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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 11:00 PM - 12:00 PM
Aired 2/15/10

Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub, L) is assigned to take Renee's (Annie Wersching, R) statement in the "11:00 - 12:00 AM" episode of 24 that aired Monday, Feb 15 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kelsey McNeal/FOX

By Carrie

From CTU, Dana calls Kevin.  Kevin is at a strip club.  Kevin apologizes for not keeping in touch.  Dana is furious and inquires about the incident at the evidence locker.  Kevin insists that Nick wanted to hang around the building.  Kevin suggests that Dana meet him at the club.  Dana declines, saying that they had a deal Ė Kevin would leave her alone after she helped him.  Kevin says that things have changed.  Kevin threatens to tell everyone at CTU who Dana really is.  Arlo interrupts.  Dana turns off her cell phone.  Arlo asks about the call.  Dana doesnít want to talk about it.  Arlo mentions the name Kevin which freaks out Dana.  Arlo accuses Dana of cheating.  Dana denies the allegation.  Arlo wants Dana to come clean with Cole or he will tell him.  Arlo relays to Dana that she is needed on the floor because Jackís mission fell through, adding that they have lost Bauerís location.

From the auto shop, Cole speaks to Chloe and Brian.  Cole figures that Jack was escorted through a drainage tunnel.  Brian asks if Renee has any helpful information.  Brian maintains that CTU needs to find the uranium rods.  Dana enters the CTU conference room.  Brian demands to know why Dana hasnít been watching the NSA servers.  Chloe quickly covers for Dana.  Once Brian leaves, Dana thanks Chloe for the save.  Chloe says she covered because she needs help in locating Jack.

Sergei is busy cutting carrots when his goons bring in Jack (whose face is covered).  Sergei instructs the men to escort Jack to the basement.  Sergei follows the men and Jackís face is revealed.  Sergei questions Jack about his identity.  Jack sticks by his cover, saying that he is a German arms dealer.  Jack brings up the uranium rods which irritates Sergei.  Sergei is furious that Jack knows about the rods.  Jack blurts out that his people intercepted a signal coming from Farhadís group, adding that he canít give up his source.  In frustration, Sergei slaps Jackís face.  Jack reminds Sergei that he has a better offer than Farhadís.  Sergei grabs the back of Jackís head.  Sergei is suspicious and asks Jack if heís a cop.  Jack laughs at the idea.  Sergei mentions that cops are capable of anything.  Jack refuses to say who he works for.  Sergei tells his men to keep an eye on Jack.  Sergei leaves the room and runs into Josef.  Josef has just finished burying Oleg.  Josef hands Sergei his brotherís gold cross.  Sergei hands it back, insisting that Josef keep it.  Sergei mentions the problem with Jack and informs Josef that the transport has been stopped.  Josef thinks that Farhad will be mad.  In the basement, one of the men tells Jack that he will be tortured until he talks.  The man shocks Jackís wound.  Jack screams in pain.

Brian tells President Taylor about the problem concerning the uranium retrieval.  Brian is adamant that CTU will find the rods in time.  Allison asks Brian for an update every half-hour.

One of the Generalís men calls Farhad and asks when the uranium will be ready.  Sergei and Josef walk in the room so Farhad finishes with his call.  Sergei announces that he has a higher bid than Farhadís.  Sergei brings up the information that Jack gave, saying that one of Farhadís own slipped up.  Farhad says that it isnít possible.  Sergei tells Farhad that the German is being interrogated.  Farhad is mad that Sergei wants to change the transport time.  Josef points a gun at Farhad when he wonít listen to Sergei.  Josef instructs Farhad to do as Sergei says.  Sergei tells Farhad to go to the rendezvous point and wait.  Sergei orders Josef to make sure Farhad leaves the building.

Renee and Cole return to CTU.  Brian mentions that there is still a team at the auto shop.  Renee asks if Brian checked every surveillance feed.  Renee is visibly concerned.  Brian brings up Reneeís suicide attempt, adding that Chloe will be debriefing her about Vladimir Laitanan.  Brian comments that Renee will need a psych evaluation, too.  Renee speaks to Chloe and asks if Jack has been found.  Chloe knows that Renee is emotional since she killed Vlad.  Chloe wants Renee to finish writing up her statement.

Dana walks up to Cole but heís busy with work.  Arlo pipes in that heíll cover for Cole.  Dana and Cole talk in private.  Cole senses that something is troubling Dana.  Dana admits that thereís a reason that sheís been so distant.  Cole worries that Dana wants to call off the wedding.  Dana insists that she still wants to get married.  Dana brings up that Cole knows nothing about her past.  Cole comments ďall that matters is nowĒ.  Dana is scared that Cole will leave her.  Cole maintains that he isnít going anywhere.  Cole has to get back to work.  Cole and Dana agree to talk later.

