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24 Episode Guide

Season Seven - Day 7: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Aired 5/18/09 SEASON FINALE!

Kim and Jack

By Carrie

From outside the airport, Renee calls Chloe. Renee asks Chloe if she has found any information on the laptop. Kim is concerned about how much time her father has left.

Jack is able to crawl under a garage door. He breaks a taxicab window. Tony shows up and starts shooting. Jack is able to close the garage door. Jack notices that oil is leaking from the taxicab. Tony is able to get the door open. Jack is trapped.

Kanin and Aaron head to Oliviaís office. The three of them listen to the recording. Olivia canít believe that Aaron went along with this. Olivia tells Kanin that she tried to stop the attempt on Hodgesí life. Olivia insists that she will resign and that Kanin can have his job back. Kanin tells Olivia that the President needs to hear the truth from her.

Tony handcuffs Jack. Jack canít believe that Tony is going along with this. Jack wants to die in peace. Tony admits that he never planned to use Jack to reconstruct the pathogen. Tony discloses that it was all a ploy for Alan Wilson to come to the warehouse. Tony explains that Wilson was responsible for Michelleís death. Jack canít believe that Tony is still seeking revenge. Tony thinks that he saved lives today. Jack tells Tony that he is crazy. Jack adds that killing Alan wonít help. Tony says that he isnít going to kill Alan, but implies that Jack will. Tony puts a bomb on Jack and arms the device. Jack is outraged. Cara tells Tony that Alan is on his way. Jack glares at Cara and Tony. Cara stares at the monitor and announces that Alan has arrived. Cara and Tony leave the room to meet Alan.

Three vehicles pull up outside of the warehouse. A man instructs Cara and Tony to put their hands behind their heads. They are searched for weapons. The man finds Tonyís phone, but hands it back to him. Tony clenches the phone. Cara kisses Alan on the cheek. Alan asks about Bauer. Alanís men escort Jack outside. All of a sudden, a chopper shows up. It is Renee and her FBI team.

Gunfire erupts. Jack manages to get free. Petroleum starts leaking all around. Tony shoots, which causes a huge explosion. Renee gets to the ground. Renee finds Jack. Renee tells him that she can disarm the device. Jack explains that Alan Wilson is behind everything. Jack instructs Renee to stop Tony from killing Wilson. Renee is successful in disarming the bomb.

Alan and Cara go inside the warehouse. Alan wants to know how the FBI found them. Tony is waiting for them. Cara walks up to Tony. Tony shoots Cara. Tony holds a gun to Alanís head. Tony says that he has been trying to find Alan for years. Tony adds that Alan ruined his life. It is revealed that Tonyís wife, Michelle, was pregnant with their unborn son when she died. Tony screams at Alan that he took away everything in his life. Suddenly, Renee shoots Tony in the shoulder. Jack shoots Tonyís hand. Renee tells the agents to escort Tony outside. Tony yells that Jack is just like Alan. Jack falls to the ground, clearly in pain.

Outside, Alanís head is stitched up. Renee glares at him. Renee tells Alan that heíll be charged with treason. Alan says that he doesnít know what sheís talking about. Alan maintains that Renee has no evidence to convict him. Renee grabs Alan in frustration. Renee leaves to go check on Jack.

Jack is being prepped for the ride to the hospital. Renee goes to see Jack. Renee explains that Alan is denying everything. Renee insists that she can make Alan talk. Renee doesnít know what to do. Jack knows that Renee has to make difficult choices being an FBI agent. Jack stresses the point that Renee needs to make decisions that she can live with. Renee starts to cry. Jack is wheeled away on a stretcher.

President Taylor goes to see Olivia. Henry is waiting in the room. Allison asks what is going on. Olivia sadly admits that she is responsible for Hodgesí death. Olivia explains why she did it. Olivia says that she tried to call off the hit, but it was too late. Olivia adds that Kanin has a recording of her and Martinís conversation. Allison is clearly shocked. Allison grabs Olivia and shakes her. Allison canít believe that Olivia would do this. Henry pipes in that Hodges deserved to die. Henry wants the data card to be destroyed. The President is shocked by her husbandís words. Allison says that she canít cover up a murder. Henry brings up that they have already lost Roger, so they canít afford to lose another child. Tim interrupts. Allison leaves the room. Henry tells Olivia that their family can be saved if Allison destroys the recording. Olivia and Henry are crying. Olivia apologizes for what sheís done.

Tim calls Janis about Wilson. Tim says that Wilsonís transfer papers need to be in order. Chloe tells Janis that she is going to stay in D.C. for a while because of Jack. Janis thanks Chloe for her help and vice versa.

Alone, Allison looks at a photo of her family. She begins to cry.

The doctor tells Jack that his condition is worsening. The doctor says that all she can give him is morphine. Jack has a visitor. It is the man from Al-Zarianís house of worship. Jack thanks him for coming. Jack says that he will be dying soon. Jack feels guilty for what heís done. The man prays with Jack.

Olivia is pacing the room. Henry tells her to sit. Allison returns. Allison kisses Henry and hugs Olivia. Allison feels sorry about the situation. Allison has no choice but to have Olivia brought into Federal Custody. Olivia and Henry are stunned. Allison explains that she has to honor her Presidential Oath. The President tells Olivia that Aaron will be escorting her to the Justice Department. Allison apologizes, but Henry remains silent. Allison walks out of the room. President Taylor begins to sob. Kanin walks by and offers to talk. Allison says that she couldnít turn away from the truth. Allison doesnít think that Henry will forgive her. Kanin maintains that he will take back his resignation. President Taylor says she needs Kaninís help regarding the Alan Wilson situation.

Alan is sitting in the Interrogation room. Janis tells Renee to sign Wilsonís transfer papers. Renee tells Janis to leave. Janis refuses. Renee cuffs Janisí hand to a pole. Janis tells Renee to rethink what she is about to do. Janis reminds Renee that she shouldnít dishonor Larryís death. Renee goes into the Interrogation room and stares at Alan.

Kim shows up at the hospital. The doctor says that Jack is in an induced coma. Jackís visitor tells Kim that her father accepts his fate. Kim wants to know more about the stem cell procedure. Kim asks the doctor if it is too late. The doctor says that there is still time to do the procedure. The doctor makes a call. Kim pays a visit to Jack. Kim tells her father that she isnít ready to let him go.

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