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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Aired 2/1/10

Jack Bauer

By Carrie

Jack pulls up near a chained-link fence to get a visual on Renee and Vladimir. Jack calls Chloe and asks her to keep an eye on Renee while he speaks to Brian. Jack tells Brian that Renee is unstable, adding that she needs to be taken out of the mission. Brian doesnít think itís a good idea. Jack insists that he can get people to talk. Brian implies that they donít do things like that anymore at CTU. Brian adds that Renee is the only way that they are going to find the uranium in time. Jack realizes that he needs to get Renee to safety without jeopardizing the mission. Jack finishes his phone call with Brian just as Vladimirís goons drop Ziaís body in the water. Jack watches as Vladimir, Renee, and the men drive away.

At CTU, Brian asks Dana to help monitor Jack and Reneeís mission. When Brian walks away, Dana receives an alert on her computer. Dana calls Kevin to inform him that an NYPD evidence locker is holding drug money valued at $120,000. Kevin thinks that he and his friend will get busted but Dana reassures him that she can take care of everything from her workspace. Dana instructs Kevin to meet her outside of CTU. Suddenly, Arlo walks up to Dana, inquiring about her problem at home. Dana says that everything has been taken care of. Arlo senses that something is troubling Dana but she insists that sheís okay. Dana wants Arlo to focus on helping Jack and Renee.

Vladimirís vehicle pulls up to the garage. His men escort Renee inside. Vladimir tells his goons that he wants to speak to Renee in private. Renee tells him about the weapons-grade uranium, adding that it will be sold in an open market. Vladimir is surprised that he doesnít know anything about it. Vladimir offers Renee a job to work for him. Renee maintains that the deal is worth it, adding that Vladimir can have thirty percent of the money. Renee wants Vladimir to make a quick decision. Vladimir brings up Reneeís relationship with the German arms dealer (Jackís cover). Renee comments that it is only a professional one. Vladimir leaves the room to make some calls. Renee tells Jack that the meet will be in a parking garage. When Vladimir returns, Renee says that the meet is set. Vladimir continues to flirt with Renee but she isnít interested. Vladimir leaves to make another call. Renee whispers to Jack that his cover needs to be ready in thirty minutes. Jack asks how Renee is handling being around Vladimir. Renee admits that itís difficult.

At the clinic, the doctor gives Oleg some drugs to lessen the radiation symptoms. The doctor asks Josef what happened to Oleg but Josef wonít say. Josef wants to make sure his brother lives. Sergei calls Josef and asks why the two arenít at the country house. Sergei asks Josef to keep him updated. Josef tells Oleg that he will be okay. There is a knock on the door. Josef aims a gun at the doctor. Josef threatens to kill the doctorís family. The nurse hands the doctor some papers containing Olegís bloodwork results. The nurse thinks the doctor is acting strange but he insists that everythingís okay. The doctor looks at the results and tells Josef that Oleg is experiencing renal failure, adding that he needs a bone marrow transplant. The doctor offers to give Oleg some drugs that will help flush out the radiation but stresses that there is no guarantee that Oleg will live.

Outside, Cole meets up with Jack to go over his cover. Cole says that the money is set up in the account. Cole asks about Renee but Jack doesnít say much. Cole wants to lead but Jack is insistent that they do things his way. Jack listens as Vladimir and Renee talk. Since the meeting is set for later, there is time to kill in the meantime. Vladimir brings up what Renee said on the pier. Renee says that nothing matters except for the deal. Vladimir feels bad for how he treated Renee in the past. Renee looks surprised and comments that itís okay, adding that it is unbelievable that Vladimir would apologize for anything. Vladimir gets angry and calls Renee a ďbitchĒ. Vladimir touches Reneeís shoulder, making her cringe. Renee says that she is ďnervousĒ about the deal. Renee has no intentions of sleeping with Vladimir, adding that she came to him because he has business connections. Renee goes into the bathroom and locks the door. Jack wants to go over his cover with Renee. In the other room, Vladimirís guard thinks it is a bad idea to do the deal. Vladimir tells the man that the buyer will be killed once the money is in his account. Vladimir wants Renee to work with him.

President Taylor, Rob, and Ethan are watching live feeds of riots in Kamistan. Rob informs Allison that Britain, Germany, and Egypt want to pull out of the peace agreement. Allison wants to tell these countries about Farhad and the uranium but Rob and Ethan agree that it isnít wise. Allison plans on speaking to the other delegates before making a decision.

