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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Aired 2/8/10

24: President Taylor (Cherry Jones, L) and Chief of Staff Rob Weiss (Chris Diamantopoulos, R) work to ensure that the peace treaty will be signed in the "10:00 - 11:00 PM" episode of 24 that aired Monday, Feb 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

By Carrie

At the U.N. meeting, President Taylor receives unanimous support for the peace agreement.  Rob congratulates Allison.  Allison tells a Kamistan official about Hassanís worries concerning his brother and the uranium rods.

In the vehicle, Jack gets a call from Cole.  Jack covers by using his German accent.  Jack manages to let Cole know that he doesnít need back-up yet.  Jack adds that he is on his way to see Vladimir.  Arlo and Dana are watching the feed from CTU.  Arlo wonders if they can get a facial recognition of the driver.  Dana receives a phone call.  In private, Dana speaks to Kevin, who has just pulled up to a building.  Dana asks Kevin for some more time since she is busy at work.  Dana tells Kevin that he has thirty minutes to get in and out of the building.  Arlo is suspicious of Dana so he asks for Chloeís opinion.  Arlo implies that Dana is cheating on Cole.  Chloe maintains that Arlo needs to stay out of Danaís business.  After the phone call, Chloe informs Dana that Brian wants to speak to her.

The driver (Vladís guard) gives Jack the car keys when they pull up to the auto shop.  Jack aims the gun at the guard as they enter the shop.  When Jack sees Vladimir, he isnít happy.  Jack canít believe that Vladimir tried to have him killed.  Renee pipes in that Vladimir made some business calls.  Jack gives Vladimir the gun and asks to speak to Renee in private.  Vladimir reluctantly agrees.  The guard whispers to Vladimir that the German should be killed.  Vladimir doesnít want to discuss it.  Jack relays to Renee that he was ordered to take her off the mission.  Renee refuses to leave, claiming that she is the only option in finding the uranium.  Renee reassures Jack that she can handle it.  Jack agrees to Reneeís wishes.

At CTU, Dana walks away from her desk and calls Kevin.  Kevin wants to know if everything is set.  Dana accesses a computer to look at the buildingís blueprints.  Dana gives the okay that itís a go.  Dana explains that Kevin needs to use the key card at the security panel and reads him off the code.  Kevin is unable to enter but Nick gets the card to work.  Dana reminds the men that they have twenty minutes to finish the job.  Dana instructs Kevin through the building, giving him codes as he approaches the evidence locker.  Kevin is impatient during the process.  Finally, Kevin and Nick find box 4301 and discover the money.  Kevin grabs the bag.  Dana tells Kevin to leave now.  Nick starts searching the evidence locker for other items.  Kevin reminds his friend that they only have fifteen minutes left.

Vladimir continues to make business calls while Jack and Renee wait.  Vladimir hands Jack a liquor glass.  Jack comments that Vlad needs to remain sober.  Vladimir asks Renee to cut some bread.  Vladimir is mad that Renee isnít doing it right.  Jack watches in horror as Vladimir condescends Renee.  Vladimir brings up Jack and Reneeís time in Mexico City.  Jack wants Vlad to stop stalling.  Jack and the guard leave the room. 

Sergei is staring at Olegís dead body as a priest walks in.  Sergei wants his sonís body buried in the back yard.  The priest doesnít think it is a proper burial.  Sergei instructs the man to say some prayers.  Sergei goes to see Josef.  Sergei wants Josef to get up but his son is unresponsive.  Finally, Josef speaks and accuses Sergei of killing Oleg.  Sergei says that he didnít want Oleg to suffer, adding that no one can find out about the uranium.  Sergei tells Josef that one day he will inherit the business.  Josef listens as Sergei says that he loves him.  They hug.  Sergei asks Josef to help with Olegís burial.  Josef nods and says he will help.  Sergei receives an important phone call from Vladimir.  Vladimir inquires about the uranium.  Sergei plays stupid and says he doesnít know a thing about it.  Vlad explains that he has a German buyer who will pay top price.  Sergei insists that he doesnít have the rods and apologizes for not being able to help.  After the call, Vladimir informs Renee that Sergei doesnít have the uranium in his possession.  Renee pushes for Vlad to make more calls.  Vladimir kisses Renee.  Unbeknownst to Vladimir, Sergei tells his goon that they have a problem.  Sergei makes a call to one of his men.  The man is sitting in the back of a moving semi.  Sergei tells the man that the plans have changed, ordering him to go somewhere else.  The man tells Anton, the driver, to pull over.

