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Season Eight - Day 8: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Aired 1/17/10

Omar and Farhad

By Carrie

A taxi pulls up to a New York apartment building. Victor Aruz, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt,  gets out.  A Russian man is watching from nearby and tells the waiting assassin not to shoot.  Victor walks into a seedy building and passes a man in the hallway.  Victor enters an apartment and calls out for his son.  Victor finds his sonís dead body in the bathtub.  Panicked, Victor makes a call to his wife.  She is hysterical because their second son was gunned down.  The Russian man is continuing to keep an eye on Victorís movements.  When a man wearing a red sweatshirt leaves the building, the assassins think it is Victor.  However, the man turns his head and it is clear that it isnít Aruz.  The assassins realize it is a diversion and Victor has left through a back door.  Victor hotwires a car and speeds away.  The men shoot at Victorís vehicle while he swerves out of the way of oncoming traffic.  Victor is wounded but he manages to get away from the gunmen.  Unknown to Victor, the assassin makes a call to 911 to report a stolen vehicle.

Jack Bauer wakes up from a nap on his living room couch.  Teri, Jackís granddaughter, is sitting nearby.  Jack turns on the TV and puts on a news channel.  Teri insists that she wants to watch cartoons.  Jack abides to Teriís wishes and changes the channel.  Jack gets a call from Kim, who is in the car with Stephen, her husband.  Kim inquires about Jack and Teriís zoo visit.  Jack smiles at Teri.  Jack says that he and Teri spent most of their time watching the bears.  Jack tells Kim that Teri reminds him of her.  Kim is touched by her fatherís kind words.  After the phone call, Stephen asks if she plans to speak to Jack about moving to Los Angeles.  Kim is reluctant to ask her father.  Kim thinks that Jack will fight her on the idea.

At the United Nations, U.S. President Allison Taylor and Kamistan President Omar Hassan are about to hold a press conference.  Beforehand, President Taylor speaks to Hassan about the terms of their peace agreement.  Ethan Kanin, Taylorís Secretary of State, and Farhad Hassan, Omarís Chief Advisor, are also present.  Allison says that she is going to speak to her Cabinet members.  Hassan thinks it is a good idea.  In private, Kanin comments that Omar is a ďsalesmanĒ.  Kanin thinks it is imperative that Allison give Hassan what he wants.  Allison knows that Hassan is against terrorism.

Jack and Teri take the elevator down to meet up with Kim.  Kim returns and asks how the day went.  Teri shows her mom the stuffed animal she has fittingly named Bear.  Jack takes Kim by surprise when he announces that heíll be accompanying them to L.A.  Kim doesnít know what to say.  Jack says that he can do consulting work in California.  Jack agrees to follow Kim, Stephen, and Teri to the airport.  They walk to the car.  They all look very happy.  Once Teri and Kim are in the vehicle, Jack tells his daughter that heíll meet up with them in an hour.  Unbeknownst to Jack, Victor is watching from a nearby car.  Victor grabs a gun from the passenger seat.

Taylorís Chief-of-Staff Rob Weiss announces that the President and Hassan will be speaking shortly.  A blond-haired reporter tries to get through with press credentials but the guard informs her that theyíve been revoked.  The woman is upset that she canít get clearance.

Privately, Farhad tells Omar that Kanin is doing everything he can to help them.  Omar is happy that Allison is lifting sanctions but continues to be weary.  Omar gets a call from the so-called reporter.  She explains that her credentials were revoked.  Omar agrees to clear up the matter and suggests meeting later.  Afterwards, Omar orders Farhad to give the woman clearance.  Farhad is unwilling to comply.  Farhad implies that Omar and the woman are in a relationship.  Omar insists that the journalist is only writing a newspaper article about him.  Farhad thinks it is a bad idea for Omar to meet with the woman.  Farhad suggests that it wonít look good in the eyes of the Kamistan people.  Plus, Farhad adds, Omar is married.  Omar replies back that he and his wife are not getting along right now.  Omar doesnít think he is doing anything wrong.

Jack starts to pack for his move to California.  There is a knock on his apartment door.  It is Victor Aruz.  Jack recognizes Victor as an old informant.  Victor insists that he needs Jackís help.  Victor is visibly injured.  Victor pleads with Jack to do the right thing.  Victor explains that he has information regarding a possible hit on President Hassan.  Victor asks Jack to vouch for him at CTU.  Jack is reluctant to get involved and asks Victor for his gun.  Jack asks bluntly who the ďhitterĒ is.  Victor says that he doesnít know the hitterís name, only that heís Russian.  Victor wants a deal before he tells all.

At CTU New York, Agents Cole Ortiz and Dana Walsh talk about their upcoming wedding.  Chloe OíBrian is complaining that her computer isnít working correctly.  Dana is friendly toward Chloe and offers to help solve the problem.  Jack calls Chloe and asks to speak to Director Brian Hastings.  Jack says that it is important and hints about an attempt on Hassanís life.  Chloe runs to Hastings but he doesnít think the information is credible.  Jack urges Brian to check out Victorís profile.  Hastings refuses to corroborate Aruzís tip.  Hastings wants proof before heíll check into it.  Jack warns that heíll call the President if Brian doesnít help.  Brian tells Chloe to look through some files.  Jack puts Victor on speakerphone.  Victor says that the gunmen took out two of his children.  Jack agrees to bring Victor in.  Jack wants a team ready.

