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Season Seven - Day 7: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Aired 5/18/09

Jack and the doctor

By Carrie

Through a teleconference, the Deputy Attorney General speaks to Olivia Taylor. He talks about Jonas Hodgesí death. Olivia is acting nervous.

At the White House, President Taylor asks Tim where Olivia is. Tim says that the Deputy Attorney General is questioning Olivia. The President holds a Cabinet meeting. Allison updates everyone about the seized canister. Allison comments that Hodges was working with more people. The President says that they have no Intel regarding these other people, but points out that Tony Almeida is involved.

In the vehicle, Renee radios in to Headquarters that they will be arriving soon. Cara is talking in Jackís ear. Cara instructs Jack on what to do and when Tony should be released.

At the airport, the Ops posing as husband and wife continue to sit next to Kim. An elderly woman makes a comment about the Opís laptop. Kim notices a cut on the male Opís neck. The female Op makes up an excuse. The man gets up to call Cara. He tells Cara that Kim is onto him. Cara says that Tony will be released soon.

Jack asks to look at Reneeís walkie-talkie. Jack says that he needs to change Reneeís radio frequency. Suddenly, Jack gets up and orders Renee and the agents to give up their guns. Jack orders the driver to handcuff himself to the steering wheel. Jack tells the driver to make a sharp right turn. Janis is unable to get through to Renee. Renee wants to know why Jack is doing this. Jack explains that Kim is in trouble. Chloe and Janis are trying to locate the vehicle. The driver pulls into a tunnel. There is an SUV parked on the side. Renee tells Jack that he canít do this. Renee is told to uncuff Tony. Tony asks for Jackís gun. Tony handcuffs Renee and Jack. Tony escorts Jack to the SUV. Cara doesnít want a hostage. Tony says that Cara needs to trust him. Tony adds that Jack can help them. Tony points out that Jack has enough of the bioagent in his system for them to make more of the pathogen. Cara appears impressed that Tony is thinking ahead.

At the White House, Kanin meets with Aaron. Aaron tells him about Hodgesí death. Aaron thinks that Olivia was involved with the car bomb. Kanin thinks that Aaron is overreacting. Aaron wants Kanin to access the digital recording service. Kanin is reluctant, but finally agrees to help. Kanin and Aaron head to Ethanís old office.

The Deputy Attorney General finishes his conversation with Olivia. Olivia makes her way back to the office. Aaron causes a diversion. Kanin is waiting in Oliviaís office. Olivia is suspicious. Kanin explains that he forgot some files. Olivia looks over the documents. Olivia implies that Kanin needs to leave immediately. Olivia instructs Aaron to stick around. Olivia is furious that Kanin was left alone in her office. Olivia notices that the digital recording service on the wall has been tampered with. Olivia calls Security to detain Kanin. Before he can leave the White House, Kanin is stopped.

Police show up at the tunnel. Renee tells Janis and Chloe about Jack and Kim. Chloe makes a call to the airport. Kim is asked to approach the ticket counter. Kim receives a phone call from Renee. Renee warns Kim that some Ops are watching her at the airport. Renee informs Kim that the agent following her was killed by an Op. Kim says that she has been talking to a married couple. Suddenly, the male Op walks up behind her. Renee realizes that Kim is in danger. Once off the phone, Kim lies to the man and says that there was a problem with her baggage. The two head back to their seats. Kim shows the female Op photos of her daughter. The man tells the woman to grab Kim. Kim tries to run, but the female Op grabs her. The man shouts at Security. Kim is able to get free. The female Op is shot. The man runs away. Kim calls Renee. Kim demands to know when the airport police are going to show up. Kim tells Renee that the man got away. Kim decides to go after the male Op.

Kanin is waiting in Holding. Olivia walks in. Olivia demands to know what Kanin took from her office. Kanin admits that he took the data card from the digital recording service. Kanin suggests that the two of them should listen to the tape. Olivia warns that Kanin needs to give up the tape or he will be arrested. Olivia tells Kanin that the President ordered his detainment. An agent finds the data card on Kanin. Kanin tells Olivia that she is in big trouble. Once alone, Olivia destroys the recording.

Kanin is led through the White House. Aaron tells the other agents he will escort Kanin outside. Kanin tells Aaron that the agent was unable to find the real data card. Kanin says he will let Aaron know what he finds on the card.

Cara, Tony, and Jack arrive at a warehouse. The technicians escort Jack inside. Jack wants to know what is going on. They lead Jack to a medical area. Tony tells Jack that they are going to reconstruct the biotoxin. The men give Jack an anti-seizure medication. Jack relaxes. Cara says sheíll contact Alan. Tony wants a bigger role in the group. Cara says that it isnít the right time. Tony explains that he has to meet with Alan to plead his case. Tony points out that he was a big reason why the group was successful today. The men begin to extract spinal fluid from Jack. Jack starts to scream.

Olivia calls Martin. Martin tells her to relax since the data card was destroyed. Martin insists that Kanin doesnít have any credible evidence. Tim tells Olivia that her mother is in a Cabinet meeting. Tim notices that Olivia is upset.

Renee and the team arrive at the airport. Kim is missing. Kim is following the Op. The Op goes to the baggage area and runs up the stairwell. Kim follows him. Kim finds some guards. Kim tells them to contact Agent Walker. The Op manages to get in a vehicle. All of a sudden, the Op is driving by Kim and the guards. He starts shooting at them and hits one of the guards. The Op gets shot. The Opís car turns over. The car starts on fire. Kim runs to the car and reaches for the manís laptop. The Op grabs at her arm, but Kim is successfully able to get to the laptop in time. However, Kimís arm catches on fire. Kim throws her jacket to the ground. Renee shows up and asks if Kim is hurt. Kim says that the laptop will help them find her father. Renee is impressed. Kim says that she used to work at CTU. Kim tells Renee that they need to call Chloe.

Kanin gets in his car. Alone, Kanin is able to access the data card from there. Kanin hears Olivia and Martinís conversation.

Tony asks the technicians how long Jack has to live. The men say about two hours. Tony wants to know if they can still reconstruct the bioagent from Jackís blood.

By phone, Alan speaks to Cara. Cara explains that Tony helped them immensely. Alan doesnít want to meet with Tony. Cara adds that Tony was useful in todayís events. Alan finally agrees to meet with them. Alan tells Cara that he will be there shortly.

Jack wakes up and surprises the technicians. Jack stabs one and strangles the other. Jack manages to walk away from the medical area. Jack runs outside, but an alarm is triggered. It is daylight outside. Tony and Cara run after Jack, unaware of where he went.

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