about it.  Dana cringes when she sees it is the probation officer.  Dana escorts the man back to Holding.  The man informs Dana that he just received word that the security camera was not working at the evidence locker.  The man implies that Dana helped Kevin and Nick.  Dana tells the man that she doesnít have time for this.  The probation officer wants to fill out a request form to get footage from the robbery.  Dana smiles nervously and says she will get the information for the man.

Jack and Cole are in the vehicle.  Dana calls Cole.  Dana relays that they are in big trouble.  Cole listens as Dana says that the probation officer knows about Kevin and the robbery.  Dana wants to come clean about everything.  Cole tries to talk her out of it.  Dana hasnít changed her mind.  Dana tells Cole that she loves him.

Omar is worried about Kayla.  Dalia reminds Omar that he needs to buy time so Kayla is saved.  Dalia surprises Omar when she says she believes in him.  The video feed comes back on the screen.  Kayla is not there.  Omar and Dalia are puzzled. 

Tarin tells Kayla that the deadline has come and gone.  Tarin adds that Omar didnít get the file for Samir.  Kayla begs Tarin to let her go.  Kayla canít understand why Tarin is being like this.  Tarin looks over at Samir.  Tarin turns around and tells Kayla that they are going to escape.  Samir spots the couple leaving.  Tarin and Kayla run outside.  Tarin tells Kayla that they need to get to CTU.  They enter a car.  Tarin instructs Kayla to call the number in the cell phone.  A man pulls Tarin out of the vehicle.  Another man shoots Tarin.  Kayla screams and grabs the steering wheel.  Kayla manages to drive away from the scene.

Omar and Dalia are still waiting word.  There is no sign of Kayla on the video feed.  Dalia worries that Kayla is already dead. 

At CTU, Chloe and Arlo concur that a gunshot was heard coming from Kaylaís location.  Kayla calls CTU and tells Brian that sheís being chased by terrorists.  Kayla explains that Tarin saved her life and said she needed to call CTU immediately.  Kayla talks about where she was held.  Jack realizes that Kayla was at an abandoned bank.  Chloe is able to find the location.  Dana directs Kayla to pull into CTUís parking garage. 

Jack and Cole pull up to the bank.  Jack shoots at the glass doors.  The vault is open.  They search the premises and see the camera set up downstairs.  Jack alerts CTU about a tunnel system leading through the bank.  Jack wants all three exits covered.  Arlo sees four hostiles leaving through the south exit.  Chloe zooms in to get a visual on one of the men.  Brian congratulates Dana on a job well done. 

As Jack and Cole get into the SUV, Chloe is getting a hit on the visual.  Strangely, it is Tarin Faroush.  Everyone is puzzled since Kayla witnessed Tarin being shot and killed.  Jack realizes that the terrorists wanted Kayla to escape because there is a bomb in her vehicle.  Jack wants the bomb squad notified.  Brian tells everyone to evacuate the CTU building.  Kayla pulls into the garage and is grabbed by a security guard.  One of the guards sees the bomb which is hidden in the backseat.  The bomb will detonate in fifteen seconds.  Everyone panics at CTU.

After the explosion, all the CTU feeds are down.  There is chaos everywhere.  Jack is unable to contact Chloe.  Jack tells Cole that terrorists just hit CTU.

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