CTU Analyst Arlo Glass is looking at racy websites when Cole interrupts him.  Cole warns that Brian will be mad if he finds out Arlo isnít working.  Arlo agrees to get back to work.  Brian tells Cole, Dana, and Arlo about Jackís lead.  Brian asks for their help.

Before leaving, Jack checks out the alley first.  Jack escorts Victor outside.  At the same time, a police call comes in about the stolen car.  The Russian men are listening in on the radio frequency.  They hear the carís location.  Their objective is clear: kill Victor.

Rob walks into Allisonís office and says that he has good news.  Allison is delighted to hear that there is a counterproposal on inspections.  Kanin walks in.  Allison starts to reminisce about Henry, her ex-husband.  Allison talks about their bitter divorce.  Allison is still upset that Henry said unkind things about her to the press.  Ethan explains that Allison had no choice but to leave Henry.  Rob returns and announces that Jack Bauer has a potential lead.  Allison is surprised to hear Jackís name since he no longer works for the government.  Rob maintains that Hassan should know about the assassination attempt.  Ethan disagrees.  Rob thinks that they need to be upfront.  Allison agrees to think it over. 

Outside of the office, Kanin stops to take some prescription pills.  Rob apologizes for stating his opinion.  Kanin smiles and insists that everything is okay.

Jack calls Kim.  Jack says that heíll be late so he will meet them at the airport.  Kim senses that something is wrong but doesnít push it.  Jack and Victor continue to walk slowly around the city.

At CTU, Brian gives Chloe a hard time about her work.  Brian thinks that Chloe should be more efficient and notes that she has been there an entire month.  Brian brings up that Chloeís husband was downsized.  Chloe is irritated and maintains that she needs this job.  Brian wants Chloe to be more competent at her job.  Chloe hurries out of the room.

On the CTU floor, Dana tells Cole that she is worried about the lead.  Dana asks Cole to be careful out in the field.  Cole and an agent walk toward the helicopter.  The agent implies that Dana is rethinking her marriage to Cole.  Cole laughs it off.

Victor passes out near a dumpster.  Jack sees that Victorís wound is bad.  Jack notices a mattress next to him.  As a piece is cut out of the mattress, a witness sees Jack and Victor and fears the worst.  The man makes a call to 911.

In the suite, Dalia Hassan, Omarís wife, is putting on eyeliner.  Their daughter, Kayla, walks in.  Kayla says it is time for the press conference.  It is obvious that there is tension between Dalia and Kayla.  Omar appears suddenly.  Omar leans in to kiss Dalia but she backs away.  Dalia comments that their marriage is just for show.  Omar apologizes to Kayla for witnessing this.  The three leave for the press conference.

Farhad tells the guard that the female reporter can enter.  Farhad warns the woman that she needs to stay away from Omar.

Rob informs Allison that Hassan is on his way to the press conference.  Rob wants Allison to tell Omar the truth.  Before she can answer, Hassan and his family enter the room.  Allison greets them.  Hassan thanks Allison for being so welcoming.  Rob makes an announcement that the press conference will last about a half-hour.

Jack manages to get Victor to stand up but the police stop them.  Jack pleads with the policeman to not use the radio Ė the gunmen are listening in.  However, the Russians are already there. The gunmen shoot at Jack, Victor, and the police.  Jack shoots at a lock on a building.  Jack and Victor run for shelter.  Jack realizes that he is out of bullets.  Jack calls Chloe and asks where the chopper is located.  Cole talks to Jack.  Cole explains that Jack needs to get to the eighth floor of the building to access the helicopter.  Jack senses that Victor isnít going to make it to CTU.  Jack asks Victor to tell him what he knows.  Victor wonít answer him.  Jack tells Victor that he canít die.  The assassins walk up the stairs.  Jack is hiding nearby.   Jack takes the men by surprise.  Using an ax, Jack stabs the man and the other falls down the stairs to his death.   Jack breaks a glass window.  Jack and Victor get to the roof as the chopper lands.  Ortiz walks toward Jack and Victor.  Jack informs the agent that the hostiles are dead.  Cole needs Jack to be debriefed.  Jack has no intentions on going to CTU.  All of a sudden, Jack sees a missile coming their way.  Jack pushes Cole to the ground.  There is an explosion Ė the chopper has been blown up.  Chloe, Brian, and Dana are watching this develop from CTU.  Dana looks worried.  Jack and Cole are okay but the other agent is dead.  Victor is barely holding on.  Jack asks Victor what he knows.  Victor manages to say that someone on the inside is responsible.  Victor dies before giving Jack a name.

The female reporter makes a phone call to an unknown person.  She tells them that she is behind schedule.

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