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Season Eight - Day 8: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Aired 1/18/10

Agent Cole Ortiz and Analyst Dana Walsh

By Carrie

From the UN building, Rob Weiss calls Brian Hastings.  Brian informs Rob that they have been unable to extract information from Meredith Reed.  Rob worries that the peace agreement will fall through if Hassan is assassinated.  Rob urges Brian to have the file decrypted soon.

At CTU, Cole asks Dana about the file.  Dana relays that the file should be ready in about thirty minutes.  Cole tells Dana about Jack.  Dana realizes that Chloe has been helping Jack.  Dana says it appears like Reed is withholding information.

Jack drives to a home in Queens to check out a lead.  Over the phone, Chloe mentions to Jack that the cab driver dropped off the suspect near the corner.

Mike Farmer/Davros continues to hold Jim and Maggie hostage.  Jim asks Maggie if she is okay.  Jim is shocked that Mike fooled everyone.  Mike points his gun at Jim.  Maggie starts to cry.  The phone rings, leaving everyone silent.  Mike picks up the phone and directs Jim to answer it.  Mike instructs Jim to tell the captain that they are changing shifts.  When Jim answers the phone, he tells the captain that he came down with the flu.  Jim adds that Mike Farmer will be covering his shift.  The captain wishes Jim a fast recovery.  Afterwards, Jim begs Mike to release he and his wife. 

Jack notices two security cameras near a basketball court.  The basketball players are suspicious of Jack.  They tell him to leave the premises.  One player notices Jackís gun.  Jack doesnít hesitate to show them the picture of the suspect.  A younger man points to a blue house and says the suspect went there.  Jack hands the man a one-hundred dollar bill.  Jack approaches the house with caution.  Jack looks in a front window and sees a dead man (Jim) inside.  Jack heads to the back door and slowly enters.  Jack finds Jim and Maggie dead in the living room.  Jack searches the upstairs and finds nothing out of the ordinary.  While Jack is calling Chloe, a police officer starts banging on the front door.  Jack panics and goes out the back.  Jack encounters a second police officer, who insists that he drop his weapon.  Jack frantically tells the young cop that he is helping CTU with finding a suspect.  Before the cop can speak, his partner tasers Jack from behind.  The older cop yells at Jack and calls him a cop killer.  They carry Jack inside the house.

At CTU, Brian asks Dana about the file.  An analyst tells Brian that a UN key card was found in Meredith Reedís personal effects.  Brian is thankful that they have concrete proof that Reed is involved.  Brian walks away just as Dana is getting a call at her desk.  Dana is told that she has a visitor Ė Kevin Wade.  Dana is quiet but finally says she will meet Kevin outside.  Chloe is watching from her workspace.  Dana uses the hand sensor device to leave the building.  On the elevator, Dana takes off her engagement ring.  Kevin makes small talk with the guard.  Kevin compliments Dana on her blond hair.  Dana doesnít want to play along and insists that she has moved on with her life.  Dana offers Kevin some money to go away.  Kevin wonít leave so Dana begs him to go.  Kevin threatens to tell all about Danaís secret.  Kevin says he wants to crash at Danaís place.  Dana reluctantly hands Kevin her house key, saying that he has to be gone in the morning.  Dana is about to tell Kevin her address but he says he already knows it.

Brian interrogates Meredith about the key card.  Meredith remains silent.  Brian keeps asking the same question.  Finally, Meredith comes clean and announces that Omar gave her the key card.  Brian is hesitant to believe this.  Meredith explains that she and Hassan would meet at his private residence.  Brian realizes that he needs to contact Rob to verify Reedís story.  Rob is held up at a meeting so Brian tells Meredith she has time to change her story.  Brian leaves the room as Chloe walks up to him.  Chloe wants Brianís help with locating Jack.  Brian insists that he canít help because there is no extra manpower.  Chloe thinks Reed is being framed.  Brian is growing tired of Chloeís opinions on the matter.  Chloe demands to know what Omar says about Reed.

In Jimís basement, the angry cop punches Jack, who is tied to a chair.  The police officer thinks they came across a home invasion robbery.  The younger cop isnít convinced.  The older police officer says that they will make up a story that Jack resisted the arrest.

Davros/Mike shows up at the UN building to cover for Jim.  Davros listens as Cole talks about the missile attack and roadblock assignments.  Cole tells his team that someone is being held at CTU for questioning.  Cole warns that everybody should be on alert Ė the suspect is very dangerous.

Presidents Taylor and Hassan are in the middle of a meeting when Omar is told he has an important phone call.  Brian wants to speak to Omar.  Farhad reminds his brother to keep quiet about the affair.  In another room, Omar speaks to Hastings.  Brian asks Omar about Meredith and the key card.  Omar hesitates to answer without knowing if the call is being monitored.  Brian assures Omar that the line is secure.  Omar blurts out that he did give Meredith the key card.  Farhad is outraged that Omar told the truth.  Omar feels he can trust Brian.  Omar believes that Meredith is innocent.  Farhad fears the worst now that Reed isnít a strong suspect anymore.  Afterwards, Chloe is in Brianís face asking for his help with Jack.  Brian assumes that Jack isnít contacting Chloe because of bad cell reception.  Chloe wants to go find Jack herself.  Brian warns that if Chloe leaves the CTU building, sheís fired.

In private, Farhad calls Davros.  Davros reassures Farhad that he shouldnít worry, that everything will happen according to schedule.  Davros instructs Farhad to remain calm, adding that Omar will be dead within the hour.

As nightfall approaches, Jack, whose face is bleeding, wakes up in the basement.  Jack manages to get loose and hits the angry cop with a piece of plywood.  The other cop points his gun at Jack.  Jack manages to get through to the young man.  The cop calls the lieutenant.  It is confirmed that there is a connection between Jim and the UN security detail.  Jack asks to be released.

Arlo canít finish the decryption so he asks to use Danaís computer.  Dana seems distracted.  Dana is irritated when Arlo tries to flirt with her.  Suddenly, the computer beeps showing that the decryption is complete.  Dana informs Brian that the screen is showing construction plans for the UN building.  They realize that a bomb is placed at the building.  Brian makes calls for an evacuation at the UN building.  Chloe tells Brian that the info might be fake.  Brian speaks to Cole.  Cole thinks the whole thing is suspicious but agrees to Brianís evacuation plan.

The meeting is cut short when Allison and Omar are informed of the bomb threat.  Cole escorts them out of the room.  Davros radios in to an unknown man and says that the bomb is ready to detonate.  The bomb isnít inside the building Ė it is located underneath a manhole in the street.  Davros plans on using his cell phone to detonate the bomb.

Allison and Omar are led through the parking garage and to separate cars.  Hassan asks about his family, but Farhad reassures him that heíll stay behind to meet them.  Farhad calls Davros and tells him what vehicle to look for.  Dalia and Kayla leave in a car with Farhad.

The young cop releases Jack from custody.  Jack is told that a cop named Mike Farmer took over Jimís shift at the UN security detail.  Jack calls Chloe and alerts her to the information.  Jack speaks to Cole about the situation.  Jack wants the cars brought back to the parking garage but Cole fears it is too late.  Cole speeds out of the garage and follows Omarís car.  Cole hits the side of Hassanís car just as there is an explosion.

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