Allison calls Omar to talk about the peace treaty.  Allison wants to know Omarís ďintentionsĒ regarding the agreement.  Allison admits that she knows about the arrests in Kamistan.  Omar promises that he is still in accord with the treaty.  In private, Rob tells Allison that Hassan sounded ďdifferentĒ. 

Tarin Faroush, one of Omarís men, doesnít believe that the General is working with Farhad.  Omar wants the Generalís family arrested so he can get the man to talk.  Tarin refuses to cooperate.  Omar appreciates Tarinís opinion on the subject.  Omar tells Nabeel, an advisor, to pack up the files.  When Tarin leaves the room, Omar asks Nabeel to contact security services.  Omar is suspicious of Tarin.

Nick and Kevin are still at the evidence locker.  Nick suddenly aims a gun at Kevin and demands that he give him the money.  Kevin canít believe his friend is acting this way.  When Kevin realizes it is only a water gun, he laughs.  A siren goes off overhead.  Kevin begins to panic.

Chloe learns that the uranium originated in the Soviet Union.  Dana calls Kevin.  Dana is horrified that Kevin and Nick are still in the building.  Using the video feeds, Dana directs the men to watch out for a cop who has entered the building.  One exit is locked so Dana tells Kevin to hide.  The men try to slip past the cop.  The officer notices a mess of evidence bags on the floor.  Nick hits the officer with a baseball bat.  Dana watches in horror since the cop already called for back-up.  Kevin tells Nick that they need to leave immediately.  Dana is mad.

Tarin goes to see Kayla.  Kayla and Tarin hug.  Tarin brings up the arrests of the General and his family.  Kayla canít believe that her father gave the order.  Tarin worries why Omar lied to him, adding that Omar has changed since finding out about Farhad.  There is a knock on the door.  Nabeel is looking for Tarin.  Kayla covers for Tarin but he suddenly appears.  Nabeel believes that Tarin is working for Farhad.  Tarin denies the accusation.  Tarin is to be detained so he hands Nabeel his gun.  Kayla wants to talk to Omar but Nabeel insists that he wants no interruptions.

Jack waits patiently in the shop.  Vladimir canít get anywhere with his phone calls.  Renee maintains that Jackís Intel is good.  Vladimir is irritated so he tells Renee to shut up.  Renee believes that they can make fifty million from this deal.  Renee wants Vlad to make one more call.  Vladimir thinks that Jack should leave but Renee insists that she needs the deal.  Vladimir becomes enraged and punches Renee in the face.  Renee grabs a knife and stabs Vlad in the eye.  Renee stabs Vladimir repeatedly in the chest.  Jack runs into the room.  Renee accidentally stabs Jack in the abdomen.  The guard rushes in.  Jack throws the knife at the guardís throat.  Renee breaks down in tears.  Jack consoles Renee.  Jack patches up his wound.  Jack relays to Brian and Dana what happened.  Brian canít believe that Vladimir is dead.  Jack informs Brian that Renee killed Vladimir.  Jack wants CTU to check out the calls Vlad made.  Cole lets Jack know that he is on his way to the shop.  Dana is preoccupied.  Brian isnít happy with Dana.

Renee is acting like a zombie.  Renee tells Jack that he didnít need to cover for her.  Renee believes that she canít handle the situation.  Renee apologizes for stabbing Jack.  Jack reassures Renee that everything will be okay.  Jack caresses Reneeís cheek and says that she should go home.  Jack hears a noise so he goes to check it out.  Jack hears Russian voices so he ducks out of sight.  Jack realizes that someone Vlad talked to has the uranium.  Jack wants the Russians to take him in.  Jack instructs Renee what to say to the CTU agents.  Renee hides in the bathroom closet.  Jack tells the Russians that he is unarmed.  Jack wants to do a business deal.  The men notice Vladimir and the guardís dead bodies.  Jack maintains that no one else is in the building.  Jack is escorted outside.  One of Sergeiís goons checks the bathroom but doesnít have time to look in the closet.

Kevin and Nick manage to get away.

Cole and the team arrive at the auto shop.  They look around inside.  Renee comes out of the bathroom and announces that the Russians took Jack.  Renee brings up that CTU was supposed to be monitoring Jackís movements by air.  Cole has no idea where Jack is.  Renee panics when Brian radios in that they have no visual on Jack.

Jack is led through a sewer tunnel to a waiting vehicle.

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