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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Aired 1/18/10

CTU Director Brian Hastings

By Carrie

Cops arrive at the accident scene.  President Taylor and Rob Weiss sit in the car, fearing the worst about Hassan.  Rob asks Brian what happened.  Brian says that the bomb was a hoax, adding that someone helped them realize this in time.

Cole manages to get out of his vehicle and starts looking for Omar.  Cole grabs Omar from the car.  Davros is unable to shoot at Omar.  Cole helps Hassan to a new vehicle.  Cole calls Dana, saying that Omar is safe.  Dana is relieved and comments that Chloe helped them.  Cole notices a shady character leaving the scene – Davros.  Cole follows Davros and asks Dana for Chloe’s assistance.

In the police cruiser, Jack sees an alert come up on the cop’s computer screen.  Jack asks the police officer to turn around and take him to the suspect’s location.

Dalia and Kayla are panicking, thinking that Omar is dead.  Farhad calls Davros and finds out that Omar is still alive.  Davros explains that a car swerved in front of the motorcade, preventing Omar’s death.  Davros says that everyone will figure out Farhad was behind the hit.  Farhad leaves the vehicle in a hurry.  An agent stops Farhad.  Farhad stabs the agent in the neck and runs away.  Dalia and Kayla scream because they witnessed the whole thing.

Cole is following Davros through a building.  Davros takes Cole by surprise and aims a gun at Ortiz’s head.  Davros orders Cole to drop his weapon.  Davros instructs Cole to radio in to move the search away.  Cole tells his CTU team that the suspect is with him.  Before Davros can shoot, Jack shows up.  Jack shoots Davros.  Davros falls to the floor.  Cole breathes a sigh of relief.  Jack takes out his cell phone and takes a few pictures of Davros’ tattoos.

As Omar arrives at CTU, he is told that Dalia and Kayla are okay.  Brian informs Omar that his brother Farhad was behind the assassination attempt.  Omar is speechless when he hears that Farhad killed an agent.  Chloe informs Brian and Omar that the suspect (Davros) is dead.  Omar inquires about Meredith.  Omar wants to speak to Meredith as soon as possible.  Privately, Brian commends Chloe on her persistence and thanks her for “the save”.  Chloe smiles as she makes her way back to the desk.  Dana talks to Brian about the photos Jack sent.  Dana thinks that the tats are a symbol for a Russian syndicate.  Dana pulls up a file of a Federal agent who worked undercover in the mob:  Renee Walker.

Farhad makes a desperate call to a Russian man.  The man tells Farhad that they should meet.

Allison returns to the UN Building.  Allison asks Rob how Omar is doing.  Allison speaks to Omar by phone.  Allison apologizes for the attempt on his life, especially since it was on U.S. soil.  Omar is disappointed in Farhad.  Rob asks Omar if he knows what Farhad’s agenda is.  Omar says a “regime change”.  Rob tells Hassan that there is currently a search underway for Farhad.  Allison pipes in.  Allison wants to continue with the peace talks.  Omar concurs that they should go on.  Allison is relieved to hear this.  After the phone call, Brian tells Omar that he can return to the UN building.  Omar asks who helped foil the attempt.  Brian says that Agent Ortiz saved Omar, but others helped as well.

Jack returns to CTU to be debriefed.  Jack plans on going straight to L.A. afterwards.  Chloe tells Jack that Renee worked undercover in the Russian mob.  Chloe brings up Renee’s breakdown.  Jack refuses to speak to Renee since she never returned his calls.

An autopsy is underway on Davros.  Omar thanks Agent Ortiz for saving his life, as well as Jack and Chloe.  Suddenly, a siren goes off, which is an alert that hazardous material was found on Davros.  The Hazmat team realizes that it is weapons-grade uranium.  Omar asks to speak to Brian immediately.

Chloe watches as the chopper lands.  Renee jumps out of the helicopter.  Chloe greets Renee.  They go inside the CTU building.  Renee is surprised to see Chloe working there.  There is awkward silence during the elevator ride.