Jack is in and out of consciousness.  The man presses on Jackís wound.  Jack wonít talk.  The man demands to know if Jack is working for the cops.  Jack maintains that he is an arms dealer.  Jack pretends to be asleep.  The man turns his back on Jack to grab some ammonia tablets.  Jack manages to shock the man, leaving him unconscious.  Jack, whose hands are attached to a pipe, climbs over to the corner, looking for an easy way to escape.  When the man awakens, Jack is banging on the pipe.  Suddenly, the pipe falls to the ground and Jack manages to get free.  Jack hits the man and breaks his neck.  Jack grabs the goonís gun and cell phone but canít get a signal.  Jack opens the door and can hear Sergei speaking to his men.  Jack shuts off the electricity.  Sergei orders everyone to check the power.  Sergei believes that Jack escaped.  The men investigate.  Jack lunges at one and kills him.  Jack grabs the manís cell phone and quickly calls Chloe.  Jack instructs Chloe to trace the call and puts the phone on a shelf.  Jack checks upstairs and shoots at some other men.  Sergei begins shooting at Jack.  Jack hides under a dining table.  Sergei continues to shoot.  Jack takes Sergei by surprise, leaving the Russian unconscious.  Jack checks Sergeiís pulse.  Sergei is still alive.

Kayla goes to see Omar but he doesnít have time to talk.  Kayla wonít back down and asks why Tarin was detained.  Kayla doesnít believe that Tarin is working for Farhad.  Kayla brings up Omarís order to have a delegateís family arrested.  Omar is evasive toward Kaylaís questions.  Kayla announces that she and Tarin are in love.  Omar is outraged by the news.  Omar feels betrayed that Kayla has been lying for months.  Omar forbids Kayla to see Tarin.  Kayla is shocked by Omarís behavior.  Kayla says that Omar has completely changed.

Cole talks to Brian and inquires about Danaís whereabouts.  Arlo butts in and says that Dana had to leave.  Brian mentions that a team will be heading to the transport site.  Cole and Brian talk about Sergei Bazhaevís profile.  Cole will coordinate the mission from CTU.  In private, Renee asks Chloe if itís true that Jack is safe.  Chloe nods and says that Renee needs to go to Medical.

The medical team bandages up Jackís wounds.  Sergei is being checked out by medical personnel.  Sergei wishes he would have shot Jack earlier.  Jack tells Sergei that heís finished, adding that CTU has enough to send him to prison.  Jack brings up the uranium rods and says that he can get Sergeiís sentence reduced if he helps him.  Sergei says that Oleg died from radiation poisoning.  Sergei feels remorse for Olegís death.  Sergei begins to cry.  Sergei says that he will give the rodsí location for full immunity for himself and Josef.  Jack agrees to talk to CTU.

Jack calls Chloe and asks her to patch him through to Brian and the President.  While Brian and Allison speak, they are interrupted.  President Taylor is happy to hear Jackís voice.  Jack informs Brian and Allison about the situation with Sergei.  Brian agrees with Jack that Sergei needs to be given immunity or he wonít talk.  Allison is worried about the peace treaty.  The President asks to personally speak to Sergei.

Cole confronts Arlo about Dana.  Cole wants to know where Dana is.  Arlo asks Cole what Dana told him about her past.  Cole is confused by the question.  Arlo confides that Dana appears to be cheating on Cole.  Cole canít believe it.  Arlo shows Cole the feed of Dana and Kevin Wade meeting in the parking lot.  Brian interrupts.  Brian relays that Cole and his team will be heading to the site.  Cole asks Arlo to find Dana.

Dana goes to the strip club.  Dana turns off her cell phone.  Dana watches in disgust as Kevin flirts with a dancer.  Cole leaves a voicemail message for Dana.  Cole prepares to leave for the mission.

Nabeel wonít let Kayla see Tarin.  Kayla reminds Nabeel that he and Tarin are friends.  Kayla wants only a few minutes to speak to Tarin.  Nabeel says that heíll consider it.

Cole and his men arrive at the site.  Cole is confused as to why Sergeiís men arenít standing down at the transport site.  Cole sees the truck but no hostiles.  The helicopter lands.  Cole approaches the truck.  Someone comments that there is a trace of radiation coming from the vehicle.  Sergeiís men are dead inside.  The rods are missing.  Cole finds Olegís cross.

Jack gets a call that the uranium is gone.  Jack thinks that Sergei was lying.  Sergei is told that a necklace was found at the site.  Sergei realizes that Josef has betrayed him.

Josef is driving.  Josef calls Farhad and informs him that he has the rods in his possession.  Farhad is pleased.  Farhad is surprised that Josef would betray his own father.  Josef wanted to make sure his father knew what he did so he left behind Olegís cross.  Josef demands to have the money in his account before he hands over the uranium.

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