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Season Seven - Day 7: 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Aired 4/13/09

Kim and Jack Bauer

By Carrie

Tony is still at the Starkwood compound. Jack radios in to Tony to say that the President aborted the airstrike. Renee is listening in and instructs Almeida to leave the premises. Tony is watching as a tanker truck shows up. Tony tells Jack that he knows why the President stopped the airstrike. Tony explains that he is watching a tanker truck pumping fuel through underground pipes to the surface-to-surface missiles below.

The Cabinet is questioning the Presidentís motive for aborting the airstrike. Allison divulges to Tim that Hodges is on his way to the White House for a private meeting with her.

Jack calls the President. Allison says that she needs more Intel before she will order another airstrike. Jack implies that the President is being evasive. Jack explains what he knows. The President realizes the situation is getting worse. Allison admits that Hodges called her. Jack stresses the point that Hodges canít be trusted. Jack says that Almeida is still at the Starkwood compound and will destroy the missiles. Jack asks Allison to trust him. The President inquires about Jackís condition. Jack says that he is doing okay. The President implies that the FBI team should go into Starkwood as a covert operation. Jack is relieved that the President is cooperating.

Jonas and Greg are escorted through the White House. Hodges thanks Greg for his loyalty.

Renee calls Moss. Moss says that Allison didnít authorize the mission. Renee insists that the President is on board with the covert operation. Larry says that he will have his FBI team ready.

Jack radios in to Tony. Jack updates Tony on the situation. Jack tells Tony to stay undetected at all times.

A man tells Stokes that he is going to check the perimeter. Stokes calls the lead technician working on the missiles. Once off the phone, Stokes is taken by surprise. Almeida orders Stokes to drop his gun. Tony says that he wants to check the fuel tanks underground. Stokes uses his key card. They walk down some stairs.

The President speaks to Jonas in the Oval Office. Greg is also present. Jonas comments that this is the first time he has been there since President Taylor took office. The President is outraged that Hodges was working with Juma and involved in her sonís murder. Hodges vehemently denies any involvement. Hodges explains that it is too easy to get bioweapons onto U.S. soil. Hodges proposes a partnership, where Starkwood would play a pivotal role in the governmentís operations. Allison says that Hodges is a traitor. Hodges insists that they work together.

Tony handcuffs Stokes to a pipe. Tony puts a device on one of the missiles. Tony instructs Stokes to walk back up the stairs. Once outside, a man takes Tony by surprise. Stokes manages to alert the technicians. The lead technician tells the others that they received the signal to launch the missiles. Stokes laughs and tells Tony that he is too late. The launching process begins, but one of the techs wonít put in the codes. Tony is able to trigger the bomb. The missiles blow up. Tony jumps out of the way as there is a huge explosion. Moss and his men decide to go in. Jack and Renee radio in to Tony, but there is no response.

Allison looks at Hodgesí proposed document. Hodges wants access to highly classified material. Tim suddenly pages Allison. Allison leaves the room. Tim tells her that Intel is showing an explosion at the compound. It appears that the missiles have been destroyed. Allison returns to the Oval Office. Allison tells Hodges that the document will be used as evidence against him. Hodges thinks that the President is bluffing. Once he realizes that the President is serious, Hodges warns that there is still more to come. Hodges and Greg are escorted out of the Oval Office.

Renee tells Jack that there is still no word on Tonyís condition. The President calls Jack. Jack goes into a room at Headquarters to speak to the President in private. Allison tells him that Hodges is under arrest. Jack is relieved. The President praises Jack on his loyalty to the country. Jack reminds Allison that Tony also helped. Jack suddenly grows silent. Allison senses that something is wrong. Allison inquires about Jackís health. Jack appears confused. Jack finally answers the President. Jack says he canít talk right now. Jack tells Renee that he needs to speak to the doctor.

The FBI team is at the Starkwood compound. Tony and Stokes are both alive. Renee calls Moss. Renee asks about Tony. Larry says that Tony is alive. Tony overhears and asks Larry about Jackís condition. Moss tells Tony that he needs to bring him into Federal custody. Tony says that he is ready to pay for what he did.

Jack talks to the CDC doctor. Jack says that his personality has been affected. Jack wants to control his shaking, but the doctor informs him that thereís nothing that she can do. Jack leaves the room. Renee approaches Jack. Renee admits that Kim is waiting to speak to him. Jack feels betrayed. Jack is angry with Renee. Jack says that he is dying and doesnít want to involve Kim. Renee divulges that Kim was at Jackís hearing and has been waiting to see him all day. Jack finally agrees to see his daughter. Jack walks to the room where Kim is waiting. Kim asks Jack how he feels. Jack says that he isnít feeling any pain. Kim admits that she has been trying to contact him. Kim adds that she misses her father. Jack discloses that he feels the same way. Kim feels regrets. Kim wants to go through with the treatment. Jack says that it is too risky for Kim. Jack says that he is dying. Jack refuses to let Kim watch him die. Kim starts to cry. They hug. Jack asks Kim to leave. Reluctantly, Kim leaves the room. Jack covers his face with his hands. Jack begins to cry.

A FBI agent finds one of Hodgesí men and radios in. The agent orders the man to drop his bag. The agent checks the bag and finds a mysterious canister. Moss is alerted to the situation. The man is able to get the gun from the FBI agent. The man shoots the agent, grabs the bag, and speeds away in one of the Fedsí vehicles. Moss tells Renee that one of the Starkwood Ops is on the run. Moss instructs her to contact Homeland Security. Moss and Tony leave on the chopper.

The Starkwood Operative is driving. Renee asks Janis for the GPS coordinates on the vehicle. Janis finds the manís location. Renee radios in to Moss. Renee asks for a roadblock to be set up. Moss tells Renee that he has a visual on the manís vehicle. The chopper lowers to the ground. Moss instructs Renee that the suspect is on foot. The man starts to shoot at the chopper, which has landed on the ground. The pilot is killed. Moss and Tony manage to get out of the chopper. Tony hides. Moss ends up getting shot by the Starkwood Op. Moss is bleeding. Tony bends down to see how Moss is doing. Suddenly, Tony nods at the Op. Moss looks confused. Moss finally realizes that Tony is indeed rogue. Tony suffocates Moss. Tony orders the Op to show him the canister. Tony asks the man to flee the area. Tony adds that the man needs to protect the canister until he calls him.

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