President Hassanís secondary advisor gives Omar a file containing a list of the arrested men. Omar is horrified to see a link to a man at the U.N. Omar wants phone records checked and insists that the man be arrested. His advisor is reluctant to take action but Omar is adamant that the enemies need to be dealt with, reminding him that he almost died today.

From her workspace, Dana makes a fake key card for Kevin. Dana gets up to leave but Arlo stops her. Arlo is irritated that Dana hasnít fixed the server problem. Dana says that sheíll take care of it soon, commenting that she is headed for the bathroom. Arlo asks Chloe about Danaís odd behavior. Chloe answers in a sarcastic tone, implying that Dana might be avoiding Arlo. Arlo thinks that Chloe is jealous. Chloe laughs at the thought.

Outside of CTU, Dana walks up to Kevinís blue van. Dana hands Kevin a cell phone with the address info and schematics, an earpiece, and the fabricated key card. Dana reminds Kevin that after this job, he needs to stay away. Kevin assures Dana that heíll be out of her life for good once he gets the money. Kevin says heíll call Dana later. Unbeknownst to Dana, Arlo is watching the feed of her talking to Kevin in the parking lot.

Renee finishes taking a shower. Vladimir walks in so Renee tries to cover herself with the towel. Renee wants a minute to dress but Vladimir doesnít see the need since they will be having sex. Renee tells Vladimir that she doesnít want to have sex. Vladimir threatens that if she doesnít, the deal is off. Renee approaches Vladimir and kisses him. Renee closes the door. Jack tells Renee that she can change her mind about the mission. Renee starts to cry. Renee turns off the audio and washes the earpiece down the drain.

At the U.N., people are congregating to speak about the riots in Kamistan. Omarís advisor finds the man that Hassan suspects of betraying him. The man is unwilling to leave the area but the advisor says they have to be discreet. The man is led to a car. In private, the advisor calls Kayla, Omarís daughter, suggesting that they should meet later.

The drugs are starting to work on Oleg. The doctor warns Josef that the radiation can be transferred through bodily fluids, adding that he will give Josef a three-week supply of drugs. Josef reassures Oleg that they will go to the country house. There is a knock on the door. The doctor thinks it is the nurse but itís one of Sergeiís men. The doctor is shot in the chest. The goons tell Josef to drop his weapon, demanding to know who else knows about Oleg. Josef maintains that only the doctor knew about Olegís condition. The men carry Oleg out of the room. The nurse is dead on the floor. The goons call Sergei to say that Oleg has been located.

Jack, wearing black-rimmed glasses, drives to the parking garage for the meet. Jack introduces himself while speaking in German. Vladimirís guard notices that Jack has an American accent. Jack covers and says that he went to college in America. They make small talk until Jack brings up the five-million-dollar deal. After Renee and Vladimir have sex, he receives a call from the guard. The guard tells Vladimir that the buyer (Jack) wants to speak to him. Jack says that everything will be ready in an hour. Jack inquires about Renee. Vladimir comments that Renee is doing fine. Vladimir tells the guard to trust the buyer. Jack asks the man for the account number to transfer funds.

After they are dressed, Renee is horrified to learn that Vladimir plans on doublecrossing Jack. Renee is extremely disappointed in Vladimir and adds that the deal would change their life. Renee offers to start a new life with Vladimir. Renee caresses Vladimirís face. Renee wants to call Jack but Vladimir grabs her cell phone. Vladimir grabs Reneeís throat, threatening that she better not betray him. Vladimir leaves the room with Reneeís phone in hand.

After the money transaction is complete, Coleís team is ready to take out Vladimirís men. Jack orders the goons to drop their weapons, including Vladimirís guard. Jack calls Vladimir and says that his men have been taken out. Jack wants to know if Renee is alright. Renee speaks to Jack for a second but addresses him as the buyer and doesnít compromise his cover. Jack still wants to go through with the deal. Vladimir asks his guard to bring Jack back to the garage so he can speak to him. Jack and the guard get into a vehicle.

Sergei isnít happy to see Josef. Oleg is getting sicker. Josef doesnít want his brother to die. Sergei insists that it isnít easy for him to see Oleg die. Josef is sickened that his father allowed innocent people to die at the clinic. Sergei slaps Josefís face and says that his son needs to be respectful. Josef maintains that the doctor could have helped Oleg. Sergei starts kicking Josef while Oleg watches. Sergei aims a gun at Josef but suddenly shoots Oleg instead. Josef is horrified. Sergei wants Josef to bury Oleg. Sergei reminds Josef that he cannot disobey him again.

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