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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Aired 2/22/10

Cole (Freddie Prinze Jr., R) and Dana (Katee Sackhoff, L) face a in a dangerous situation in the "12:00 - 1:00 AM" episode of 24 that aired Monday, Feb 22 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kelsey McNeal/FOX

By Carrie

Josef arrives at the warehouse. Jack calls Chloe and asks her to track Sergeiís call to his son. Sergei calls Josef about the uranium rods. Sergei informs Josef that the police know all about it. Josef doesnít want to cooperate. Jack intercepts the phone call and directs Josef to assist the police. Jack promises that Josef will have full immunity if he cooperates. Josef hesitates before saying that Sergei killed Oleg. Sergei tells his son that he feels guilt-ridden over Olegís death. Josef wants Jack to tell him what will happen if he turns over the rods. Sergei begs Josef to comply with Jackís demands. Josef reluctantly agrees to meet with Jack. However, Farhad and a sniper are watching Josef. Farhad instructs the man to shoot Josef. Josef drops the cell phone when he is shot in the chest. Jack and Sergei can hear a manís voice coming from Josefís phone. Farhadís man steps on the phone. Jack wants to head straight to CTU. Chloe pipes in that the voice heard is a match to Farhad Hassan.

At CTU, Arlo relays to Brian that he has a phone call. Brian tells Chloe to keep him posted. From the conference room, Chloe speaks to Jack. Jack says that heíll be at CTU in about fifteen minutes. Chloe inquires about Jackís wellbeing. Jack assures Chloe that heís okay. Jack asks about Renee. Chloe comments that Renee is being treated in Medical. Jack wants to speak to Renee. Chloe patches the call to Renee. Jack asks Renee if she told the truth about Vladimirís death. Renee explains that she stuck by their story Ė that she acted in self-defense. Jack is surprised that Chloe was the one who debriefed Renee. Jack says that he cares about Renee, hinting at a possible romance for the two of them.

Brian enters his office and takes the call from Rob Weiss. Rob is mad that the uranium rods havenít been located. Brian mentions that Josef is dead and Farhad has the rods. Rob shakes his head in disbelief when Brian relays that they have no credible leads. Rob has no confidence in Brian. Rob reminds Brian that he canít take the fall for this so he suggests Renee. Brian doesnít agree with Robís reasoning. Rob says that Renee will be convicted for killing Laitanan. Rob adds that he is sending Kristen Smith to CTU to speak to Renee.

Outside of the warehouse, Cole gets a call from Arlo. Arlo says that he knows Danaís GPS coordinates which he obtained from her cell phone. Cole wants Arlo to send him the info right away. Arlo is hesitant because Cole needs to get back to work. Cole maintains that he will be back at CTU within the hour. Cole borrows an agentís vehicle and leaves the scene.

Kevin drives to a wooded area with Dana following right behind. Dana watches as the blue van pulls to a stop. Dana grabs a gun from her purse. Kevin and Nick are in the van with some girls from the strip club.

Brian asks Arlo if he has seen Dana. Arlo plays stupid and says he has no idea where Dana went. Brian is told that Kristen Smith has arrived. Brian and Kristen shake hands. Kristen demands to speak to Renee since there are discrepancies in her statement. Kristen tells Brian that she wants the interrogation to be video-taped. Nearby, Chloe enters the Medical room. Chloe and Renee briefly talk about Jack. They are interrupted by Brian and Kristen. Brian orders Chloe to leave the room immediately. Outside the room, Chloe asks Brian about Kristenís intentions. Brian announces that Kristen will be questioning Renee about Laitananís death. Brian tells Chloe to get back to work.

Farhad and Samir are driving to a warehouse. They speak about getting the uranium rods out of the United States. Samir reasons that it will be difficult since they canít use a plane. They enter a garage where a semi is waiting. Farhad isnít happy to see the group of men. Samir insists that the recruited men will help unload the uranium. Samir suggests dumping the van. Farhad demands to know whatís going on. Samir says that they need to use the rods instead. Farhad thinks that Samir is crazy. Farhad fears that Kamistan will fall apart if they attack the U.S. Samir insists that their country will be invaded regardless, adding that Omar is to blame for everything. Samir wants Americans to be scared. Farhad finally agrees to Samirís wishes. The rods are transported out of the van.