Brian finds out that the hazardous material is 97% weapons-grade uranium.  Omar explains that the Russians had access to stockpiles.  Omar thinks that it could be the same group and fears that Farhad will try to make a deal with them.

Renee looks at pictures of Davros’ tattoos.  Brian walks into the conference room.  Renee explains that the tattoos resemble ones from a mob syndicate named Red Square.  Renee explains that no one knows much about Red Square.  Brian wants Renee to go undercover again.  Chloe and Dana leave the room.  Renee isn’t pleased.  Renee doesn’t want her badge back but agrees to go under again.

Jack says goodbye to Chloe.  Chloe informs Jack that Renee is going undercover.  Jack approaches Renee.  Renee is thankful to see Jack.  They hug.  Renee apologizes for not keeping in touch.  Jack relays why he’s at CTU.  Jack understands where Renee is coming from.  Jack looks at Renee’s arm, which is scarred from a suicide attempt.  Renee tells Jack to go to California.

Brian apologizes to Meredith for detaining her.  Reed is relieved to see Omar is alive.  Meredith feels guilty for telling Brian about the affair.  Meredith can’t believe that Farhad was involved in the attempt.  Omar tells Meredith he truly cares about her.  Meredith smiles.  Omar hesitates to speak.  Meredith asks him what’s wrong.  Omar says that he has had an epiphany after almost dying – he wants to go back to his wife.  Meredith realizes that Omar wants to breakup.  Meredith walks away.

Dana and Chloe discuss the cover that Renee will use.  Renee brings up a Russian named Vladimir and thinks he can get her in Red Square.  Cole and Chloe say they will work on the cover.  Jack walks in and asks to speak to Brian alone.  Jack tells Brian that Renee is not ready to go undercover again.  Renee is irritated that Jack is butting in.  Jack says that he will be joining Renee during the mission. 

Farhad shows up for the meeting with the Russian.  Vladimir is present, as well.  Farhad asks to see the uranium rods.  The man offers to show him a photograph but Farhad wants to see the real thing.  The Russian leads him to another room.  Inside, a young man is shivering uncontrollably.  The Russian refers to the youngster as his son and implies that the uranium caused his symptoms.  Farhad wants to buy the uranium.

Renee and Jack leave the CTU building and head to Manhattan.  Chloe calls Jack to go over the cover timeline but Renee refuses to listen.  Chloe hangs up, visibly upset that neither want her input.  In the vehicle, Jack tells Renee that it is standard protocol for a cover preparation.  Renee is mad that Jack is treating her like a child and nicknames him a “babysitter”.  Jack doesn’t trust that Renee is ready. 

At CTU, Arlo announces that the aerial is set.  Dana receives a call from Kevin, who comments that her place is really nice.  Kevin picks up a frame which holds a picture of Dana and Cole.  Kevin asks about Dana’s boyfriend.  Dana states that she is getting married.  Kevin starts calling Dana “Jenny”.  Kevin wants Dana to come home.  Dana insists that she can’t leave right now because she is busy at work.  Chloe thinks that Dana is acting strange.

Jack and Renee pull up to the curb.  Jack wants Renee to reconsider this.  Renee ignores Jack and walks toward a window-repair store.  Renee walks in even though the store is closed.  Zia, Renee’s old contact, is surprised to see her.  Renee explains that she was released early from prison.  Renee mentions that she is looking for Vladimir.  Renee leans in toward Zia.  Zia backs away and shows Renee his wrist monitor.  Renee is confident that she can get it off.  Renee instructs Zia to put his wrist in a vice.  Renee begins to cut through Zia’s wrist.  Jack realizes what is going on, so he runs inside the store.  Jack finds Zia passed out, his hand beside him on the floor.  Jack thinks that Renee has lost her mind.  Renee laughs and comments that “she’s just getting started”.

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