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24 Episode Guide

"Redemption" Aired 11/23/08

Jack Bauer

By Carrie

In Sangala, Africa, Colonel Ike Dubaku calls one of his men to say that they need to recruit more young soldiers.  Dubaku hands a boy a machete.  Dubaku says that General Benjamin Juma will need the boys to guarantee his takeover of Sangala.  Dubaku wants the boy to kill a man with the machete.  The man begins to cry.  The others are urging the boy to use the machete.

Frank Trammel, a man who works for the US government, is in a car complaining about the weather in Sangala.  Frank is on his way to serve a subpoena.

Two boys are playing a game of soccer when someone rings a bell at the school.

Inside, Willie, one of the young boys, starts rifling through a backpack.  Willie puts a knife under his shirt.  Jack Bauer walks in.  The boy is frightened at first.  Willie notices a beautiful scarf.  Jack says that he plans on giving the scarf to his daughter.  Willie inquires about Jackís travels.  Jack tells Willie that he can keep the scarf but needs to give back the knife.

Frank shows up from the Embassy.  Frank tells Jack that the Senate Subcommittee is going to hold a hearing about Bauerís interrogation practices.  Jack refuses to comply.  Jack states that he wonít willingly come back to the US.

Carl Benton, a friend, brings up that Jack has been evading the subpoena for a year.  Frank says that someone will find Jack eventually.  Frank hands Carl the subpoena papers.

Jack helps unload a truck.  Charles Solenz, a UN aid worker, asks why Jack is in Sangala.  The vehicle carrying Frank drives by.

Youssou Dubaku, Ikeís younger brother, tells Ike that he will have enough soldiers for the coup.  Jonas Hodges calls from Washington D.C. to inquire if Dubaku needs help with recruiting.  Hodges is adamant that Dubaku owes him because he has provided him weapons.  Hodges wants Juma to call him.

Jonas tells his lawyer that nothing can be traced back to him.

Chris, a man who works for Jonasí lawyer, is buzzed in to speak with his boss.  Chrisí boss wants him to get rid of all incriminating files.

Carl tells Jack that he should consider going back to the US.  Jack refuses to.  Carl thinks that Jack has been running for too long.  Jack says that his situation is different from Carlís.  Carl is resolute that Jack needs to stop running.  Carl adds that Jack can stay with him as long as he wants.  Jack doesnít like involving Carl in his business.  Jack decides to leave and the two shake hands.

Charles is worried about Jumaís movement in the area.  Some of the natives say that Juma is going take their children away.  Carl tells one boy that they shouldnít go into town unsupervised.

The children are playing a game of soccer in town.  Desmond, Willieís brother, gets into a shouting match with one of the boys.  Youssou shows up with some soldiers.  They shoot up in the sky.  The boys know that they are trapped.  Youssou announces that the boys will be working for Juma now.  Youssou denounces the US.  Desmond and another boy run away.  The soldiers drive after them.  The boys run into the bushes.  The men shoot at the boys and drive away.

Roger Taylor and his girlfriend, Samantha, are getting dressed.  Chris calls Roger.  Chris thinks that he is in trouble.  From his car, Chris asks to meet with Roger.  Roger finally agrees to meet.  Sam canít believe that Chris is coming there since it is the day of Allisonís inauguration.

It is Inauguration Day.  Allison speaks to Henry, her husband.  The current Chief-of-Staff Tom Lennox asks to talk to Allison.  Tom tells her about the imminent coup in Sangala.

Sangalaís Prime Minister Ule Matobo speaks to President Noah Daniels.  Matobo asks for the USís assistance.  Daniels says that he is unsure if Taylor will help.  Daniels cuts short the conference with Matobo.

Allison and Noah shake hands.  Allison inquires about the situation in Sangala.  Allison wonders who is supplying Juma with weapons.  Allison points out that there are already US troops in the area.  Daniels doesnít think it is a good idea to invade.  Allison wants to deploy troops.  Daniels doesnít agree.  Daniels hints that Allison shouldnít be making important decisions until she is sworn in.

Carl notices the deflated soccer ball in town.  Carl heads for the bushes.  Vultures are near the boysí bodies.  One boy is dead.  Desmond is injured.  Carl carries Desmond to the vehicle.

Willie offers to carry Jackís bag.  Jack says he is leaving.  Willie wants to go to the US, but Jack is adamant that he isnít going home.  Jack wants Willie to help Carl with tending to the boys.  Willie hugs Jack.  Willie begins to cry.

Thomas, a man who helps at the school, runs to Jack.  Thomas has a message from Carl.  Carl tells Jack that Desmond has been shot.  They think that Juma is on his way to the school.  Carl wants Jack to hide the children.  Charles thinks that everyone is overreacting.  Vehicles start showing up.  Jack grabs some guns in Carlís room.  Everyone runs to a classroom where there is a hidden bunker underground.  Jumaís men look for the boys.  Jack causes a diversion.  Jack throws grenades and starts shooting at the men.  There is an explosion behind Jack.

The kids are very quiet.  Youssou searches the classroom.  Jack kills some more men outside.  Youssou leaves the room.  Jack hides.  Jack throws dynamite.  Jack shoots some more men.  Jack runs into the woods.  No one can find Jack.  Jack jumps on two men.  Jack is knocked down.  Youssou wants Jack to tell him where the children are.  Carl pulls up at the school.   Desmond is still bleeding.  Carl leaves Desmond in the car.  Carl sees that Jack has been grabbed.

