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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM
Aired 3/8/10

Stephen Root guest stars as Bill Prady, a probation officer who contacts Dana

By Carrie

From the oxygen chamber, Marcos begins to manually arm the vest.  Marcos glances at the wall where he has written a detailed diagram.  Jack watches from outside and asks an agent if they can get in the chamber.  An agent explains that they need to be careful since the oxygen could cause a fire.  Jack is mad that the intercom is still down but they are able to see inside.  The agent tells Jack that Marcos is quickly ďreconfiguring the circuitsĒ on the bombs.  Jack contacts Brian and asks for Marcos Al-Zacarís profile.  Chloe relays that Marcosís mother is American and his father was from the IRK.  Chloe adds that Al-Zacarís father, a professor, committed suicide.  Jack reasons that Marcos started helping the terrorists because of his fatherís death.  Chloe says that Al-Zacarís mom lives in East Harlem.  Arlo is getting on Brianís nerves.  Brian is furious when he sees that Dana and Cole have returned to CTU.

Cole and Dana are on the elevator.  Cole advises Dana to act normal.  Dana questions whether Cole is okay.  Cole insists that right now isnít the time to talk.  Cole says that he and Dana will talk after today but wonít promise that theyíll be a couple.  Brian is waiting when they step off the elevator.  Dana apologizes but Brian is mad.  Brian reminds Cole and Dana that they both broke protocol.  Cole says he is sorry but Brian isnít convinced.  Brian tells the couple that CTU needs their help.  Dana will be answering to Chloe from now on.  Cole is told to pick up Al-Zacarís mother and bring her to the hospital.  Brian adds that Cole and Dana better not disappoint him or they could be fired.

Samir gets a phone call from one of his men.  The men are watching Jack and the CTU team inside the hospital.  The man explains to Samir that Marcos is unaccessable at the moment.  The man informs Samir that Marcos is busy re-arming the vest.  Samir wants to be notified when the detonator is ready.  Samir arrives at the garage.  The back of the truck opens and the uranium rods are easily seen.

At CTU, Dana says that she isnít getting any hits on the radiation sensors in the city.  Dana is tense toward Chloe.  Chloe surprises Dana by being compassionate in regards to her situation.  Dana thanks Chloe for being understanding.  Arlo is eavesdropping.  Arlo tells Dana that he is checking waterfront for any boats carrying the rods.  Arlo apologizes for coming clean to Cole about Danaís meeting with Kevin.  Dana doesnít want to talk about it.  Arlo inquires about Kevinís whereabouts but Dana comments that ďheís goneĒ.  Dana implies that she and Cole will work things out.

Samirís men watch as Marcos continues to arm the bomb.  They are watching the feed from a distance.  Once the intercom is working, Jack tells Marcos that he needs his help.  Jack is worried that there will be an attack in NY.  Jack reminds Marcos that President Taylor will retaliate if an attack happens on U.S. soil.  Marcos doesnít agree with Omarís politics.  Marcos thinks that the United States is responsible.  Jack doesnít believe Marcos since the young man was born in America.  Marcos refuses to comply.  Marcos is willing to die for his beliefs.  The vest is halfway armed.  Jack is frustrated.

After having sex in the hotel room, Tarin makes a phone call.  Tarin informs Kayla that they will not be granted asylum overnight.  Tarin adds that it could take a year for it to happen.  Tarin worries that he canít financially support himself and Kayla.  Kayla isnít concerned with the money.  Kaylaís cell phone rings.  Kayla realizes it is Dalia.  Tarin grabs the phone and tosses it on the bed. 

Dalia leaves a voicemail message for Kayla.  Dalia goes to see Omar.  Omar and Dalia canít get a hold of Kayla.  Dalia is disappointed to hear that Omar had Tarin arrested.  Dalia maintains that Tarin has always been ďloyalĒ to Omar.  Omar is hesitating to contact the police.  Dalia is scared.  Omar apologizes for the situation.  Dalia agrees that Omar is to blame for Kaylaís absence.  Omar promises to make it up to Dalia.  Omar is resolute that they will find Kayla.  They hug.

Marcosí mom is packing a suitcase.  There is a knock on the door.  Itís Cole.  Cole announces that there is an urgent matter concerning her son, Marcos.  The team barges in which freaks out the woman.  Cole wonders where Ms. Al-Zacar was going.  Marcosí mom explains that her son called and advised her to leave the city.  Cole comes clean about Marcosí involvement with terrorists.  The woman collapses into a chair when she hears the news.

