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Season Eight - Day 8: 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Aired 3/1/10

Kayla (Nazneen Contractor) has a rendezvous with Tarin (T.J. Ramini)

By Carrie

Tarin is sitting in custody when Kayla shows up for a short visit.  Kayla asks if Tarin is okay.  Kayla worries that she canít convince her father that Tarin is innocent.  Tarin is surprised that Kayla came clean to Omar about their relationship.  Tarin is confident that one of the guards will help him escape.  Tarin suggests that Kayla run away with him.

Dana is reeling from the fact that Kevin is dead.  Cole feels guilty about the situation.  Dana asserts that Kevin and Nickís deaths are her fault.  Dana wants to take responsibility for her actions.  Cole insists that they clean the van and dump the bodies in the water.  Cole wants Dana to follow his lead.  Dana doesnít have a choice.

From the U.N., President Allison Taylor calls Brian.  Allison brings up Farhad Hassan.  Brian relays that Farhad called CTU and warned that the uranium will be used in a terrorist attack.  Brian adds that the target is somewhere in NYC.  Allison is horrified by the news.  Rob pipes in and asks where Farhad is located.  Brian reassures Allison and Rob that Jack is out in the field looking for Farhad and the rods.  Brian needs to look at President Hassanís Intel files but Allison doesnít think Omar will comply.  Brian points out that this is a last-ditch effort to find the uranium.  Allison reluctantly agrees with Brian.  Allison says that sheíll call Woods at Homeland Security.  Once Allison leaves the room, Brian speaks to Rob about Renee Walker.  Brian informs Rob that Renee will not be charged in Laitananís death.  Rob is outraged.  Brian insists that Farhad is their new lead, adding that Rob needs to back off for now.

Jack and his team are in a CTU vehicle on their way to Farhadís location.  Jack speaks about the mission.  Farhadís call is dispatched to Jack.  Jack maintains that they are about ten minutes away.  Farhad fears that Samirís men are inching closer.  Farhad tells Jack to hurry.

At the U.N., Omar speaks to Allison.  Omar has just heard the news about Farhadís surrender.  Allison mentions that Farhad lost possession of the rods and they are now in the hands of Omarís covert intelligence ops.  Omar disagrees with Allisonís reasoning.  Allison demands that Omar hand over the secure files.  Omar hesitates to answer.  Omar wants to speak to Farhad first.  Allison refuses to comply with Omarís wishes.  Allison reminds Omar that if the rods are used on U.S. soil, his country will be attacked in response.  Omar fears for his country so he agrees to talk to his advisors.

Tarin is being transported to another site.  Tarin uses a pin to get free of his handcuffs.  Tarin produces a gun and points it at Nabeel, who is sitting in the passenger seat.  Tarin asks for Nabeelís weapon.  The driver pulls over to the curb.  Tarin instructs the two men to get out of the vehicle.  The driver hands the car keys to Tarin.  Nabeel gets a phone call.  Itís Omar.  Tarin wants the phone.  Tarin handcuffs the men and puts them in the car trunk.  Omar is concerned that Nabeel isnít answering his phone.  Omar asks his men to track Nabeelís vehicle.  Unbeknownst to Omar, Tarin calls Kayla.  Kayla says she is leaving the U.N.  Tarin instructs Kayla to meet him at the hotel in ten minutes.  They both say ďI love youĒ as Tarin runs away from the scene.

Brian speaks to Farhad via phone.  Brian warns Farhad that he needs to stay planted until CTU arrives.  Farhad is paranoid.  Farhad gets up from his location and is shot in the chest.  The CTU van pulls up.  Jack and his men approach the area.  Farhad is down.  Jack rushes over to Farhad.  Jack tells Chloe that the files need to be downloaded immediately.  Agents check for the uranium but the rods are gone.  The CTU team searches the premises.  Farhad is in critical condition.  Jack wants Farhad to look at the files.  Jack tells the agent to keep Farhad alive.

Samir gets a call that Farhad was shot.  Samir tells his men to proceed as instructed.

Rob tells Allison that the teleconference is ready.  Allison speaks to Woods about a possible attack.  Woods explains that a NYC attack would cause ďtens of thousands of casualtiesĒ.  Most of the people would die from radiation poisoning.  The advisors confer that there can be no evacuation of the city.  Rob worries that the U.N. could be a potential target.  Allison decides to evacuate the U.N. building as a precaution.

Omar is informed that Farhad is in custody.  Omar is unhappy to hear that Tarin escaped from the transport vehicle.  Nabeel apologizes to Omar.  Nabeel explains that Tarin already had a gun in his possession.  Omar wonders who helped Tarin.  Nabeel makes a comment that Tarin called Kayla.  Nabeel says that they are meeting somewhere in the city.  Omar makes a call to Kayla.  Kayla turns off her cell phone.  Omar leaves an urgent voicemail message for his daughter.

Kayla arrives at the hotel room.  Tarin pulls Kayla inside.  They hug.  Kayla is relieved that Tarin is okay.  Tarin wants to meet with an American lawyer.  Kayla and Tarin are very happy.  They kiss.

