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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Aired 1/25/10


By Carrie

In the Islamic Republic of Kamistan, someone gets a call from Farhad Hassan.  The man demands to know why Omar isn’t dead.  Farhad insists that getting the uranium is all that matters.

Sergei Bazhaev, the Russian seller, checks on Oleg, his youngest son.  Oleg is looking sicker by the minute.  Josef, Sergei’s older son, wants to call a doctor to check on Oleg.  Sergei doesn’t agree, saying that a doctor would become suspicious about what’s going on.  Josef can’t believe that Sergei would let his own son die.  Sergei suggests that Oleg be brought to the country house.  Josef agrees to bring Oleg there.  Josef leaves the room.  Sergei is summoned to a private area.  Farhad is waiting for him.  Farhad plans on buying the uranium rods, adding that the transfer of money will be happening soon.  Sergei says that they have to kill time for five hours so he offers two prostitutes to Farhad.

At the window-repair store, Zia continues to bleed.  Renee and Jack manage to cauterize the wound.  Jack wants to call Brian, saying that Renee is not ready to go out in the field.  Jack calls Renee “unstable”.  Renee doesn’t even blink.  Renee reminds Jack that she is their only hope in finding the uranium.  Jack decides against calling Brian.  Zia is conscious.  While Renee interrogates Zia, Jack is listening from the vehicle.  Zia starts to scream in pain but Renee instructs him not to whine.  Renee insists that she needs Zia’s help, that the payout for the job is in the millions.  Zia agrees to take Renee to Vladimir Laitanan.  Renee and Zia head outside and get into a car.  Chloe speaks to Renee through her earphone, saying that Jack will be following from a distance. 

At CTU, Dana is working on Jack’s cover profile.  Chloe inquires about the status.  Suddenly, Dana’s phone rings.  Dana hesitates to answer until Chloe comments that she should answer it.  Chloe leaves while Dana talks to Kevin.  Kevin is laying on Dana’s bed.  Kevin demands that Dana be back at the apartment in thirty minutes.  Kevin brings up Dana’s past, reminding her that she’s an ex-con and an accessory to murder.  Dana reluctantly agrees to meet Kevin.  Dana asks Arlo to finish up with Jack’s profile and send it to Chloe.  Dana tells Arlo that she has an emergency at home.  Dana thanks Arlo for the favor.

At the U.N., Rob interrupts President Taylor’s business call.  Rob updates Allison on the latest, saying that Farhad Hassan is attempting to buy uranium from a Russian mob syndicate.  Allison is horrified when Rob says that the uranium is already on U.S. soil.  Rob mentions that CTU is trying their best to find the uranium.  Allison is worrying how Omar will react, wondering if he will arrest opposition leaders in the I.R.K.  Rob brings up that the peace agreement might be nullified.

While Renee and Zia are in the car, Jack listens to their conversation.  Zia is drinking to numb the pain.  Renee advises Zia to put the bottle away.  Zia asks probing questions about Renee and Vladimir.  Renee is evasive.  Jack gets a call from Chloe.  Chloe says that Arlo uploaded the profile info to Jack’s phone.  Jack thanks Chloe and asks her to look into the relationship between Renee and Laitanan.

Omar and Allison meet in private.  Allison tells Omar that she’s relieved he is safe.  Omar brings up the situation in Kamistan, saying that a coup was narrowly thwarted today.  Omar insists that Farhad is looking for “power” and believes that the enemies should be executed.  Allison doesn’t want to stop the treaty and insists that the Kamistan people need peace.  Omar refuses to talk anymore, saying he wants to see his family.

Josef and Oleg are in the car, heading to the country house.  Josef is visibly concerned about his brother’s condition.  Josef suggests going to the hospital but Oleg is against it.  Oleg is willing to die which upsets Josef.  Josef suddenly swerves the car around.  Josef asserts that he’s bringing Oleg to the hospital.

In the suite, Dalia talks to Kayla.  Kayla wants to stay but Dalia is already packing.  Omar returns and hugs his daughter.  Kayla leaves the room.  Dalia continues packing.  Omar confides that he broke off things with Meredith Reed.  Dalia asks bluntly if Omar is in love with Meredith.  Omar admits that he isn’t sure but insists that he is done with Meredith.  Desperate, Omar begs Dalia to stay.  Coldly, Dalia says that she won’t make a scene when she leaves, adding that the damage is done.  Dalia walks out.

