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24 Episode Guide

Season Eight - Day 8: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Aired 1/17/10

Jack Bauer

By Carrie

The Russian assassin (who launched the missile) makes a call and says that Victor Aruz is dead.

Agent Cole Ortiz calls CTU and asks why the perimeter wasnít secure.  Jack speaks to Brian about Victorís last words, that someone close to Hassan ordered the hit.  Brian doesnít believe that Victor was credible.  Brian makes it clear that Jack needs to be debriefed at CTU. 

At CTU, Dayna makes a discovery regarding the UN server.

The press conference begins.  Hassan answers a few of the reportersí questions.  As he listens to the press conference, Rob gets a call from Hastings.  Brian relays the information they received from Victor.  Rob is worried and thinks that a lockdown is best.  However, Rob tells Brian that it is Allisonís decision.  The President finishes the press conference by saying that the peace agreement will last.  Allison and Omar shake hands as Rob watches nearby.  Rob whisks Allison away to speak in private.

Dalia tells her husband that he did a good job.  Omar gets a call from the female journalist.  She wants to see Omar as soon as possible.  Omar suggests meeting in his private office.

Arlo and Brian butt heads at CTU.  Arlo brings up that the drone didnít sense the missile before the explosion.  Arlo adds that he warned Brian beforehand that the anti-missile sensors werenít reliable.  Brian doesnít appreciate Arloís opinion.  Dana tells Brian that she traced an IP address to the person who hacked into the server.  Dana says that Chloe is working on it.  Brian is mad that Chloe is taking too long.  Suddenly, Chloe pulls up the file on Meredith Reed, a journalist.  They realize that Reed is at the press conference.  Brian makes a call to alert security.  Brian explains that Reed is a threat to Hassan.  Chloe pulls up live video feeds from the conference.  They see Reed in the building.  The guard grabs Meredith before she can speak to Omar.  Hassan is led to the elevator.

At CTU, Brian tells his staff that Meredith has been profiling Hassan.  Dana says that an encrypted file was found on Reedís computer.  Chloe senses that something is fishy about the whole thing.  Chloe expresses her concerns but Brian doesnít listen.  Brian instructs Chloe to debrief Jack.  Chloe isnít pleased that she is being taken off the floor.

Jack and Cole arrive at CTU.  Brian talks to Cole in private.  Brian wants Cole to stay quiet about the missile screwup.  Jack walks up and shakes Brianís hand.  Brian tells Jack about Meredith Reed.  Jack says that he needs to make a phone call.  Brian reinforces to Cole that he needs to stay quiet about what really happened.

Jack calls Kim.  Jack mentions that he needs to be debriefed.  Kim suggests picking up Jack from the CTU building.  Jack says he will get Chloe to okay a security pass.  Once off the phone, Stephen asks Kim if everything is fine.

Jack interrupts Brian and Coleís conversation.  Jack inquires about Chloeís whereabouts.  Chloe is happy to see Jack.  Chloe blurts out her opinion of Brian.  Chloe thinks that the file was planted at Reedís apartment.  Chloe finds video footage from a building near the explosion site.  An unknown man is shown entering the building.  Chloe wants Jack to help.  Jack refuses and says Chloe needs to finish the debriefing.

Hassan returns to his suite.  Omar cringes at the news reports.  Dalia canít understand how Reed got access to the press conference.  Hassan admits that he allowed Reed clearance.

The UN press director makes a statement to the people. 

In private, Farhad tells Omar that he warned him about Meredith.  Omar canít believe that Meredith is guilty.  Omar finally confesses that he and Meredith have been seeing each other for a while.  Omar wants his brother to keep quiet.  When Omar leaves, Farhad makes a phone call.  Farhad calls the Russian assassin.

Dana asks for Arloís help with the encrypted file.  Arlo stares seductively at Dana.  Dana gets a phone call.  To her horror, the man calls her Jenny Scott.  He threatens to call the police if she hangs up on him.  Dana states that she isnít Jenny and hangs up.  Cole returns.  Dana hugs him.  Dana apologizes for being so distant.