Renee is questioned by Kristen while Brian watches the feed from his office. Kristen brings up Reneeís volatile relationship with Vladimir. Renee admits that Vlad put her in the hospital. Renee insists that Laitanan tried to strangle her this time. Kristen doesnít believe Reneeís self-defense story. Kristen shows Renee the crime scene photos. Kristen has a hard time believing it was self-defense since Renee stabbed Vladimir fifteen times. Kristen wants Renee to tell the truth. Renee begins to cry. Renee stands by her story. Kristen thinks that Renee sabotaged the mission to get revenge on Laitanan. Kristen senses that the murder is eating at Renee. Renee remains quiet.

Jack and Sergei arrive at CTU. Jack wants Sergei brought to Holding. Chloe mentions to Jack that Renee is being questioned, adding that no one has access to her. Jack rushes in and kicks the security guard. Jack advises Renee to remain quiet but she comments that ďitís too lateĒ. Jack grabs Kristenís neck as Renee shouts for him to let go. Jack and Renee leave the room but are stopped. The guard aims a gun in their direction. Another guard takes Jack by surprise when he tasers him.

Farhad and Samir talk about the uranium rods. Farhad insists that he knows someone (a professor) who can turn the rods into a bomb. Farhad asks to use the phone. One of Samirís men escorts Farhad toward the office. Farhad inquires about the NY target. Farhad suddenly hits the man with a wrench. Another man witnesses the whole thing. The man tells Samir. Farhard manages to escape.

Jack is escorted into Brianís office. Brian wants Jackís handcuffs off. Jack is irate that Brian threw Renee under the bus. Jack realizes that Brian is only trying to save his own butt. Jack wants Brian to stand by Renee and threatens to call the President. Brian doesnít think that Allison will defend Jack, adding that the President had no problem prosecuting Olivia, her own daughter. Chloe enters the room and says that Farhad is on the phone. The call is transferred to Brian. Farhad says that he is being chased by the men who have the rods. Farhad adds that an attack in NY is imminent. Farhad gives Brian his location Ė a boat warehouse in Forest Hills. Brian instructs Farhad to keep the line open. Brian wants to speak to Cole but he is missing. Brian begins putting a team together. Brian orders Jack to leave the building once he has been processed.

Dana continues to watch the van. The women leave. Nick goes into the woods. Dana approaches the van, gun in hand. Cole shows up. Dana asks Cole why heís there. Cole insists that they need to go to CTU. Dana denies having an affair. Cole wants the truth. They return to Coleís SUV. Cole urges Dana to tell him everything. Dana blurts out that her name is really Jenny Scott.

Farhad is injured. Samir calls one of his men. Samir wants Farhad found as soon as possible.

Arlo is trying to figure out what building Farhad is in. Brian asks Agent Owens to lead the mission. Jack is about to leave the building when Brian stops him. Jack thinks that rods will be gone when they get to Farhadís location. Jack offers to help Brian but in exchange for one thing Ė the charges need to be dropped against Renee. Brian is silent. Jack understands that Brian is in a difficult position as CTU Director but reminds him that finding the rods is crucial. Brian reluctantly agrees to Jackís offer.

Dana tells Cole about her past and the robbery at the evidence locker. Cole is stunned that Dana would commit a crime. Dana insists that Kevin planned on telling Brian about her past. Cole is sickened to see that Dana has a gun in her hand. Dana admits that she is scared. Dana says that she loves Cole. Cole orders Dana to stay in the vehicle. Instead, Dana follows Cole to the van. Inside, Kevin and Nick are doing drugs. Cole aims a gun at Kevin. Cole warns that Kevin needs to stay away from Dana. Kevin agrees to Coleís wishes. Cole and Dana walk away. Nick grabs a gun and tells Kevin that he isnít going to do what Cole says. Kevin tries to convince his friend to walk away. Nick wonít listen. Nick stabs Kevin in the chest.

Cole tells Dana that they need to go to CTU. Kevin yells out ďJennyĒ just as Nick starts shooting at the couple. Cole orders Dana to get in the vehicle. Cole shoots Nick. Dana runs to Kevin. Kevin apologizes for the things he has done. Kevin dies in Danaís arms.

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