Dana informs Brian that Cole called and will be arriving at the hospital in about ten minutes.  Brian is still furious that Dana let him down.  Brian admits that he was starting to see potential in Dana.  Brian comments that Dana is ďvaluable but replaceableĒ.  Dana is thankful for the second chance to prove Brian wrong.  Danaís cell phone rings.  It is a man claiming to be from the Department of Corrections.  The man is looking for Kevin Wade.  Dana panics.  Dana tells Kevinís probation officer that she doesnít know Wade.  The man doesnít believe Dana since Kevin called her cell repeatedly from a hotel room.  The man wants to meet with Dana.  Dana questions why the meeting is so important.  The probation officer maintains that he is worried about Kevin and threatens to speak to Danaís supervisor.  Dana tells the man that sheíll meet with him later.

Three of the bombs are armed.  Jack is growing impatient.  An agent tells Jack that Marcos has only five minutes to finish arming the vest.  Cole arrives on scene.  Jack fears that Al-Zacarís mom wonít help.  Cole believes that the woman knows no valuable information.  Cole gets a call from Dana who informs him that a probation officer is looking for Kevin.  Cole insists that he canít help right now so Danaís on her own.

Jack asks Ms. Al-Zacar to speak to Marcos.  The woman worries that her son will be killed.  Jack assures the woman that Marcos will be okay if he cooperates.  They approach the oxygen chamber.  Marcos is rattled when he hears his momís voice.  Marcos is outraged that the police brought his mom to the hospital.  Unbeknownst to them, Samir is listening in.  Samir is alarmed when he hears Marcosí mom talking.  Marcos wants his mom to leave but she is staying put.  The woman wants Marcos to explain why heís helping terrorists.  Marcos cites his fatherís suicide as the reason.  Ms. Al-Zacar is horrified and claims that Marcosí father didnít believe in violence.  Chloe discovers that someone is tapping into the feed.  Chloe alerts Jack.  Jack tells the agents that the feed is compromised.  Jack wants the feed disconnected as soon as possible.  Marcos and his mom continue to speak.  Ms. Al-Zacar starts to cry.  Cole escorts the woman outside.  The feed is lost.  Meanwhile, the fourth and final bomb is activated.  Jack reminds Marcos that his mom will die if he detonates the bomb.  Jack threatens that he will escort Ms. Al-Zacar to the blast site and sheíll be exposed to radiation.  Marcos thinks that Jack is bluffing.  Marcos has his finger on the detonation trigger.  Jack maintains that he isnít joking.  Jack pleads with Marcos to listen.  Finally, Marcos puts the detonator on the table.  Marcos opens the chamber and is immediately pinned to the ground by agents.  However, the vest is armed so it needs to be disabled.  The lights on the vest are beeping.  Jack realizes that the terrorists triggered the fail-safe.  A timer is counting down from one minute.  Jack tells everyone to evacuate the building.  Jack asks Marcos about the target location.  Marcos doesnít know but gives Jack a name:  Tarin Faroush.  As time runs out, Marcos runs back into the chamber and closes the door.  Thereís an explosion and Jack is thrown to the ground.  Jack alerts Chloe that President Hassan needs to be contacted immediately.

Omar and Dalia patiently wait to hear from Kayla.  Omar is notified that he has a call from Jack Bauer.  Jack says that Marcos is dead but that Tarin Faroush is involved.  Jack advises Omar to call U.S. Security.  Omar is worried since Tarin is missing, as well as his daughter, Kayla.  Omar tells Jack that he suspected Tarin and had him arrested earlier but he escaped.  No one can get to Kayla.

Tarin enters the shower.  Kayla answers her phone.  Itís a frantic Dalia.  Dalia wants to know where her daughter is.  Dalia explains that Kayla is in trouble because Tarin is involved.  Kayla canít believe it.  Kayla realizes Dalia is telling the truth so she gives her location Ė a hotel.  Dalia reassures Kayla that theyíll be there soon.  When Tarin finishes with his shower, he notices that Kayla isnít herself.  Tarin is mad that Kayla talked to Dalia.  Kayla lies and says that she didnít reveal their location.  Kayla wants to get cleaned up before the asylum meeting so she heads for the bathroom.  Kayla locks the door.  Tarin senses that something is wrong.

Jack and Cole leave in a vehicle and head for the hotel.

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