Renee and Zia pull up at an auto body shop.  Renee asks Zia to go in first.  Zia reluctantly agrees.  While waiting in the vehicle, Jack asks Renee about Vladimir.  Renee refuses to say anything other than Jack doesn’t need to worry.  Jack goes over his cover with Renee in the meantime.

Zia introduces himself to Vladimir’s guard.  When Vladimir eyes him, he slaps Zia’s face.  Vladimir threatens to shoot but Zia insists that he brought someone along – Renee.  Vladimir can’t believe that Renee is out of prison.  Zia maintains that Renee is looking for a buyer.  Vladimir refuses to believe Zia’s story and asks where Renee is.  Vladimir instructs Zia to bring Renee in.

At CTU, Cole inquires about Dana’s whereabouts.  Arlo relays that Dana is at home.  Cole seems puzzled.

Dana goes home and Kevin lets her in the apartment.  Dana is irritated to see that Kevin’s friend is there.  Kevin introduces Dana to Nick, a friend from Beaumont.  Dana hands Kevin a wad of cash, saying that she’ll give him another $500 in the morning.  Kevin becomes mad when Dana tries to buy him off.  Kevin grabs Dana’s throat and warns that she owes him.  Dana blurts out that she didn’t testify against Kevin, adding that she was released due to the fact she was a minor at the time.  Kevin announces that he has done some research and discovered that Dana has a good job at CTU.  Kevin wants Dana to get account information for him.  Dana reminds Kevin that the info is restricted.  Kevin doesn’t care – he wants a “six-figure payout”, adding that he’ll leave once Dana helps him.  Dana refuses but Kevin says that she has to do it.

Jack and Renee continue to go over his cover.  Zia comes outside and tells Renee that Vladimir wants to speak to her.  Alone, Jack calls Chloe and asks what she learned.  Chloe explains that Vladimir was “obsessed” with Renee and beat her many times.  Jack wonders if Renee was raped but Chloe can’t confirm it.  Jack realizes that the FBI cover-up sent Renee to attempt suicide.  Jack is worried about Renee’s frame of mind.

Renee heads into the auto shop.  The guards search Renee for weapons.  Renee says hi to Vladimir and comments that his face looks different.  Vladimir implies that he had plastic surgery.  Vladimir asks Renee for her contacts in Mexico.  Jack instructs Renee what to say.  Vladimir thinks that Renee is different, saying that she looks like “hell”.  Vladimir asks the guards to lower their weapons.  Vladimir senses that something is off so he tells his goons to tie up Renee and Zia.  Jack panics.  Renee and Zia are put into a car trunk, leaving Jack without audio.  Jack calls Chloe.  Chloe is tracking the car using surveillance.  Jack questions whether the mission should be called off.  Jack asks Chloe to contact Brian.

Josef and Oleg arrive at the hospital.  The doctor says he is about to leave for the day.  Josef points a gun at the doctor, threatening to kill his family.  The doctor asks Josef what radiation Oleg was exposed to.  Josef says that Oleg was exposed to weapons-grade uranium.  The doctor isn’t hopeful about recovery.

Jack follows the vehicle while Brian relays that a tactical team is nearby.  Jack wants to intercept the car but Brian is hesitant to stop the mission.   Vladimir tells the driver to pull over near a bridge.  Suddenly, Jack has the audio signal again.  Jack is confused since the car he is following hasn’t stopped.  Jack realizes that he has been following a decoy this entire time.  Jack is mad when Chloe says that another car left out the back.  Using GPS, Chloe manages to find the car’s location.  Chloe gives Jack the coordinates, saying that the vehicle is near a bridge.  Jack swerves his vehicle and heads toward the bridge.  Jack speaks to Renee but she isn’t saying anything.  Vladimir shoots Zia in the head.  Jack fears the worst.  Vladimir aims the gun at Renee’s head.  Renee tells Vladimir to shoot, admitting that she is “sick” and implying that she has tried to end her own life before.  Jack tries to reason with Renee but it is pointless.  Renee says that Vladimir should pull the trigger.  Vladimir suddenly changes his mind and lowers the weapon.  Vladimir instructs his goons to move Zia’s body.  Vladimir confesses to Renee that he needed to see if she’d pass his test.  While Jack listens, Brian tells him that the tactical team is ready to intercept.  Jack advises that the team stand down because Vladimir believed Renee’s cover.

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