Jack is notified that Farhad is dead.  The agents say that no hostiles or rods were found on site.  Jack relays the information to Brian.  Jack wants to pretend that Farhadís still alive.  Jack thinks that the suspects will make a move to take out Farhad.  Chloe believes that facial recognition software will help.  Brian gives Jack the okay to proceed.

Dana and Cole cover Kevin and Nickís bodies.  Dana watches in horror as Kevin is lowered into the water.  Dana wants to come clean about everything.  Cole doesnít agree.  Dana asks Cole about their relationship status.  Cole isnít sure if there is a future with Dana.

An alert is issued about the shooting.  Samir watches in disgust as television reporters are commenting on Farhadís critical condition.  When a reporter claims that Farhad will survive, Samir decides that one of his own needs to kill Farhad.  Samir wants to send Marcos, claiming he will blend into the crowd since heís half-American. 

Marcos is in the truck staring at the uranium rods.  Marcos makes a call to his mom.  Marcosí mom senses that something is wrong.  Marcos wonít go into details.  Marcos instructs his mom to drive to an auntís home.  Marcos adds that heíll meet her at the house later on.  Marcosí mom agrees to his suggestion.  Samir enters the truck just as Marcos finishes with his call.  Samir tells Marcos that itís time.

Jack wants to make sure that Farhad looks alive.  Farhad will be transported to the hospital.  Jack fears that they are most vulnerable during transport.  Jack advises his team that the suspects should not be killed.  Agent Owens is visibly scared about the mission.  Jack reassures the agent that everything will be okay.  Jack leaves in the ambulance.

Allison and Rob talk in private.  Rob mentions that the President will be going to an air force base.  Allison thanks Rob for his help.  Omar enters the room just as Rob is leaving.  Omar asks if Farhad is dead.  Omar wants Farhadís remains once this situation is resolved.  Allison agrees to Omarís request.  Allison announces that the U.N. is being evacuated.  Omar doesnít want to leave since Kayla is missing.  Omar tells Allison about Kaylaís relationship with Tarin.  Omar refuses to leave the building.  Allison supports Omarís decision and says that sheíll keep in touch.

Chloe is tracking the ambulanceís movements.  The ambulance is just arriving at the hospital.  Chloe and Brian watch from CTU.  The facial recognition software is set up.  Farhad is wheeled to his hospital room.  Jack wants the exit doors secured.  Chloe checks the faces of men in the hospital waiting areas.  Chloe looks at the exterior cameras.  Marcos pulls up in a vehicle.  Marcos, detonator in hand, is wearing a vest filled with explosives.

Jack gets a call from Renee.  Renee relays that sheís been released from custody.  Renee canít believe that Jack made a deal with Brian.  Jack reminds Renee that she is innocent.  Jack implies that he and Renee should be together after all this.  Jack wants an agent to escort Renee to his apartment.

Chloe gets a hit on Marcos Al-Zacar.  Chloe sees that Marcos is holding a remote detonator.  Jack asks if Chloe can disarm the bomb from CTU.  Chloe says she will try.  Jack alerts Agent Owens about the situation.  Owens is standing near an exit.  Marcos suddenly appears.  Marcos says that he has a bomb.  Owens hands his gun to Marcos.  Marcos wants Owens to bring him to Farhad.  Marcos will say that heís a doctor if anyone asks.

Dalia sits in the jet, awaiting takeoff.  Dalia gets a frantic call from Omar.  Omar blurts out that Kayla is seeing Tarin.  Dalia admits that she already knows.  Omar feels betrayed.  Omar explains that Farhad is dead and that the rods will be used.  Dalia wants to help.  Omar asks Dalia to call Kayla.

Marcos and Owens walk through the hospital.  It is very quiet in the area.  They board the elevator.  Jack and his men get to the third floor.  Chloe informs Jack that CTU canít disarm the vest without a clear visual.  Marcos and Owens arrive on the third floor.  Owens glances at the security camera.  Owens tells Marcos that he doesnít believe he really has a bomb.  Marcos shows Owens his vest.  Jack is relieved that Owens came through for them.  Arlo is able to disarm the bomb just in time.  When they enter Farhadís room, Marcos tells Owens to get on the floor.  Marcos closes the door and pushes the detonator but nothing happens.  Marcos shoots at Farhad.  Marcos is stunned when the monitor continues to beep.  Jack rushes in and insists that he wants to talk to Marcos.  Marcos jumps out of the hospital window.  Obviously hurt, Marcos hobbles away.  Jack advises his men not to shoot at Marcos.  Marcos runs into the building and goes into a pressure chamber.  Marcos barricades himself inside.  Jack tells Brian that he needs to get inside of the chamber.

Marcos calls Samir.  Marcos explains that Farhad was already dead.  Samir wants Marcos to set up the explosives manually.  Marcos insists that it will take awhile.  Jack looks into the chamberís camera and tells Marcos that they need to talk.  Marcos destroys the camera.  All feed is lost inside the pressure chamber.

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