The people of Sangala are showing up at the US Embassy.  Frank wonít allow them to enter.  Frank walks away.  Carl calls Frank.  Carl needs his help at the school.  Frank explains that Americans are being evacuated but no natives.

Jack is punched repeatedly.  Jack is questioned about the boysí whereabouts.  Youssou has a machete.  Jack continues to be tortured.  Jack notices a reflection in the distance, caused by Carl.  Jack tells Youssou that heíll give him the location of the children.  Jack points in Carlís direction.

Carl ambushes the soldiers.  Jack grabs the machete and kills the men.  Carl unties the rope around Jackís wrists.  Youssou is dead.  Carl needs to get to the Embassy.

Thomas warns the children to stay quiet.  Carl opens the door and tells the boys to run to the bus.  Willie sees that Desmond is hurt.  Charles refuses to go with.  Jack says that he needs Charlesí help in bringing the children to the city.

Roger meets with Chris.  Roger tells Chris that he has five minutes.  Chris explains that his boss, Nichols, had a project for Chris which involved opening off-shore accounts.  Chris adds that he did some digging and found out that one of Nicholsí clients was on the terrorist watch list.  Chris wants to go to the authorities, but thinks that Rogerís mom can help.  Roger emphasizes that it isnít a good idea.  Chris says that he has evidence on his home computer.  Samantha walks in and says hi to Chris.  Roger tells his friend to send him files and heíll take a look at them.

General Juma shows up at Dubakuís station.  Dubaku is confident that the coup will be successful.  Dubaku gets a message that Youssou is dead.  Dubaku finds out that Charles Solenz can lead him to the man responsible for Youssouís murder:  Jack Bauer.

Jack thinks that Desmond might die.  In the bus, Jack hears a conversation through the walkie-talkie.  Jack realizes that the men know that they are in a bus.  They pull over.  Jack, Carl, and the boys walk through the woods.

Daniels shows Allison a folder holding classified information.  Daniels makes a toast to Allison.  Daniels brings up the election.  Allison thinks that Daniels didnít have the heart for another term.  Daniels warns Allison to be careful.  Allison tells Henry about the coup.  Allison is worried.  Allison wants to call Ethan Kanin.

Dubaku wants Jack to die, but Juma insists that Ike needs to be clear-minded.  Juma stresses that they have only one hour.

Chris returns home.  Chris accesses his computer.  Chris begins copying the files.  Chris senses something is wrong.  Chris checks the bedroom.  Chris returns to his desk and sees a man sitting in front of the computer.  The man is recovering the files.  Chris insists that he didnít make any other copies.  The man erases the files.  Another man appears and grabs Chris.  Chris begins to be interrogated.

In the limo, Sam says to Roger that she doesnít trust Chris.  Roger promises to help his friend.  They arrive at the Capitol.  Agent Vossler, the limo driver, gets a call from one of the goons in Chrisí apartment.

Jack directs Carl and the children what road to take into the city.  Carl tells Jack how to get out of Sangala.  They say goodbye.  Jack suddenly senses something is wrong.  Jack yells for them to hide.  A helicopter shows up and men start shooting at them.  Dubaku is unable to get a visual on them.  The chopper pulls away.  The children continue to walk.  Willie notices the scarf hanging on a branch.  Willie walks over to it.  Carl realizes that Willie is standing on a land mine.  Carl quickly steps on the land mine and tells Willie and the others to leave.  Jack tells Carl that he can try to disable the device, but Carl stresses that there isnít enough time.  Carl is willing to sacrifice his life for the safety of the children.  Carl hands Jack the subpoena papers.  Jack leaves.  Carl tells Willie that heíll catch up with them.

Dubaku makes his way through the woods.  Carl surrenders to the men.  Carl wants to bring the men closer to him.  Dubaku shoots Carl in the arm.  Carl wonít rat out Jack.  Jack hears an explosion.  Jack starts to cry.

Jack makes his way to the Embassy with the children in tow.  Willie realizes that Carl is dead.  Willie begins to cry.  Jack emphasizes that Carl saved all their lives.  Jack is truly sorry about what happened to his friend.  Jack spots a suspicious man in town.  Jack shoots at the guy.  Everyone screams.  Gunfire erupts.  Jack sees a child with a gun.  Jack tries to reason with the boy.  The boy eventually runs away.

Roger checks his messages, but there is nothing from Chris.  Allison and Henry arrive for the Inauguration.  They are happy to see Roger.  Jonas Hodges is standing by Vossler.  Hodges wants to make sure that no one finds out about his involvement.  Hodges tells Vossler to keep an eye on Roger.

Jack and the children arrive at the Embassy.  A chopper leaves the area.  Jack talks to Frank.  Jack pleads with Frank to help the boys.  Frank asks to see Jackís subpoena papers.  Frank explains that the only way the boys will get through is if Jack surrenders.  Jack has no choice but to comply.  Frank opens the gate.  Willie, Desmond, and the other boys are led through.  Jack is arrested.

Allison is sworn in as President.  Allison addresses the nation.

Jack and Willie are escorted onto the chopper.  Willie smiles at Jack.  They leave Sangala.

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