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24 Episode Guide

Season Seven - Day 7: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM
Aired 4/20/09

Jack Bauer

By Carrie

Jonas Hodges’ attorney gets a call at her home. She is told that she is needed at the White House. The attorney opens her front door, where she is met by two strangers. The man sprays a chemical agent in her face. The other stranger, a woman, looks just like the female lawyer. The woman takes the attorney’s credentials.

At Headquarters, Janis tells Renee that their suspect is Robert Galvez. Renee is worried that she hasn’t heard from Larry.

Almeida shoots himself to divert suspicion. Galvez calls Tony from a storage yard. Tony says that the FBI knows Galvez’ identity. Tony adds that the canister is extremely valuable and that Galvez needs to stay put. Minutes later, an FBI team shows up at the scene. Tony pretends to be unconscious. Tony tells the agents that he doesn’t know where the suspect ran off.

Back at Headquarters, Kim tells Renee that she is leaving. Renee insists that Kim change Jack’s mind about the treatment. Renee gets a phone call. An agent informs her that Larry is dead. Renee looks horrified. The agent says that Renee is in charge now. Renee is adamant that she wants to be part of the search to find Galvez. Renee tells Janis about Larry. Janis is saddened by the news. Renee instructs Janis to alert the White House. Renee adds that she needs to contact Larry’s ex-wife.

In another room, Jack is being debriefed. Jack is asked questions about Almeida. Jack appears confused and keeps repeating himself. Jack gives the agent the name of Tony’s Intel contact. Jack leaves the room. Renee is giving orders to an FBI team. Jack wants to know what is happening. Renee fills him in on Larry’s death. Jack is shocked that Larry is dead.

A paramedic tells Tony that his injuries need to be checked out at the hospital. Once alone, Tony calls Galvez. Tony instructs Galvez to put bombs in a building. Tony says that Galvez needs to lure FBI agents to the site.

Renee is about to leave in the chopper when Jack shows up. Renee thinks that Jack is crazy to leave Headquarters. Jack is adamant that he is joining her in the search.

At the White House, the fake attorney shows up to see Hodges. Her credentials check out and she is led inside.

In the Oval Office, Olivia tells President Taylor that Larry Moss is dead. The President is mortified. Olivia believes that Hodges needs to pay. President Taylor remarks that Hodges confided that there is still more to come.

A guard escorts Hodges’ lawyer to his holding cell. The lawyer asks for privacy with her client. The woman tells Hodges that he is in a difficult situation. She explains that Hodges has compromised their mission. The woman is worried that Hodges will betray the others. She brings up Hodges’ family. Hodges doesn’t like being threatened. The woman hands Hodges a pill, which she says will put him into cardiac arrest. Olivia appears with some guards. The attorney instructs that no one talk to Hodges without her being present.

Once alone, the woman makes a call to the man secretly working with her and Tony. The man asks about Almeida. She says that Tony will come through for them.

Tony calls Galvez and tells him to get the explosives ready.

In the chopper, Jack and Renee are both silent. Jack knows that Renee is grieving for Larry. Renee tells Jack that he shouldn’t tell her how to feel. They land at Tony’s location. Jack informs Tony that he is only there for observation. Renee demands to see Larry’s body. Renee is in shock. Tony gives his condolences. Tony explains that he and Moss were ambushed. Tony fills them in on what happened. Tony adds that he blacked out. Jack comments that the casings don’t match up with the gun left at the scene. Jack thinks that Galvez had help. Tony looks paranoid.

From a cab, Kim calls her husband. Kim informs him that Jack was exposed to a bioagent and is dying. Kim’s husband feels bad about the situation. Kim says that she is on her way home. It is revealed that Kim has a daughter, one that Jack doesn’t know about.

Back on site, Renee radios in about the sweep on Galvez. Jack steps away and injects himself with a drug to help subside his seizures. Tony witnesses this. Tony tells Jack to go back to Headquarters. Jack says that he came to support Renee.

Galvez pretends to be Agent Stoller and radios in to Jack and Renee. Renee wants sharp shooters ready to take out Galvez. Jack warns Renee that Galvez is working with someone. Renee leaves to go to Galvez’ location.

The female lawyer starts to leave. Hodges glances in her direction as he is being transferred into a vehicle. Handcuffed, Hodges manages to swallow the pill. He begins to choke. The guards pull over. The guard radios in that Hodges is in cardiac arrest and they are on their way to the hospital.

Galvez guides Renee through the building. Galvez is watching from an adjacent building.

Tony asks Jack how he is doing. Jack gets a call from the agent who debriefed him. The agent says that there is a discrepancy regarding Almeida’s source.

Galvez has put bombs in the building’s stairwell. The FBI team, led by Agent Walker, enters the area. Jack realizes that Agent Stoller is not in the same building. Jack tells them to get out ASAP! There is an explosion. Jack radios in that they need to get the canister.

Galvez walks away from the adjacent building and blends in with the other agents. Jack inquires about Renee. Renee is still not answering. Tony finds Galvez inside the damaged building. Tony checks the canister, which is still intact. Galvez smears blood on his face to make it appear as if he is injured.

Jack continues to search for Renee. Renee yells out that she is okay, but unfortunately one of her agents is down. Jack reassures Renee that the perimeter is secure.

Tony helps Galvez outside. Tony escorts him towards an ambulance.

Jack calls the agent who debriefed him. Jack is confused. Tony had said that his source was killed, but the agent is saying that the source was recently arrested. Jack looks over and notices that Tony is helping someone to an ambulance. Jack yells out. The ambulance pulls away with Galvez inside it. Jack aims a gun at Tony. Jack brings up that Tony’s source was arrested. Tony admits that he lied to the Feds. Tony still insists that the Intel was good. Jack realizes that Tony is working with Galvez. Suddenly, Jack starts to shake and has a seizure. Tony takes the gun out of Jack’s hand. Tony also pockets Jack’s seizure medication. The paramedics take a look at Jack while Tony watches.

In the ambulance, Galvez stabs the paramedic. Galvez orders the other EMT to drive.

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