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Season Seven - Day 7: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM
Aired 5/11/09

Renee and Jack

By Carrie

Cara, Tonyís female accomplice, tells Alan Wilson over the phone that the canisters are being refitted. Some technicians are running tests on the canisters. Cara smiles to herself and informs Alan that the canisters will be ready soon.

In the vehicle, Tony puts a listening device in Jibraanís ear. Tony wants Jibraan to walk to the subway station. Tony reminds Jibraan to follow orders or Hamid dies. Jibraan starts heading to the station on foot. Tony reenters the van. Tony and his men are tracking Jibraanís movements.

Cara puts on a brunette wig and glasses. She puts a canister in a backpack.

At Al-Zarianís apartment, Jack tells Hamid that they will find his brother. Tonyís accomplice is losing a lot of blood from his neck wound. Jack tells Renee to leave the room, but Renee remains seated. The accomplice asks for morphine. Jack digs his fingers into the manís wound. The man starts screaming and admits that Tony left him a phone to use in case of an emergency. Renee calls Headquarters. Chloe says she will run a cellular trace on the phone. Janis gives her input, but Chloe says that her way is quicker. Once the trace is in place, the accomplice gives Jack a phone number to call. Jack holds the phone to the manís ear. The accomplice tells Tony that he had a problem with the computer. Tony isnít on the line long enough for Chloe to pinpoint Almeidaís exact position. Jack asks Janis to call Metro police.

Jibraan walks up to the subwayís Security and says that his brother is in trouble. A man takes Jibraan aside and reminds him to put the earpiece back on. Tony tells Jibraan to comply or else. Jibraan says he will take the train to Washington Center.

Olivia is waiting in the park. Aaron calls her and wants to know where she is. Aaron says that she is needed back at the White House Ė the Justice Department wants to speak to her. Olivia says she will be back soon. Martin shows up. Olivia is frantic and says that she didnít want Hodges to die. Martin explains that he told the guy to go through with it anyways. Olivia appears worried about her computer files. Martin tells her to do what he says and everything will work out. Martin reminds Olivia to transfer the funds.

Kim arrives at the airport. She calls her husband to say that her flight home has been delayed. He suggests that this is a sign for Kim to help her father. Kimís cell phone begins to die out. Kim notices a man is watching her.

Jibraan sits in the subway train. Cara boards the train and sits near Jibraan. She turns the timer on for the canister and leaves it on board. Cara gets off the train and calls Tony. Cara says that the package is in place.

Chloe is able to figure out Tonyís location. Chloe tells Jack that Tony is in a black SUV. Jack spots the vehicle. Jack and Renee block the SUV, causing a minor crash. Tony damages some evidence before Jack pulls him out of the SUV. Jack wants to know if Chloe can restore the information lost on Tonyís device. Chloe isnít convinced that the device can be restored, but Janis asks for the information to be transferred over to her computer.

Tony regains consciousness. Jack asks the agent to leave him alone with Tony. Jack grabs Tony and keeps punching him in the face. Jack wants to know why Tony would betray his friends. Tony remains silent. Jack aims a gun at him and asks where the canisters are. Tony doesnít answer him.

Janis is able to intercept a signal showing Jibraanís location. Renee tells Jack that Jibraan is on the Metro. Jack finds a frequency to radio in to Jibraan. Jack tells Jibraan that Hamid is safe. Jibraan doesnít believe him. Jack asks Jibraan to trust him. Jack inquires about the package. Jibraan doesnít know what heís talking about. Jibraan remembers that he saw Tonyís female accomplice board the train. Jack tells Jibraan to stay on the Metro. The other passengers get off the train. Once alone, Jibraan manages to find the package. Jack asks Jibraan to unzip the backpack. Reluctantly, Jibraan opens the bag and sees that there is a timer on the canister. Jibraan tells Jack that there is only 1 minute, 18 seconds left on the timer. Jack tells Jibraan to get off the train and leave the station immediately. Security stops Jibraan. Jibraan announces that he has a bomb. People start to panic. Jibraan leaves the station just as Renee and Jack pull up in their vehicle. Jack takes the canister from Jibraan and enters a Hazmat vehicle. Jack gets the canister into a sealed area of the vehicle. The canister explodes, but it is contained inside. Jack thanks Jibraan. Jibraan asks to see Hamid. Jack smiles at Renee. Renee tells Jack that he needs to rest now. Renee hugs Jack.

Kim is waiting in the airport and appears edgy about being watched. Kim gets up and sits by a woman. Kim converses with the woman and her husband. Kim asks the woman about the strange man watching her. The woman tells Kim that the man walked away. The man calls Jack. Jack instructs the man to keep an eye on Kim until she boards the plane.

Renee tells Jack about Hodges and the car bomb. Jack realizes that Tony is in danger. Jack says that it is imperative that they get Tony back to Headquarters safely.

Cara calls Alan. She tells Alan that the canister is gone. Alan is mad, but Cara reassures him that she has a back-up plan.

The woman and her husband continue to talk to Kim. The husband offers to get them some coffee. Kim gets up and walks through the airport. The man hired to keep an eye on Kim heads to the restroom. Someone is already waiting for him. It is the womanís husband. The husband suffocates the man. The husband leaves the restroom.

Olivia returns to the White House. Aaron tells her that he canít do his job anymore. Olivia explains that she needed some air. Olivia admits that she didnít want her mom to know that she was upset about the dayís events. Olivia tells Aaron that she will have the phone record information ready for the Justice Department.

Suspicious, Aaron calls Kanin. Aaron inquires about the Chief-of-Staffís digital recording service. Kanin tells him that he didnít disconnect the service when he resigned. Kanin thinks that something is going on with Olivia. Aaron insists that he canít talk about the situation over the phone. Kanin tells Aaron that he will meet with him at the White House.

Alone, Olivia transfers the money.

Janis wants acknowledgment for a job well done. Chloe thinks that Janis is crazy for wanting credit. On her computer, Chloe pulls up a picture of Tonyís female accomplice. Chloe sends it to Jackís location. Jibraan confirms that it is the woman from the train. Jibraan and Hamid have a tearful reunion.

At the airport, the womanís husband returns with the coffee. The man tells his wife that everything is in place. The man is sitting with a laptop. He is sending a live feed of Kim to Cara.

Cara calls Jack. Jack wants to know whom he is speaking to. Cara sends the video of Kim to Jackís phone. Jack is shocked. Cara tells Jack to put in an earpiece so she can listen to his conversations. Cara reminds Jack that Kim will be killed if Tony isnít released. Jack insists that Tony is heavily guarded. Jack decides to ride along for Tonyís transport. Renee is surprised to see that Jack wants to come with. Jack says that he wants to keep an eye on Tony. Jack realizes that he canít mess up because Kimís life is at stake.

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