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24 Episode Guide

Season Seven - Day 7: 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM
Aired 4/27/09


By Carrie

In the ambulance, Jack receives some seizure medication intravenously. Jack struggles to tell Renee that Tony needs to be arrested. Renee radios in to the agents to put out an APB on Almeida.

Tony steals a vehicle from some FBI agents.

The doctor gives Renee an extra med pack for Jack. Jack is finally able to control his symptoms and updates Renee. Jack explains that Tony was working with Galvez this whole time. Jack says that Tony killed Larry. Renee is horrified. Jack blames himself because he believed Tony. An agent radios in and informs Renee that two FBI agents have been shot and their vehicle is missing.

Tony arrives at the hotel room where Galvez is hiding out. Tony asks where the canister is. Galvez asks for his money first. Tony hands him a piece of paper with a phone number. Galvez calls and learns that the money has been wired into his account. Tony wants to see the canister. Galvez tells him that the canister is in the bag. Galvez asks Tony what he plans to do with the canister. Tony rifles through the bag only to find phone books. Tony turns, but Galvez is already aiming a gun at him. Tony tells Galvez that he should have just taken the money. Tony manages to get the gun away from Galvez. They fight. Tony pulls off the shower curtain in the bathroom. Tony puts the curtain over Galvez’ face, suffocating him.

At the White House, Tim Woods informs President Taylor that Jonas is alive and that Hodges’ real attorney was found dead. Jack calls the President. Jack explains that Tony betrayed them all and has the canister. Allison is in shock. Allison brings up that Hodges made a comment about the possibility of more attacks. Allison tells Jack about Hodges’ suicide attempt. Jack wants to speak to Jonas. The President instructs Jack not to use coercive interrogation. Jack says that they need to talk to Hodges right away.

The woman posing as Hodges’ attorney shows up at the hotel room where Almeida is waiting. Galvez is dead. Tony tells the woman that Galvez tried to hide the canister from him. The female accomplice says that they need to go meet with her people. Tony suggests that they need to use the canister now. The woman insists that she needs to consult with her group first. Tony reminds her that Hodges gave them an opportunity and that they need to take it. The woman agrees to speak to her group about the situation.

Aaron Pierce leads Olivia into the Oval Office. Tim leaves the room. The President asks Olivia to contact the Attorney General to make up a witness protection agreement. Olivia is outraged that her mother is making a deal with Hodges. The President maintains that Hodges was coerced and will talk freely about the others now. Olivia brings up that Hodges was responsible for Roger’s death. Olivia says that her father would not agree with Allison’s views. The President starts to cry. Allison says that she is torn up inside, but explains that she took an oath to defend their country. Allison insists on having the agreement drafted.

Tony’s female accomplice makes some calls to her group. They are in a forum. All the members can hear what each one is saying. The woman suggests using a man named Jibraan Al-Zarian to plan another attack. The woman urges the group to use the canister now instead of waiting until next year. Alan Wilson sends the woman an IM about Tony, inquiring if they can trust Almeida. The woman writes him back, saying that Tony is loyal. Wilson tells the group that they need to go through with the attack now. The group decides to vote. Tony asks the woman what her group decided. The woman informs Tony that all the members voted yes. Tony kisses his female accomplice.

At Headquarters, Janis brings Jack and Renee to where Jonas is being held. Janis asks Renee how Jack feels about Tony’s betrayal.

Jonas starts talking into the cameras. Hodges thinks that his family is in trouble. The President is monitoring the conversation. Jack tells the guard to leave. Jack tells Hodges that he needs to trust him in order for his family to be safe. Olivia refuses to watch anymore. Hodges doesn’t believe the President will help him. Jack asks who else is involved. Hodges says that a very powerful group is planning simultaneous attacks next year. Hodges comments that Jack is a hero, not a criminal. Hodges explains that Starkwood helped the government. Hodges adds that he wanted to show the country that a bioweapon attack was possible here. Jack is irate and says that he and Hodges are nothing alike. Jack wants names. Hodges doesn’t know any. Jack calls Renee, but tells Hodges that he is calling a newspaper reporter. Hodges is forced to talk. Hodges says that a woman is involved, but that he doesn’t know her name. Jack comments that Hodges is a traitor. Jonas wants his witness protection agreement. The monitors are showing that Hodges’ answers are truthful. Renee says that she will alert Homeland. Renee and Jack think that the group will involve other terrorist connections to produce another attack. Jack asks the President for CTU’s locked servers. The President reluctantly gives the okay.

Jack calls Chloe. Chloe and her family are staying in a hotel room. Jack tells her that Bill is dead. Jack insists that another biological attack is imminent. Jack wants Chloe to set up the CTU servers. Chloe agrees to help. Once off the phone, Chloe hugs her son and tells Morris to get Prescott out of the city. Morris thinks that his wife is crazy for helping Jack. Chloe maintains that she is only needed to help get the servers online. Morris and Chloe hug. Chloe says that Jack needs her help. Morris tells her to be careful.

Jack injects himself with the seizure medication. Once finished, Jack and Renee update their FBI staff about the possibility of another attack. Jack says that they are looking for two suspects: Tony Almeida and a mystery woman. Renee thinks that the group will try to get help from another terrorist group. Janis doesn’t think that they can get answers using their databases. Renee informs Janis that the CTU servers are being restored. Janis doesn’t like this.

Chloe returns to Headquarters. Chloe hugs Jack. Jack tells her that she will be supervising the CTU server set-up. Jack informs Chloe that Tony is responsible for everything. Chloe is shocked and saddened by the news. Jack adds that Tony tried to kill him. Chloe feels bad about the whole thing. Chloe says that she is on Jack’s side.

Almeida and his female accomplice pull up in front of Al-Zarian’s residence. The woman says that they can use Al-Zarian to plan their attack.

Jibraan Al-Zarian is watching TV coverage from his apartment. He tells his brother, Hamid, that they need to be concerned.

Outside Al-Zarian’s apartment building, other group members show up. The group, along with Tony and the woman, walk towards the building.

Aaron checks in on Olivia. Aaron asks her if the document is ready. Olivia is mad that Hodges is getting the witness protection agreement. Aaron is shocked because he thought that Hodges was dead. Olivia is upset. Aaron tells her that he is truly sorry. Olivia reluctantly hands Aaron the document. Olivia makes a comment about killing Jonas Hodges. Olivia says that she was only joking and isn’t serious. Aaron leaves the room. Olivia makes a call on her cell. She calls a man and asks him to meet her. Olivia says that she needs help with a delicate situation. Olivia asks the man to come to the White House.

At Headquarters, Janis and Chloe bicker back and forth. Janis says that she isn’t comfortable with the servers being restored. Jack doesn’t like that Janis is arguing with Chloe. Jack starts to rant and is confused. Jack makes a comment that President Palmer ordered the CTU server to be set-up. Jack walks away. Chloe realizes that something is wrong with Jack.

The lights go off in Al-Zarian’s apartment. Hamid is grabbed. Tony grabs Jibraan and tells him to shut up or he will hurt Hamid.

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