Meredith is escorted into CTU.  Brian introduces himself.  Meredith wants an attorney.  Brian explains that her apartment was searched and they found files on her home computer.  Meredith is visibly confused.  Meredith maintains that the evidence was fabricated.  Jack eavesdrops on the conversation.  Brian doesnít buy Meredithís story and wants the truth.  Brian leads her to the interrogation room.  Jack talks to Brian.  Jack believes that Meredith is telling the truth.  Jack shows Brian the picture of the unknown man.  Brian isnít impressed.  Jack points out that it is possible that it could be someone else.  Brian has no intentions of helping Jack.  Jack stresses that Chloe is a valuable asset for CTU.  Jack insists that Brian should listen to Chloe.  Brian wonít back down and walks away.

Chloe asks Jack to follow the lead but he refuses to help.  Jack gives Chloe the cold shoulder.  Before leaving, Chloe begs Jack to help just this once.  Chloe reminds Jack that she has helped him several times in the past so itís his turn to help her.  Jack apologizes and leaves the room.  Chloe has tears in her eyes.

Jack walks over to Kim and Teri.  Teri shows Jack a picture she drew of their family.  Kim tells Jack that she talked to Chloe.  Jack is furious but Kim points out that he needs to help Chloe.  Jack reluctantly agrees to help his friend.  Father and daughter hug.  Through tears, Kim tells Jack to be careful.  Kim explains to Teri that Jack will be meeting up with them in California.  Teri is disappointed.

Brian walks into the interrogation room.  Meredith is hooked up to a lie-detector.  Meredith explains how she first met Hassan. 

Hassan meets with President Taylor.  Allison reassures Omar that everything is secure.  Omar inquires about Meredith.  Allison says that CTU is interrogating Reed.

Jack returns to help Chloe.  Chloe is relieved for backup and thanks Jack for sticking around.  They check out traffic cameras near Reedís apartment.  When the camera footage zooms in, they see a closeup of the taxicab number.  Jack leaves to check out the lead.

Dana makes a call to Ruth, an old acquaintance.  Ruth refers to Dana as Jenny.  Dana asks bluntly if Ruth contacted her ex.  Ruth doesnít know what Dana is talking about.  Dana is worried that the truth will come out.  Arlo walks up to Dana and announces that someone hacked into his system.  Arlo says that someone accessed the drone archives.  Dana advises Arlo to check it out.

Brian asks Meredith some questions but her answers are showing she is lying.  Meredith is adamant that sheís telling the truth.   Dana interrupts the interrogation and says that they have a problem:  Jack Bauer.

Jack is able to access the armory using a hand sensor device.  Chloe calls Jack and tells him where the cab dropped off the suspect.  Before Jack can leave, the guards barge in.  They search Jack for weapons.  Brian instructs the guards to bring Jack to Detention.  Jack pipes in that he heard Brian and Coleís earlier conversation.  Brian canít believe that Jack is trying to blackmail him.  Brian tells Cole to give Jack a bag.  Jack requests Chloeís help with the lead.  Brian agrees to the suggestion.

The Russian assassin shows up at a NY residence looking for his friend Jim.  Maggie, Jimís wife, asks the man if he wants coffee.  The woman brings up Hassanís press conference.  It is revealed that the Russian assassin is posing as Mike Farmer, a cop who is working the UN security detail.  Mike wants Jim to change shifts with him.  Jim tells Mike that he canít due to a family obligation.  Mike is mad so he whips out a gun.  Jim and his wife canít believe it.  Mike tells Maggie to sit.  Suddenly, Mike is talking with a Russian accent.  Mike instructs Jim to cover Maggieís mouth.  Mike wants Jim to call the captain to let him know that he and Mike are switching shifts.  Jim hesitates so Mike shoots Maggie in the leg. 

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